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All the things I know hints and tips for Pokemon Sapphire

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All the things I know


My Pokemon Team

Swampert Lv.85 : Blizzard,Surf,Earthquake,Ice Beam

Kyogre Lv.86 : Surf,Ice Beam,Sheer Cold,Thunder

Groudon Lv.85 : Solarbeam,Eruption,Fissure,Earthquake

Rayquaza Lv.86 : Extremespeed,Surf,Solarbeam,Earthquake

Aggron Lv.85 :Surf,Thunder,Ancientpower,Earthquake


First go to Mossdeep City and enter the Space Center.Go talk to the guy on the first floor.Do that 7 times a week (ones a day).Then you can enter a rocket.Then you can go to space.Then you can battle a Jirachi

How to bring fossils to life

First go to Lavaridge Town and jump of the mountain and enter the desert.Then you will find 2 fossils.Pick one.And then fly to Rustboro City.And enter the Devon Corp.A proffesor will take your fossil.Then go outside talk to a guy.Than go back to the proffesor and your fossil is alive!


Fly to Pacifidlog Town and go east.Pass the 4 trainers and enter the gap.Then you will be in the Sky Pillar.Go to the top there is Rayquaza.You need a Mach Bike to pass the broken floor.Catch Rayquaza with a Ultra Ball.


First beat the Pokemon Elite Four and beat Steven.Then fly to Mossdeep City and go to Steven's house (on the top left corner)Then a Pokeball and a letter are on the desk.Take to Pokeball and a Beldum Lv.5 is inside.Beldum ia quite rare pokemon

Water Sprout

First catch a Waimler and train it to Lv.40 it will evolve.Press B to cancel it.Then train it to Lv.41 It will learn Water Sprout.It causes 150 Damage.Then let it evolve into a Waimlord


First win the Pokemon League.And fly to Mauville City.Go east.You will find water.Surf untill you got it.To catch it you will need a Golbat Lv.50 with Mean Look and Toxic.First use Mean Look and then Toxic.Bring it in red zone.Use 3 Net Balls if it don't work use 3 Premier Balls.Ps:I found Latias/Latios 22 times there

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