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Constructing Your E4 Team hints and tips for Pokemon Emerald

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Constructing Your E4 Team


This will help a lot of you construct your team before you go and fight the Elite Four. As most of you know, the E4 goes Dark, Ghost, Ice, Dragon and Water specialists. So, here is my building advice to make sure you have no problems:

Elite Four Sidney(Dark Specialist)

Sidney here likes Dark types, and his team will not be funny. Generally, Bug and Fighting are your best bets to fight him with. There aren't many good Bug types besides Scizor(Ninjask can work, but you need to use Substitue first) and Heracross. I reccomend having Heracross in your party(caught in the Safari Zone). Make sure he has Megahorn and Brick Break, then Sidney won't be a problem. Use Megahorn on Shiftry.

Elite Four Pheobe(Ghost specialist)

Pheobe is a Ghost lover. This is a very simple match. Simply get a good Pokemon that can use Shadow Ball(Gengar, Snorlax, etc.), and you will have this one done.

Elite Four Glacia(Ice Specialist)

Ice specalist, Fighting works, and so does Fire, but we got a resistance from Ice Beam to your Fire type, so that will help. Glacia has 3 Dual types that are Ice/Water, so make sure you keep that Fighting type handy. Glalie has low defence, so don't worry a bit, just use your Fighting, and the match will be over.

Elite Four Drake(Dragon Specialist)

Drake is annoying if you don't have Ice Beam. If your starter was Mudkip, make sure it's evolved into Swampert and knows Ice Beam, otherwise, get a Pokemon that can utilise Ice Beam, or you will be struggling.

Champion Wallace(Water Specialist)

I knew I needed an Electric type for the E4. Now, you need a very good Electric type to use in this battle, it WILL be a long one. Manectric is your best bet. He has 2 Annoying Pokemon, Wishcash(Water/Ground, no T-Bolt), and Ludicolo. Ludicolo is a Grass/Water, but it annoys very easily(he taught his Ludicolo leech Seed, so you got a stall match here). Make sure you got a Grass and Flying type to handle those two, that's pretty much it.

Make sure to construct your levels to Level 58 and over, or you may have a hard time.

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