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Hints and tip for Pokemon Emerald

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions for this game and their answers.

How do I get to Mirage Island?

Have people trade 1 pkmn to you. Why? Because your friend has a different ID#. If you have two games with you, and you don’t care about one of them, you can trade a pkmn, then restart that game to get a new ID#, and repeat. Put the pkmn with another ID# in the first slot of your team and do this with all the rest till the old man at Pacificlog Town sees Mirage Island. It’s like winning the lottery at Lilycove City.

Please rate my team…

Go to the forums and get to the pinned forum about rating.

How do you get the girl (Wally) at Rustboro City to laugh?

Go to and fill in all the info you want and it needs. Or, fill in the phrase with capitol and lowercased letters to get a random design. Once the girl laughs, you have another option for your boxes in the PC. Just go to friends under the box designs place.

How do I catch Raquaza and use it to beat the 8th gym leader and the E4?

After Kyogre and Groudon battle at Sootopolis City, you must wake Raquaza to stop their battle. Go to Route 131 and go to the top to the Sky Pillar. You will need the Mech Bike. Got to the top of the Sky Pillar and wake it. Then use fly and fly to Sootopolis City. Watch the scene, go back to the Sky Pillar and now you can catch Rayquaza. Now you can go back to Sootopolis and beat the 8th gym leader, then the E4!

What is the Battle Frontier, how do I get there, and what pkmn can I catch there?

The Battle Frontier is a park where great pkmn trainers battle for 7 gold symbols. There are 7 facilities there. To find more info, when you get there, there will be 4 desks, and the ladies will help you. Fly to Lilycove City, and get on the S.S. Tidal. And choose Battle Frontier. You can catch Smeargles at Artisan Cave. But to do so, you need to catch or defeat a Sudowoodo, and have a pkmn that knows surf in your team. Go as far right and down as possible, you should see a tree that you’ve never seen before. Go to it and use the Wailmer Pale at the key items. Sudowoodo will attack. This is the one and only chance to catch a Sudowoodo in the game other than trade. Then past the tree will be the sea and a waterfall, go down the waterfall and surf to the left, there will be an entrance. To get out, you can surf back the way you came from, (you will need a pkmn that know waterfall) or go out the other entrance, there will be a ladder. Another question-when I get out of the Artisan Cave, there is a man hiding behind the tree, He says he sees “I… I saw it! There was a sticky sort of a Pokemon with a long tail up ahead! It was hiding under a boulder, and it kept staring at me!” Where is the boulder and what is the Pokemon, it a shiny Smeargle, or is it just telling me that there are Pokemon in that cave?

How can I get my Nincada to evolve into a Shedinja?

Whenever you want your Nincada to evolve, have 5 pkmn in your team. And tada, you just got two pokemon. A Ninjask, AND a Shedinja.

How do I find [email protected], how do I catch him/her?

First, beat the E4, then pick red (Latias) or blue (Latios), when the TV comes on at your house, next get to Route 117 and into the grass. (If you ever battled a Lati [excluding the Battle Frontier] you can check your pokedex) Have two pkmn battles. Then enter the daycare center, go back out and into the grass again, and repeat till you encounter your Lati. Once in battle, use Mean Look so it can’t escape, (recommended) (Your pkmn will need good speed for this, [I suggest a Golbat) or you can have [email protected] sleep, But this will have less accuracy, the third option is to use your Masterball. Is it true that you can go to space and capture Deoxys?

No. It is just a rumor. So don’t worry about the space station.

I need the AR/GS code for ???.

Try the AR/GS section because if someone knew, they’d post it at the AR section. If not found, google it. Or you can check

What is the easiest way to catch [email protected] without the master ball?

Of course you need to talk to your mom after the E4 and pick blue for Latios/red for Latias.

Get Crobat or golbat. Have it learn Mean Look. Battle a bunch of zubats and golbats to raise it's speed stats to the max, not level 100 because [email protected] is level 40, fly to ROUTE 117, check your pokedex to see if [email protected] is in the area, if you didn’t battle your Lati yet go to the grass and have two poke battle. Then enter the day care center and try again. Once encountered, use mean look, put [email protected] to sleep, weaken the Lati, then use timer balls and ultra balls.

What’s up with the white rock?

Its just a décor. Nothing special.

How do I catch the three Regis?

You can either go here: or do this:

To catch the regis go to bag, pokeballs, select one pokeball, press use. Hehehe

First catch WAILORD at ROUTE 129, RELICANTH at ROUTEs 124 and/or 126, and bring Pokemon that can SURF, DIG, DIVE, and FLASH, ROCK SMASH(mew would be best for room on team). FLY or SURF to PACIFIDLOG TOWN. SURF to the left at ROUTE 132. Go to the very bottom though. You are looking for the Sealed Chamber at ROUTE 134. The sealed chamber, and where the three regis are found, are around six rocks. When you hit shore that has nothing at all, go up three SURF again now DIVE. Go down, go in front of the writing and use DIVE. You can skip all the writing, it's the alphabet. Go to the top, go to the center and use DIG. Be sure WAILORD is first in your party and RELICANTH is last. You should here three doors opening. Use DIG and get out. Now FLY or SURF yourself to these routes where you will find the regis.

Regirock: ROUTE 111, the bottom of the Dessert Ruins. Enter cave and do as it says: "Left, left, down, down. Then, use ROCK SMASH."

Registeel: ROUTE 120, near the corner at the bottom. Enter cave and do as it says: "Those who inherit our will, shine in the middle,"(Use flash in the center of the room). Regice: ROUTE 105, stay to the left of the route, then go up when you see sand and people. Enter cave and do as it says: "Stay close to the wall. Run around one lap." (You can walk if you want.)

[sent in by forget you and edited a little.

How do I use my AR/GS?

AR- It’s very simple. Type in the code you want, choose it, then start the game.


Where do I find the HM/TM ????


I'm not entirely sure.

What is up/the deal with Altering cave.

I don’t know much but this is what I think: The Pokemon found in the cave change if the ID of your Pokemon is different. The Pokemon found can be found at here:

Theres loads more info this game, right here, with some cheats and tips, answers and Pokemon Emerald walkthrough.

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