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Pokemon Emerald

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Cool codes Action Replay Code for Pokemon Emerald

Print this 1234mew master1 posted:

May 22nd 2007, ID#4644 Cool codes

Buy Items at Shop

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Region: Unspecified

The code is in 2 parts. This way, you can specify which item is replaced in the Shop. You MUST put the "Slot" lines before EVERY "Item" code line. You may fill all the slots with items if desired, but don't use the same slot twice.

Entering Codes:
1. Enter your desired name for the code.
2.Enter the Slot you want to replace.
3. Then, choose the Item you want.

Using Codes:
1.) Enable desired codes and start the game.
2.) Go to Shop and buy those items.


CFF34ABF B51248A9 - 1st Slot

CFF34ABF B51248A9 - 2nd Slot
B10FC0F6 E569803F

CFF34ABF B51248A9 - 3rd Slot
5D89D6E6 3BD34F37

CFF34ABF B51248A9 - 4th Slot
95307C7B C9B87465

CFF34ABF B51248A9 - 5th Slot
67EDC3E8 4DE58434

CFF34ABF B51248A9 - 6th Slot
4E60340F F4F6113E

CFF34ABF B51248A9 - 7th Slot
503E78B0 7489AEB3

CFF34ABF B51248A9 - 8th Slot
21A24198 170489A6


Poke Balls
AFE50012 51F287C4 Master Ball
2FAA910A FD52CB45 Ultra Ball
6EBDF216 33E17143 Great Ball
49F9A2D5 83C74815 Poke Ball
F80C9B58 74630DA7 Safari Ball
474ABF53 9F9D0D3B Net Ball
B90635C3 D823B45E Dive Ball
FBD5A36D BA06B978 Nest Ball
ECD0704C BCBE6FFB Repeat Ball
223B1EF7 5DF56E56 Timer Ball
8925CA99 D28BC9C0 Luxury Ball
D9DFAA24 FDA70F99 Premier Ball

5FCAB64F BBAB825B Potion
4DFF04AF 37D2F704 Antidote
880A8816 B75DBD30 Burn Heal
EAA69265 FDF8F4AF Ice Heal
EDF7D81F C3E4EEDA Awakening
18E275A3 2B3DA628 Paralyz heal
B2C5C04A 1B10B455 Full Restore
254D35CD FC3D358D Max Potion
6EFC9517 0B903B93 Hyper Potion
2D071425 D7385E86 Super Potion
683E28EF 9B9533EB Full Heal
5DA2C19D C6FC39E5 Revive
FC45D060 B0861F4A Max Revive
26C58862 123775B3 Fresh Water
A811520D A80BC52F Soda Pop
8C4B4D24 5AB1AB4C Lemonade
62422979 048E0F54 MooMoo Milk
DB554D5F 0BF3F566 Energy Powder
C2A8CD1D B138E827 Energy Root
D5ABB9BA 589FE2C7 Heal Powder
88C10D1B 9A7DE719 Revival Herb
E331BD73 D17A1F02 Ether
9205A67B 6E694028 Max Ether
7F5408ED A34414D5 Elixir
EC2AFC79 BEE9E843 Max Elixir
968008C6 079A6EA5 Lava Cookie
F5FFC5D1 42F60EA6 Blue Flute
C3028D4A C9B6DDB4 Yellow Flute
622891E3 D89B1A5D Red Flute
74B2754C 1F360F7F Black Flute
1DB01F39 96E36CD5 White Flute
337B7DD0 A8CAD3E1 Berry Juice
65131FE2 B46E6B9A Sacred Ash
9CC12F06 450FC206 Shoal Salt
3D8AF3A6 87D71BCF Shoal Shell
DC71C7F2 55E03CA2 Red Shard
A731B7A9 B24AF77D Blue Shard
AD7FD4CC F587B763 Yellow Shard
D156F06C 1BC2CF3D Green Shard
DE39D3F8 0F220D46 HP Up
CCBB0F59 287D1C02 Protein
9873BED1 470C8B2B Iron
AFC4C242 DEBBFCB0 Carbos
383AFFE6 967CAA5E Calcium
1DE6F089 9F5EB3D6 Rare Candy
952E905F 9E098C9F PP Up
09B628C5 15918F5A Zinc
5BB42781 8CFA6E24 PP Max
74CC7BE3 8C475914 Guard Spec
2D8D80A5 C782932D Dire Hit

Dec 6, 2005 4:09 pm PT
93896741 3082B38D X Attack
5CB919FA 9DCB5D6F X Defend
D51C8F3C 24576132 X Speed
C01AB0A0 E5608A12 X Accuracy
4FB10200 D6BF2F12 X Special
118679E8 AD1C4A88 Poke Doll
F92F7496 F6CF7054 Fluffy Tail
8097B591 66B1101A Fire Stone
94A61D22 853E0351 Max Repel
083C8578 BB15F1E3 Escape Rope
623466E1 B137F2B9 Repel
B517EB15 52BB3F79 Sun Stone
3E199CD0 A6D3DF47 Moon Stone
23B747AA 29EBCBBA Fire Stone
C336B322 511CB134 Thunder Stone
118BC385 43D7FC98 Water Stone
2C1B2C39 58DA60B4 Leaf Stone
59951CDF 1367D409 Tiny Mushroom
74F006D0 BEC2D2CF Big Mushroom
5306DBCC 40BAEA17 Nugget
888A8E23 A0930535 Heart Scale

06398073 25C4C3A9 Orange Mail
E495AD8F 44BE4BBB Harbor Mail
299F9CCE A7B3A0D7 Glitter Mail
8B90FC5C 120AD354 Mech Mail
90809E6B F5A55B60 Wood Mail
AF9BCFEA 0A1F25E2 Wave Mail
B49D48C9 57D09145 Bead Mail
35B48BB6 537526D0 Shadow Mail
EC18ED8F B06AABB5 Tropic Mail
AC61D305 CD40D8BA Dream Mail
7F9EF55A 5427EC44 Fab Mail
1FFDD44D FA8EEDAD Retro Mail

AF0C333E 879DAB88 Cheri Berry
BC5D2FA6 DD7C0057 Chesto Berry
89455FBD 4EBB7CC9 Pecha Berry
63C11EBB 38528786 Rawst Berry
1152B1D2 51789222 Aspear Berry
E75CC0BA C932FAD5 Leppa Berry
562078CF E3D09E91 Oran Berry
0C1C3B0D EA27AF36 Persim Berry
2962B5B0 A47FFFCA Lum Berry
43C659CC F063E06E Sitrus Berry
410B8603 C0E1B60B Figy Berry
5D3A18DA 4784DF18 Wiki Berry
49D16B15 C64815CE Mago Berry
38A197CE 58B81A22 Aguav Berry
0F944722 C25AAACB Iapapa Berry
A5C74BB7 EFA1E3F1 Razz Berry
254EFF57 10B82C44 Bluk Berry
3EA5D726 7F325F10 Nanab Berry
3A0D324C 52B8A6F4 Wepear Berry
E61D8160 89F471F1 Pinap Berry
D8943AB7 77654D2D Pomeg Berry
897DEBAE 26BF6ED1 Kelpsy Berry
78C8BEB8 8C4A2130 Qualot Berry
FC64D352 CFAF9DE4 Hondew Berry
F85EC470 B76851BC Grepa Berry
8FC4B54C 60383157 Tamato Berry
B29C0F4B 7C30EE44 Cornn Berry
3B9753A7 92CA13B2 Magost Berry
369F1588 CFDD73EA Rabuta Berry
8788E1FD 74A67587 Nomel Berry
1316A734 D537C1C9 Spelon Berry
5E475F0D 339E172D Pamtre Berry
CBDCFA7E 59E01A87 Watmel Berry
BD1F0198 A4A1E85B Durin Berry
1E48622C 12B7CE4B Belue Berry
B3794139 EBADDF98 Liechi Berry
7A884148 6A287693 Ganlon Berry
9DD5A13C C8B162AC Salac Berry
5D771318 2633A82F Petaya Berry
E3ED9394 E6E6D43F Apicot Berry
91683343 D4891461 Lansat Berry
CAC5B2EF 2E53D095 Starf Berry
FD5D1553 A0577114 Enigma Berry

Hold Items
3292434A 5BCCD99D Brightpowder
61128ABF 41C08A14 White Herb
F51D165F AE4ABD0D Macho Brace
1227A672 5F059FD0 Exp Share
1A78EE8D 26509FEB Quick Claw
15B06D37 ABD9F99F Soothe Bell
5F9E3CED 13C7C3EC Mental Herb
4DF0D0E2 57B34B4A Choice Band
72AFC3CB AE27A0CF Kings Rock
3AE9F793 62819F0B Silverpowder
EE529C8A D387CEDA Amulet Coin
4963D476 B3C72314 Cleanse Tag
72FBD642 30B95931 Soul Dew
05B9587B 653F65C2 Deep Sea Tooth
F48C6223 90C0992D Deep Sea Scale
6B23C484 E31ED180 Smoke Ball
290F85B6 79466B65 Everstone
EAB38C64 1179D1F8 Focus Band
A62A2F1A 6231A3A9 Lucky Egg
403E53CF 2CAD0FC1 Scope Lens
888322D5 30FCB7C6 Metal Coat
C10497C9 D43FB789 Leftovers
5883D9AD 704387D7 Dragon Scale
A8C8F562 831C1DFF Light Ball
CE0A3B70 F6187346 Soft Sand
390AB3BF 4E36ED1E Hard Stone
DA0B8EC0 71FBBF91 Miracle Seed
B3566828 1FCD35BC Black Glasses
6FE55B7A F496B8CE Black Belt
353FE541 360C19BC Magnet
19252636 A08A5B30 Mystic Water
0FE8316A 4F85C9FD Sharp Beak
AE2D0CA1 8172D35C Poison Barb
80C34339 1B773C55 Nevermeltice
1F1CD4BE 76B45054 Spell Tag
294101AE B8114052 Twistedspoon
D4E7CBB3 3C275059 Charcoal
6FB6EA33 72B77B1E Dragon Fang

BEF04BD4 FA089F8E Silk Scarf
3C984F80 59493CD5 Up-Grade
BD4D11DA D506485C Shell Bell
26636F8E DE355085 Sea Incense
3EF2517C C00CB39E Lax Incense
C033A1BC 59E4BEB7 Lucky Punch
9251C507 10EFBD6D Metal Powder
2FB6EED0 4EC980B0 Thick Club
D46720A1 9DDBFE59 Stick
EE57B8CC 6800D8F6 Red Scarf
E36D9EFF D58F3247 Blue Scarf
A7956E11 F276D5B9 Pink Scarf
AD01AC60 0BE1BA09 Green Scarf
416811F1 E8E48633 Yellow Scarf

FrLg Key Items
C90372CD 543C202B Oak's Parcel
C05E7A67 88519920 Poke Flute
F0684699 1511174B Secret Key
7C7B3A6A 23620EF6 Bike Voucher
617C6271 A4B1B59F Gold Teeth
9E3CC0F3 4F32C7FF Old Amber
DE5378FC B7FE0B92 Card Key
86CE200C EFBC80CF Elevator Key
235A6518 54DD2900 Helix Fossil
95E22062 E7C54F61 Dome Fossil
2B497787 2F09923A Silph Scope
741868B9 6FEBAD03 Bike
198780E1 662EC5C3 Town Map
C06BC1FA CC842E98 Voice Check
7E314D87 9F0ACB94 TM Case
8CC47CBA BC9D770C Berry Bag
772D25DA F75B453C Teach Tv
828B699C B4846CC6 Tri Pass
F5B80B14 6D92C2CA Rainbow Pass
02629E09 3255C920 Tea
ECC01AE6 4EA6FE0C Mystery Ticket
074C088D B0C49AC7 Aurora Ticket
7268EEFF 758275EC Konaire
967DD6B2 ECF059C1 Ruby Plate
D50501A7 F4C10F24 Sapphire Plate

RSE Key Items
7000070A BDA3D626 SS Ticket
0572613D 8AE9B6EB Contest Pass
4D4CA414 2604583B Wailmer Pail
9E0F49C4 32C72057 Devon Goods
C84C0976 EFEA6342 Soot Sack
1294005E DE864CF6 Basement Key
3AE3996B 4D21218E Acro Bike
79C731C2 44383D2D Pokeblock Case
A0838AE5 356BFD89 Letter
3EAA1B50 6D24AC08 Eon Ticket
D37818F8 1EEF9194 Red Orb
EF5987F7 AA578541 Blue Orb
2002F162 CE034898 Scanner
98403E96 E82ADAC5 Go-Goggles
9DE35913 6CF69681 Meteorite
C585F8F1 173DD689 Rm 1 Key
5BE69DB4 4D28C582 Rm 2 Key
170E1FC9 67CCC2F4 Rm 4 Key
905A7A25 A09A4D9C Rm 6 Key
0851C00B 895693C1 Storage Key
C98BA62F BC41CB7B Root Fossil
862783A6 806CB6E4 Claw Fossil
DCC8CD26 98F7A628 Devon Scope

TMs & HMs
5D0FCD9F F5BD7953 TM01
EC4F62A7 3737FE5A TM02
813E14E6 B8A7C3EF TM03
32F0A225 B7A9A3E5 TM04
D1C88669 AC60EEC6 TM05
8CEF3284 3BD6E790 TM06
FE93C2E4 FD861A08 TM07
006F98AB 0BBE28C4 TM08
5A905917 B8195FE5 TM09
8B539B85 C6671759 TM10
5E5CE023 DCBC24CC TM11
810C470B D4E3B971 TM13
0960B93F FA4FBCC5 TM14
6DD132A3 BF280634 TM15
65BB27F0 162ECAD1 TM16
94BB3163 D6F71C04 TM17
0F3A1D4B 9FE47834 TM18
76FAC666 975DA353 TM19
D2E966D5 6C0DA10B TM20
AEA79F45 2B7C9DFD TM21
580A97B4 18B970DC TM22
789BF801 BE2B008C TM23
F5DE7BF9 1146BDAF TM24
38327C8C 9167323C TM25
CAB4AF54 2714CCC9 TM26
C9220F5F C42FB43F TM27
0B0E9B5C C6D1541C TM28
A493E8B6 9A173535 TM29
57E64684 8846A981 TM30
9007C470 BC748530 TM31
F221AA37 E56247F4 TM32
08616F25 0FB48073 TM33
A190D3EF 37E7A8BB TM34
F54AA31F 879E8717 TM35
CC55552F B4E414C5 TM36
E19E0812 691D6D86 TM37
D5FE2AC9 DF960210 TM38
C745D930 AA609725 TM39
9DDE6322 E8504255 TM40
02BC45DA E4E869D3 TM41
2C44D101 827BD6AB TM42
17C7E96F D2FFB30E TM43
73CD6A99 4ED07293 TM44
6FFAF17E A8570336 TM45
86F40540 63B0B6E8 TM46
005BCE99 783947F3 TM47
5CA5F568 2B731F25 TM48
80CE72B4 EEB840CA TM49
4A039C17 5A10B67A TM50
119260C1 C3E37131 HM01
A5F83B6D 1FE2DD62 HM02
7BCC9DCB 1909C357 HM03
20D4D52E 45ACE95E HM04
CDA9D8A6 57090AB1 HM05
69182FD1 74E9A19F HM06
9D7BC1C5 5FAE3150 HM07
6DEE1739 E073EC36 HM08


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