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Pokemon Emerald

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More type codes Action Replay Code for Pokemon Emerald

Print this sontaran531 posted:

Jun 29th 2008, ID#4658 More type codes

Well, continuing the type codes for bulbusaur. Now are all the poison, ground and rock codes. Don't forget to use the master code in my last submission and also another suprise type code!

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Region: Unspecified | Class: Data Codes

Here we go;

Bulbasaur: Poison/Normal
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
C94706E8 F5FEB0A8

Bulbasaur: Poison/Fighting
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
DA91D347 77847087

Bulbasaur: Poison/Flying
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
0EB2E05F 49E28441

Bulbasaur: Poison
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
C8B61652 863B8012

Bulbasaur: Poison/Ground
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
D73E6826 15F210D3

Bulbasaur: Poison/Rock
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
5179715E BAAAD6F6

Bulbasaur: Poison/Bug
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
DEEB1A90 676740C3

Bulbasaur: Poison/Ghost
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
8240E6D3 55955C79

Bulbasaur: Poison/Steel
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
FA073965 8A256A62

Bulbasaur: Poison/Fire
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
34BD4342 F87A63F9

Bulbasaur: Poison/Water
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
94A0D80E B54C6F08

Bulbasaur: Poison/Grass
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
A8B267A4 1756D291

Bulbasaur: Poison/Electric
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
9448C6A4 57FB27D1

Bulbasaur: Poison/Psychic
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
259431CD BBD76D65

Bulbasaur: Poison/Ice
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
29B48C70 558B6E84

Bulbasaur: Poison/Dragon
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
0E5620D3 6238833F

Bulbasaur: Poison/Dark
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
0F59DA5D 31084BE6

Bulbasaur: Poison/???
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
CC716CEF 08F1247B

Bulbasaur: Ground/Normal
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
6C88DA6C 4AA42590

Bulbasaur: Ground/Fighting
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
E3543B6F E14A23A1

Bulbasaur: Ground/Flying
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110

Bulbasaur: Ground/Poison
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
52F1974A FF2FBBD1

Bulbasaur: Ground
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
C7C27417 515F9F52

Bulbasaur: Ground/Rock
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
B1484FFC E316E098

Bulbasaur: Ground/Bug
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
38482842 7FBC602B

Bulbasaur: Ground/Ghost
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
D9A94B7D 931C33C2

Bulbasaur: Ground/Steel
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
436076C4 8571C798

Bulbasaur: Ground/Fire
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
9E8912FE 83E40FE2

Bulbasaur: Ground/Water
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
A20FD6AE 3E07CC10

Bulbasaur: Ground/Grass
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
18D7C266 2AB73A8C

Bulbasaur: Ground/Electric
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
F05EBBFA 2F22D495

Bulbasaur: Ground/Psychic
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
3AE6F663 7A3AD12A

Bulbasaur: Ground/Ice
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
9E56A16C C82B9FE1

Bulbasaur: Ground/Dragon
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
0BA139C6 1B9FE943

Bulbasaur: Ground/Dark
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
DBA19766 849C8A9E

Bulbasaur: Ground/???
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
56669264 84C88F3F

Bulbasaur: Rock/Normal
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
31CB9052 DFA45B86

Bulbasaur: Rock/Fighting
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
CDAD399B 936D1422

Bulbasaur: Rock/Flying
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
5EB64B1E 571ED966

Bulbasaur: Rock/Poison
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
C9AD5562 DDF09BA3

Bulbasaur: Rock/Ground
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
6025324F DD7AF381

Bulbasaur: Rock
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
C7406F53 6B53CE64

Bulbasaur: Rock/Bug
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110

Bulbasaur: Rock/Ghost
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
D4087026 16E39453

Bulbasaur: Rock/Steel
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
D4575BF5 81AA0F71

Bulbasaur: Rock/Fire
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
187293E1 A1EF2779

Bulbasaur: Rock/Water
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
20666EC9 75730AE0

Bulbasaur: Rock/Grass
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
941A6994 CF3C37B7

Bulbasaur: Rock/Electric
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110

Bulbasaur: Rock/Psychic
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
4E1B9D14 755F2691

Bulbasaur: Rock/Ice
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
5047F4FF E376D327

Bulbasaur: Rock/Dragon
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
5485C289 AE2835E8

Bulbasaur: Rock/Dark
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
9D50CF4D C90F2959

Bulbasaur: Rock/???
3C74EDF1 B5CC5110
DC6EE330 EC50F49B

Now for the suprise!

Golduck: Fire
9998E2C6 9A3038B6
6C1518FC 5FFEC246


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