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Pokemon Emerald

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Type Modifiers Action Replay Code for Pokemon Emerald

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Jun 24th 2008, ID#4657 Type Modifiers

Well the codes today are a bit different. These change the type of the certain Pokemon it says use this (M) code below

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Region: Unspecified | Class: Data Codes

D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

Now for the codes. There are all of the bulbusaur normals, fightings, and flyings. There is a suprise code too.

Bulbasaur: Normal
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
A05A144C 078B0074

Bulbasaur: Normal/Fighting
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
F125EC5A 4728B642

Bulbasaur: Normal/Flying
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
E2302908 64FD3288

Bulbasaur: Normal/Poison
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
4ADA8F50 0D66D96F

Bulbasaur: Normal/Ground
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
59A0AC90 20F3E1E0

Bulbasaur: Normal/Rock
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
1B8961BD 46D29BD0

Bulbasaur: Normal/Bug
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
53587741 BEB7FDC8

Bulbasaur: Normal/Ghost
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
6279E416 35AEA6F6

Bulbasaur: Normal/Steel
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
79626E9C CEF1C6F1

Bulbasaur: Normal/Fire
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
DD037D4B 112FD850

Bulbasaur: Normal/Water
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
7BED6481 FE269660

Bulbasaur: Normal/Grass
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
6A37A203 6A9BF8DA

Bulbasaur: Normal/Electric
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
7B2EA424 C7831E37

Bulbasaur: Normal/Psychic
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
90BA2EE6 FE854E5C

Bulbasaur: Normal/Ice
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
F37C3216 4CA6837A

Bulbasaur: Normal/Dragon
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110

Bulbasaur: Normal/Dark
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
CB74B415 9D4F5166

Bulbasaur: Normal/???
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
8860DAFC 4F9B79D8

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Normal
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110

Bulbasaur: Fighting
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
F32B886F 5F6E6401

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Flying
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
2A549256 BBF2AA1A

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Poison
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
71933446 14828D63

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Ground
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
AA5F9AB9 D5F87330

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Rock
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
377A3FE6 5185F628

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Bug
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
6A8550A9 A44DE7E6

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Ghost
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
716F276B FF96CCD9

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Steel
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
B519EE15 9B1C68BB

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Fire
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
C3E1778F B3C112AD

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Water
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
ECB03B53 C2A407DB

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Grass
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
72D27D44 4AF0368F

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Electric
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
B4A66234 D6EE269A

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Psychic
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
B50ABECA 775EA113

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Ice
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
2BD3AB96 34666807

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Dragon
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
371099E4 3A4BA622

Bulbasaur: Fighting/Dark
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
211BEDF3 228145D0

Bulbasaur: Fighting/???
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
D27028CD 7B118610

Bulbasaur: Flying/Normal
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
F04033EF 7702B0F4

Bulbasaur: Flying/Fighting
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
4F438ACD C815BA38

Bulbasaur: Flying
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
1C26DCAF 5A774283

Bulbasaur: Flying/Poison
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
A73874E0 A73817A1

Bulbasaur: Flying/Ground
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
BE65B612 B2CFE378

Bulbasaur: Flying/Rock
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
18FA1443 D57B098B

Bulbasaur: Flying/Bug
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
8D68522F 66D7590E

Bulbasaur: Flying/Ghost
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
34DD017F 3F938C43

Bulbasaur: Flying/Steel
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
BD78D864 18B19C55

Bulbasaur: Flying/Fire
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
26FB1F43 E5BFB071

Bulbasaur: Flying/Water
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
78BD0330 A438B8D1

Bulbasaur: Flying/Grass
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
0E5DE260 A1A667C8

Bulbasaur: Flying/Electric
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
87EE2989 78ED87BD

Bulbasaur: Flying/Psychic
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
F89846E0 E43E7A29

Bulbasaur: Flying/Ice
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
F646A0F5 F77A161C

Bulbasaur: Flying/Dragon
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
458E603C 61BE17C5

Bulbasaur: Flying/Dark
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
DAB76A40 9CB145C2

Bulbasaur: Flying/???
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
E0ED0FE3 11A4E666

And the suprise code is:

Zangoose: Fire
E436245B C6D67132
6C1518FC 5FFEC246

Bi peeps. Oh, and by the way, does the encounter generator even work?


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