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Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon

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Several cheats including numberman machine codes, Navi chips and Varsword codes. We also have Lotty number chips for you to check out.

More Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon Cheats and Tips

We have 14 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon please send them in here.

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Unlock Codes

Enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect

Higsby Number Trader codes
Rush - 73298100
Beat - 25435428
Tango - 10170506
GunDelSol EX G - 74293099
WideShot 3 T - 68009092
ColorPoint - 19095677
FlameLine 3 J - 57604335
TwinFang 3 G - 88019791
HP+500 (White) - 30873642
MegaFolder2 - 02109544
Buster Pack - 05178924
AirHockey 3 V - 77038416
Recover300 J - 66703422
VariableSword C - 03696458
HP+500 (Pink) - 97618739
Body Pack - 43494372
Custom2 - 75420107

Number Man Lotto codes
Battle Chips
VarSwrd C - 03696458

Lotty number chips

AirHockey 3 V 77038416
ColorPoint * 19095677
VariableSword C 03696458
Snake R 32108251
Recover300 J 66703422
TwinFang 3 G 88019791
FlameLine 3 J 57604335
FlameLine 1 G 46292983
WideShot 3 T 68009092
HP+500 (NC Block) 30873642
MegaFolder2(NC Block) 02109544
Rush(NC Block) 73298100
Beat(NC Block) 25435428
Tango(NC Block) 10170506
Body Pack(NC Block) 43494372
Buster Pack(NC Block) 05178924
Custom2(NC Block) 75420107
HP+500(NC ..

Getting the Nebula CD

First of all you need 10,000 Zenny and to be past the part where you fight ShadeMan in the ToyRoboComp and then you must find Django the solar Boy in Undernet 4 he will tell you about ShadeMan and how they fought and he needs the S. Sensor to destroy him.
Then you must go to Undernet 2 Area ( you'll have to go to the entrance of the area) (it's easier to logout and start form the NupopoComp in Netfrica) and find a purple HealNavi he will be complaining about how somebody stole his treasure and it was as shiny as the sun he will say the guy that stole it is in Undernet 6. Then you will have to go to Undernet 6 and look for a black HealNavi he will say that he'll give you the S. Sensor only for 10,000 Zenny buy it.
(be sure to have the 10,000 zenny I told you about ..

Navi Chips

Ok guys, there is a Navi in every major net area (like sharo, acdc 2, etc.) except for the metiorite. The navis and locations are as follows:
Aquaman: ACDC 1
Sparkman: ACDC 2
Gutsman: ACDC 3
Topman: Town 1
Roll: Town 2, underpart.
Fireman: Town 3, at edge of a circle
Numberman: Town 4
Woodman: Park 1
Burnman: Park 2
Videoman: Park 3
Netopia: Thunderman, edge of a circle
Sharo: Coldman
Netfrica: Kendoman
Yumland: Windman
I forgot who is found where in the undernet, but the people are searchman, protoman, shademan(random, in area w/dijango), laserman(in area w/bass statue), bass(most beat his statue), junkman, metalman, and I think thats it. If I forgot any navis, let ..

Beating Duo

To beat Duo, the chips in your folder should run smoothly, not having too many codes, and you chips should be above ground attacks,such as wide shot or life sword. Gun Sol chips are extremely effective against Duo, adn you should have 3 or four Invis* chips. Duo has four main attacks, one is the big fist that covers 4 squares. The others are the Duo Laser, meteor fist and the giant Arm that covers 6 squares. The laser is easy to dodge, all you have to do is go to on of the side rows and dodge the rings by moving foward, then back and foward again. The giant arm covers 2 rows so you would stand in the first row and then move back because he's going to hit again. The meteor fist has no specific place that you can dodge::best way is Invis.

Lots of hp

When your at castiloco *sorry for spelling im 9* go to the ice cream stand in the square jack in and keep walking around each time your hp life is small it gives you more hp. Often I always are at 1 hp at end of battle then i get a hundred after for rewerd
cool_babydude over and out

numberman machine codes

77038416 AirHockey 3 V
25435428 Beat(NC Block)
43494372 Body Pack(NC Block)
05178924 Buster Pack(NC Block)
19095677 ColorPoint *
75420107 Custom2(NC Block)
46292983 FlameLine 1 G
57604335 FlameLine 3 J
84625799 FullEnergy
59891137 FullEnergy
74293099 GunDelSol EX
30873642 HP+500 (NC Block)
97618739 HP+500(NC Block)
27979609 LockEnemy
37198940 LockEnemy
02109544 MegaFolder2(NC Block)
45798331 MiniEnergy
16589650 MiniEnergy
66703422 Recover300 J
73298100 Rush(NC Block)
32108251 Snake R
24247309 SneakRun
89866302 SneakRun
10170506 Tango(NC Block)
88019791 TwinFang 3 G
94872322 Unlocker
00274304 Unlocker
02368995 Untrap

Bass SP/Ω

After defeating Bass, enter Black Earth 2 and beat the DS forms of the Navis whom MegaMan can perform Soul Unison with, then defeat MegaMan DS. Jack Out, then return to Black Earth 2 and wander around. Eventually, you'll encounter Bass SP as a random encounter enemy. Beat him with a S-Rank for the Giga Chip [DeltaRay].

Varsword codes

NeoVariableSword codes
1.Select a NeoVariableSword in the custom menu
2.Press "OK"
3.Hold "A" when that chip appears and quickly input one of the codes below:
Code Effect
Down, Right, Up Cross Sword
Up, B, Down, B, Up, B Double LifeSwords
Left, Right, Left, B Piercing Sonic Slash

Easy Getting Around

A good way to stay alive is to get the navi cutomizer program air shoes and use a chip like geddon 1 or geddon 2 that way you can walk when there are no panels though and even better tip is to get the flot shoes program which means you are uneffected by the panel type so fire does not burn you swamp panels don't drain you you don't slip on ice and cracked panels don't break. Though the only problem is that if an enemy uses geddon two you can't go across no panels.

Find the Cyber Bats

Usually when you are finding the cyber bats (when you are chasing Roll and ShadeMan) they run around in circles so you should go the opposite way and grab them.Catch those cyber bats.

SP Chip

It's easily to get SP chip?
how? the answer is using the PROGRAM ADVANCE
Like Hi-cannon a/b/c = GIGA CANNON dmg 500,
and 1 important, airHok u/v/w = ProtHok 3 Dmg 200
Try It and Good Luck!!


to use dark chips you have had to beat shademan for the second time and in battle get hit 4 times without fighting back and your emotion screen should be green keep it like that until the custom screen and open it and then there will be 2 darkchips. dont use them megaman turns black after you use them and your max hp lowers by 1 and you cant use light chips or unite chips. if you use dark chips alot megaman will be used to the darkness and he wont need to get hit 4 times. warning remember no light or unite chips


There is a large hole in the Ura Internet area 6 that is surrounded by purple slime on a platform and in order to reach the secret dungeon, you need to have these chips:
Bug Curse, Muramasa Blade, Black Wing, Element Dark and Poison Anubis.
Once you have those then when you get close to the hole, it will suck you down into the secret dungeon called Black Earth!!!

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