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All the TM's and HM's and where to get them hints and tips for Pokemon Emerald

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All the TM's and HM's and where to get them


These are all the TM's and where to get them so if you are having trouble, here's the place to come:

HM01 Cut: find it next to the Pokemon centre in Rustboro Town in the cutters house

HM02 Fly: you get it after you beat Breanden/May in route 119

HM03 Surf: you get it right after you beat your dad in a gym battle in wallys house

HM04 Strength: when you unblock the rustturf tunnel, the man gives it to you

HM05 Flash: Talk to the hiker inside the entrance to granite cave

HM06 Rock Smash: Talk to a scientist in a house purple yellow in mauville

HM07 Waterfall: you get it in the cave of origin

HM08 Dive: you get it from steven in mossdeep city after you have beaten team magma

TM01 Focus Punch: it's in route 115. It's at the end of some rocks..

TM02 Dragon Claw: Meteor Falls. You can also find Bagon there.

TM03 Water Pulse: Sootopolis Gym Battle.

TM04 Calm Mind: Mossdeep Gym Battle.

TM05 Roar: you get it from a man who has a poocheyana in route 114.

TM06 Toxic: Fiery Patth. Make sure you have a Pokemon which knows strength.

TM07 Hail. You get it in the shoal cave near mossdeep. It is on the bottom level which is made of ice.

TM08 Bulk Up: Dewford Gym Battle.

TM09 Bullet Seed: you get it from a little kid near the flower shop on route 104.

TM10 Hidden Power: You can buy it from the slateport markets if you've already got secret power from the kid in route 111, or you can get it from an old lady in fortree ciy. She will ask you questions. The answer is right right left.

TM11 Sunny Day: You can get it in the scorched slab in route 120. You will need a Pokemon which knows surf.

TM12 Taunt: You get it in the Trick House. I think it is the 3rd last go.

TM13 Ice Beam: Mauville Game Corner (4000 coins) or in the abandoned ship.

TM14 Blizzard: Lilycove Department Store $5500.

TM15 Hyper Beam: Lilycove Department Store $7500.

TM16 Light Screen: Lilycove Department Store $3000.

TM17 Protect: Lilycove Department Store $3000.

TM18 Rain Dance: Abandoned Ship I forget which room.

TM19 Giga Drain: A girl will give it to you if you have a grass Pokemon in your party.

TM20 Safeguard: Lilycove Department Store $3000.

TM21 Fustration: Pacifidlog town. You know the guy that gives you heaps of TM27 return, well to get fustration, catch a new Pokemon and injure it on purpose. Then reive it with herbs and energy roots. Then talk to the guy and he will give you fustration.

TM22 Solarbeam: it's in safari park at northwest.

TM23 Iron Tail: you find it in meteor falls in room 1.

TM24 Thunderbolt: you get it after you shut down the generator in new mauville from wattson, or you can buy it from the Mauville Game Corner for 4000 coins.

TM25 Thunder: Lilycove Department Store $5500.

TM26 Earthquake: You find it in the seafloor cavern were you versus team aqua in room 9.

TM27 Return: you get it from some guy in Pacifidlog Town.

TM28 Dig: To get dig, fly to fallabor town and go left.There will be the fossil maniacs house. Go inside the house and talk to the little kid. He gives you dig.

TM29 Psychic: Mauville Game Corner 3500 coins.

TM30 Shadow Ball: you find it in Mt. Pyre on the inside of the Mountain. Not where you versused team magma.

TM31 Brick Break: some karate man in sootopolis city gives you it on the left side of town (the side with the pokemart). Also, before you go, head back to the right side (the side with the Pokemon centre) and go in some houses. One very kind lady gives you a Wailmer doll. There pretty cool..

TM32 Double Team: Mauville Game Corner 1500 coins.

TM33 Reflect: Lilycove Department Store $3000.

TM34 Shock Wave: Mauville Gym Battle.

TM35 Flamethrower: Mauville Game Corner 4000 coins.

TM36 Sludge Bomb: Fly to Dewford and talk to the guy who thinks he's so cool just because he knows the weekly fashion. Tell him the new fashion is Sludge Bomb or it might be Sludge Ball. He will reluctintly agree. Go inside the house and everyone will be talking about it. This one guy gives you Sludge Bomb.

TM37 Sandstorm: To get Sandstorm, go to the dessert and where you versus Regirock, keep going down and you will find Sandstorm.

TM38 Fire Blast: Lilycove Department Store $5500.

TM39 Rock Tomb: Rustboro Gym Battle.

TM40 Areial Ace: Fortree Gym Battle.

TM41 Torment: Slateport Battle Tent Foyer. Talk to everyone inside..

TM42 Facade: Petalburg Gym Battle.

TM43 Secret Power: There is a kid who is facing a tree in route 111. Talk to him. He will give you Secret Power. When you go back to the slateport markets, you can now buy all new and different things like balloons and the TM's Secret Power and Hidden Power..

TM44 Rest: Some moron is sleeping in Lilycove City in his house. He gives you Rest. The house is the one which is North East of Lilycove.

TM45 Attract: Vendanturf Town Battle Tent Foyer. Talk to everyone inside..

TM46 Theif: The Aqua Scum in the museum in Slateport City gives it to you.

TM47 Steel Wing: Steven gives it to you after you give him the letter from Deven Corp..

TM48 Skill Swap: You find it on the outside of Mt. Pyre. I think. It could be on the inside..

TM49 Snatch: When you go on the SS Tidal at the end of the game, you can find Snatch in the boat. Also keep checking in the bins because you can find leftovers onboard.

TM50 Over Heat: Lavaridge Gym Battle.

YES!!!!!! I am finished. Good Night everyone, I am going to bed.

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