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Follow the dark path or use the light

Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon


Megaman Battle Network 4 Renowned Folder FAQ

by Asakura Yoh

Megaman Battle Network 4 Renowned Folder FAQ

     __ __                 __ __             ___        _      _    _
    |  \  \ ___  ___  ___ |  \  \ ___ ._ _  | . > ___ _| |_  _| |_ | | ___
    |     |/ ._>/ . |<_> ||     |<_> || ' | | . \<_> | | |    | |  | |/ ._>
    |_|_|_|\___.\_. |<___||_|_|_|<___||_|_| |___/<___| |_|    |_|  |_|\___.
                   _ _        _                    _
                  | \ | ___ _| |_ _ _ _  ___  _ _ | |__
                  |   |/ ._> | | | | | |/ . \| '_>| / /
                  |_\_|\___. |_| |__/_/ \___/|_|  |_\_\

                               |Į|   |Į|
                               | |___| |
                               |_____  |
                                     | |

                           (Ascii provided in part by Xel23)

                             Version 1.0

                          This FAQ written by

                           Asakura Yoh (Jared Ramos)

Version 1.0


[Ver. 1.0]
-Added Introduction
-Added Novice/Experience/Expert/Insane folder sections and
-Added "The essentials of proper folder construction"
-Added Navi Customizer set ups section
-Added Frequently asked questions section
-Added Credits section
-Added Legal Stuff section
-Added terminology and tips section
-Added FAQ's section
-Added Red Sun and Blue Moon version of Neo Disco Inferno

-Added S-Slasher Red Sun and Blue Moon
-Added OverShine Red Sun and Blue Moon
-Added Painful Reality
-Added Son of a Gun

-Added Taiyooooh! Red Sun and Blue Moon
-Added Black Wind
-Added Psycho Bouncer
-Added Final Judgment
-Added Mind Games

-Added Slot Machine

[Ver 1.5]
-Added Fun Folder Section, By H0tSh0tZ1627 and SushiSquid

-Updated Lemon Crusher, moved Cleptogeist into the Renowned Section


Table of Contents:

I. Introduction

II. The essentials of proper folder construction

III. MegaMan Battle Network 4 terminology and tips
  IIIa. Navi Customizer (NC)
  IIIb. Program Advances (PA's)
  IIIc. Dark Chips (DC's)
  IIId. Soul Unison (SU's)
   A. Red Sun Unisons (RSU's)
   B. Blue Moon Unisons (BMU's)
  IIIe. Karma System
  IIIf. DS MegaMan
  IIIg. Full Synchro (FS)
  IIIh. Difficulties
  IIIi. SP/DS chips
  IIIj. FstGauge and Fullcust
  IIIk. Bugs
  IIIl. Time freeze counter
  IIIm. Silver Bullet

IV. Folders

   A. Asakura Yoh's Neo Disco Inferno
   B. Zidanet129ís S-Slasher
   C. Mastermind Chaudís Overshine
   D. Space Medafighter Xís Painful Reality
   E. Taiyoooh!
   F. genotheblasterís Son of a Gun
   G. White Dragon Nall's Black Wind
   H. White Dragon Nall's Psycho Bouncer
   I. The Dark Unknown's Final Judgment
   J. CrimsonKnight's Mind Games
   K. Sora626's and SushiSquids Slot Machine
   L. Hotshotz and SushiSquid's Cleptogeist

V. Fun Folder Section

VI. Navi Customizer Set ups

VII. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

VIII. Credits

IX. Legal Stuff

I. Introduction

As in every MegaMan Battle Network game, the folder is pretty
much the most integral part of winning battles. Every folder
works in a different way, but some folders are better than

In this FAQ you will find a compilation of unique and
powerful folders, as well as how to use each to the best of
their abilities. And as said in the last Renowned Folder FAQ,
no folder is truly invincible. There may be some spoilers,
so read on of your own accord, and do not blame me for


II. The Essentials for Proper Folder Construction

Sure, anyone can just throw 30 chips together and call it a folder.
most likely it will be a rather poor folder.  Though the folders listed
here are unique, they all follow a fundamental guideline, which is why
they were even considered being aceepted in the first place.

1. Basis- This is the main way to deal damage in a folder, whether it be a
   PA or a combo.
   Example- LifeSword in a LifeSword folder

2. Support- What you use to make pulling off the basis easier or even
   Example- Areagrab in Lifesword folder

3. Defense- This is usually what you use to shut out damage completely,
   but recovery could be used, though not recommended.
   Example- Invis, AntiDmg, Auras, Recovery

4. Speed- This is how the folder runs in a battle. This takes things like
   FstGauge into account, as well as how many codes there are.  The wider
   variety of chip codes you have, the slower the folder.
4(b). Fluidity- Even if your folder is one code, it may play kinda choppy.
      Example- Pulling off a Meteors combo is not easy, whereas a LifeSword
      folder would run more smoothly.

5. Soul Unisons- New to this game, Soul Unisons are like styles. The
   reason this ties into constructing a good folder is the fact that
   to activate a Soul Unison, you have to sacrifice a specific type of
   chip. When building a folder, remember to think of what Unison(s)
   you want.

III. MegaMan Battle Network 4 terminology and tips

This section will provide explanations about certain aspects of building
a folder, as well as give advice on the game and folder usage. We will
also explain what certain terms and acronyms mean.

IIIa. Navi Customizer (NC)

The Navi Customizer was in the last installment of the Battle Network
series, but it has been changed in this game. No longer do you get
the programs by levelling up certain styles, you find them in the mystery
data's found throughout the net. Each program can help or hinder MegaMan
in battle, and are also very important parts of using a folder. "Navi
Customizer Programs" will be abbreviated with the acronym "NCP's".

The Navi Cust also has rules which must be followed, or else you will
become bugged. The rules are quite simple. Textured programs do NOT go
on the command line. Non-textured programs MUST go on the command line.
Two programs of the same color must NOT touch each other. And finally,
no more than four colors can be used at the same time. If you don't
follow these rules, you will become bugged. Normally this would be bad,
but with proper use, bugs can become strengths. Also, bugs can be
stopped by using the BugStop program.

IIIb. Program Advances (PA's)

In every Battle Network game, you had PA's. These were powerful attacks
made by using certain chips in certain orders. PA's have always been
important in folder building, as most PA's are the basis of folders.
Let's look at one program advance, and see why the one attack is
better than the three chips that make it.

LifeSword is a program advance made by using Sword, WideSword and
LongSword in order. Each of these chips does 80 damage. If you manage
to hit with all three swords, that would do 240 damage in total. Now if
you use LifeSword, things change. The attack does 400 damage, and the
range is now a two by three sword, making it a lot easier to hit.

So obviously, program advances are very important. Without them, many
folders would lack a powerful basis. But not all folders have a PA as
the basis, sometimes regular combo's are just as powerful. Check
Zidanet129's FAQ for a list of all Program Advances.

IIIc. Dark Chips

New to the game, Dark Chips are very powerful. But due to their
great power, they have draw backs. There is a karma system, which is
affected by the usage of Dark Chips. If you use Dark chips, you lose
karma, if you don't, you can gain karma. The worst draw backs are
losing 1 HP for the rest of the game, as well as losing the ability
to use Soul Unisons if your karma is too low. Naturally, these chips
will be used as a last resort, and can not be used easily in NetBattles.
Some folders might contain them, but it is doubtful. They can only
be used when MegaMan is in anxious mode, which is activated when he
takes 4 hits without retaliating.

IIId. Soul Unison
In the last two games, MegaMan evolved styles based on how he fought.
Soul unisons replace these styles, and are gotten by fulfilling
certain requirements set by the game. Each version of the game has
six different Soul Unisons, and each of them have their advantages
and disadvantages. Soul Unisons also last for three turns.

To activate a Soul Unison, you must sacrifice a certain type of
chip. This ties into folder construction, as you want to build
a folder that has a good basis, few codes, as well as a folder
with useful Soul Unisons. Refer to Zidanet139's Soul Guide for a
more in depth description of each souls' abilities, as well as how
to obtain each soul.

 A. Red Sun Unisons:

  Fire Soul- Activated by sacricing a fire type chip. When
   activated, a grass cross will appear on stage. Your buster will
   shoot a 50 damage flame thrower. If you charge your buster while
   you have a fire chip selected, it will drain the power of the
   chip and do a 150 damage FireArm. 2x damage from aqua.

Recommended for: None. The FireArm is NOT useful, and neither is the Grass
Cross. Countering with WoodyPowder makes fire attacks far more useful.

  Thunder Soul- Activated by sacrificing a elec type
   chip. It's "Power Leak" ability turns a non-element or elec
   chips into a paralyzing chip. Very useful, as stunning an enemy
   can be the difference between victory and defeat. The charge shot
   is a Zapring. It should be noted that time freeze chips do NOT gain the
   Power Leak. 2x damage from Wood.

Recommended for: Lemon Crusher

  Search Soul- Activated by sacrificing an evasive type chip. When
   activated, it disables any evasive type chips in use, like Pop-up
   or Invis. Its charge pierces evasive chips and flinching. Also,
   the new chip shuffle ability is extremely useful. For example,if you get
   Sword and WideSword in a draw, you can select them, and shuffle the rest
   Of the chips. With luck, you'll get LongSword, and will be able to
   form the LifeSword advance. Its charge shot locks on to the enemy
   ,but has low power. A very useful soul, if I might add. Also, the on
   unison effect removes flinching as well.

Recommended for: Every single Red Sun folder. Too much of a staple.

  Wind Soul- Activated by sacrificing an air type chip. You have
   AirRacket as your charge, which knocks the enemy back. While
   in use, wind will suck the enemy towards you. Normal buster
   shots shove enemies back, like AirShot. Omnishoes is in effect while
   this soul is active. On unison, NorthWind is used to remove auras. Your
   buster is also changed to an AirShot buster.

Recommended for: S-Slasher

  Roll Soul- Activated by sacrificing a Recovery type chip. get healed
   for 10% of your maximum HP when you use a chip. Your charge shot is
   the Roll Arrow, which breaks enemy chips, if any are selected.

Recommended for: Painful Reality, any folder as well.

  Guts Soul- Activated by sacrificing a panel cracking type chip.
   Your buster now the Guts Machine Gun, which can be used by rapidly
   pressing the B button. You are invincible during the six shots
   of the Guts Machine Gun, and your charge is a 60 damage Guts
   Punch. Generic and panel cracking chips gain +30 while in this soul.

Recommended for: Good for early use. Use this with Vulcans and other fun
chips, it really helps early on.

  Duo Soul- Sadly, it doesn't look as if it exists. In MMBN5: Colonel
   version, there is only a silver Forte Cross.

 B. Blue Moon Unisons:

  Proto Soul- Activated by sacrificing a slicing chip. Your charge
   shots become WideSwords, and you can now charge swords to do a
   step with the sword selected. The step charge doubles sword damage
   You can press Back+B to use Reflect, which does 50 damage when it
   reflects something. Again, advances can not be charged. The Sword buster
   can counter, too.

Recommended for: Chromo Cutlass

  Metal Soul- Activated by sarcificing a piercing chip. It has an
   automatic BreakBuster in effect, and your charge shot is
   turned into a 150 damage punch. Breaking and normal chips can
   be charged to do double damage, so long as they don't freeze time.

Recommended for: Son of a Gun, maybe Psycho Bouncer

  Wood Soul- Activated by using a Wood chip. You have the usual
   Twister charge shot, as well as healing on grass panels.
   Wood type chips now have a Gaia effect, in which a single generic
   type chip selected afterwards is used to power up the wood
   chip. You also can not be paralyzed or confused. The Gaia effect can't
   be used with time freezing chips.

Recommended for: The Impaler

  Junk Soul- Activated by sacrificing an obstacle chip. Your
   charge shot is now a Poultergeist, which lifts all objects on
   field and throws them into enemies. When activated, it confuses
   enemies. Two used chips are recycled each turn. When you unison
   enemies will become confused as well, which is useful.

Recommended for: Cleptogeist. Come on. =P

  Aqua Soul- Activated by sacrificing an Aqua chip. You do not
   slip on Ice panels, and your charge is now a 20 damage bubbler
   shot. As per usual, the charge is very fast. You can now
   charge aqua type chips to double their damage. As always, time freezing
   chips can NOT be charged, as well as advances.

Recommended for: If you're reading this, you need to be shot.

  Number Soul- Activated by sacrificing +/- chips. When used, you
   can have up to 10 chips in the custom screen. The charge shot is now
   dice, and the number rolled is multiplied by 10. The explosion from
   each die is 3x3. Atk+ chips now add an extra ten damage while the soul
   is in use.

Recommended for: Any folder, ten chips is great, and Atk+ never hurts.

  Bass Soul- Unfortunately, it was junk data in this game. There IS a
    Forte Cross in the next game, though.

IIIe. Karma System
This was described shortly in the Dark Chips section. The karma system
is deceptively simple. If you use a Dark Chip, you lose karma. If you
don't use them in a battle, you gain karma. Karma points can range
between 1-1000 points. The higher karma you have, the lighter blue
MegaMan will appear in battle. The lower karma you have, the darker MegaMan
will appear, until he is completely black. A certain Program Advance requires
you to be dark. Also, when you have maximum (1000) karma, you gain a new
ability. This is called "random synching", meaning you go into full synchro
status randomly. There are conditions, those being double deletes or two
attacks in rapid succession for it to happen. We call it random because
it only happens sometimes, not all the time. But each side has its benefits,
so having low karma does something as well. When your karma is low enough,
you can begin every normal battle with dark chips. Also, it takes less hits
in a netbattle to enter anxious mode, and can go as low as four hits. Beware,
if you full synch, it will take twice the amount of hits to enter anxious
mode. Either way, it is not recommended to rely on dark chips in a netbattle,
because four or eight hits spells certain doom with most folders. In short:

Light- Random synching. Rapid Succession Synch (2 hits quickly) and Multi
Delete Synch.
Dark- Less hits to enter anxious mode, more chance of dark chips appearing.

IIIf. DS MegaMan
Normally, if your HP reaches zero, MegaMan is deleted. If you're
completely black, or have used a dark chip in a battle, something else
happens. MegaMan will return as DS MegaMan, in which he is berserk. He can
not take any damage, anduse chips randomly. After 20 seconds has passed,
MegaMan will return to normal, but with one HP. It is like a last ditch
attack, but it might be able to save you if you wind up in a tight spot.

IIIg. Full Synchro
Sparing spoilers from the last two Battle Network games, Full
Synchro is when MegaMan and Lan are fully synchronized. This
makes MegaMan a lot stronger (for reasons we can not say due to
the fact that we don't want to spoil you ^_^).

To activate it in this game, you must counter an enemy. You will
know you're in Full Synchro mode by looking at a few things.
MegaMan will appear lighter, and will have pink energy rings
floating around him. The advantage of Full Synchro is that it doubles
the damage of attack chips when used. So if you are in Full Synchro,
and you have a LifeSword waiting to be used, it will do 800 (!)
damage when used. Beware, if you are hit before you use a chip
while in Full Synchro, you lose it. The saving grace of this being
using a defense chip right after you get it makes sure you have a
decent chance of hitting the opponent. Full Synchro does NOT double
damage while youíre in soul unison, but it will last through battle
if you counter on the last hit while in unison.

IIIh. Difficulties
In this game, there are three difficulties. What should be noted about
the said difficulties is that the next version of the virus will be in
each difficulty. In normal mode youíll face Spikey1, in Hard, Spikey2
and so on. The version of the navis you fight will also be increased
according to what difficulty youíre playing. Also, you get a set number
of souls in each difficulty. Three in normal, two in hard, one in super hard.
That leaves for a total of six souls spread throughout three play throughs.
Capcom made sure we got our moneys worth Iíd say. EX viruses are also
powered up when you are in a higher difficulty. On a bad note, you must
play through the game around 4 times to get everything, including all the
HPMemories. This is because each time you get a Blue mystery data and start
a new game +, the contents change to a maximum of three times.

IIIi. SP/DS chips
In this game, you can only use two of the same navi at once. The V1 of the
navi, and its SP (light) or DS (dark) chip. But the SP chips are
special in that the faster you delete the SP navi, the stronger their
chip becomes. If you delete the navi in ten seconds or less, it shall be as
strong as possible. Make sure you use a strong folder like Son of a Gun to
make your navi chips as strong as possible. In addition, some navi chips have
special abilities. By pressing certain button combination at key points, you
can make the navi chips do special things. DS chips are powered up by the
amount of dark holes you have on the field, up to 10 holes.

IIIj. FstGauge and FullCust
These chips were staples in almost every folder ever since MMBN2 introduced
the * code. But now that your power relies on how many turns pass, you may
want to make the turns longer. The longer the three turns last, the longer
you can stay in unison with a soul, and that can make quite the difference.
Unless your folder doesn't rely on synergy with souls and is strong enough
without them, you may not want to put FstGauge in. FullCust is still a good
chip, so you can probably dump a filler chip in each folder out for one.
Remember to make each turn count, because once you use a soul, it's gone for
the entire battle. You may even want to use SlowGauge to counter someone
who uses FstGauge. FullCust is good either way because it can make your turn
end faster if you have garbage in the Cust Screen, and you can use it to
get rid of their Soul Unison faster.

IIIk. Bugs
Bugs play a much more important role in this game. With things like BugChain,
BugFix and BugBomb, it ties very closely into strategy. BugBomb in
particular is a nice chip, because it comes in * code, and explodes in a 3x3
area. If it hits, it does no damage- but it bugs the hell out of your enemy.
If your enemy is glitched, things are going to be a lot harder for them. A
chip like BugBomb can be a very great way to support any folder. Also, chips
can pass on bugs you have to the enemies, which is nice. Imagine passing on
the glitch of Hub.Bat, but they get none of the good effects. Fun, isn't it?
Behold the power of bugs.

Well, after netbattle testing, I've concluded the BugBomb DOES bug your
opponent. Just how much is random, so depending on it might not be wise.
There is a guaranteed thing; the opponent will ALWAYS be confused for a while
after it blows up, lands on them, or is stepped on. If it blows up normally,
there's a chance of them getting a level 1 HP drain glitch, or the AirShoes
glitch. Anything more requires further testing.

IIIl. Time freeze counter
Another new feature in this game, but one that isn't well known. When your
opponent uses a chip that freezes time, you can counter with your own time
freezing chip. For example, if your opponent uses an AreaGrab, if you press
A while you have a time freezing chip selected while time is frozen, it will
automatically use your chip after they use theirs. So if you have an
AreaGrab selected, you can counter with your own AreaGrab if they use one,
thusly protecting your area! Also, you can counter with ANY chip that
freezes time. Another thing you'll need to master if you plan on becoming a
good netbattler. One last thing to note- you'll know if you've countered by
looking at MegaMan. If you see "!!" above his head, as if he's been hit by
the opposite element of the soul he's in, then you did it.

IIIm. Silver Bullet
Since way too many people ask what this is on the boards, I've decided to
give an explanation in this FAQ. You better be happy, Geno. Now to get to the
point. Silver Bullet is the name of an attack. The attack is quite simple-
DoublePoint + SuperVulcan + Atk+30 + Atk+10 + Atk+10. Either full synch or
Metal Soul's charge can be used to double that damage, making it 2880 damage.
Quite potent, no? I guess I should also take the time to list the names we've
given to other attacks.

Final Judgment = 2x AreaGrab, Sanctuary, and HolyDream with attack boosters

...Crap. Well, that just so happens to be it, unless you count countering
with WoodyPowder, then using HeatSpread as Disco Inferno.

Note: This is a COMBO, not a Program Advance. Please check the PA FAQ if you
would like to know more about what PA's there are.

In this section, you will
find folders for each version, and each will be in a
different difficulty section. Novice folders will be powerful
and easy to use,  and as the difficulty goes up, you will
need to use the folder for a long time before you master it.
You may want to refer to other FAQs to find out how to get
each chip. I worked very hard to compile this list of folders, so enjoy!

Also, make sure to check out my sister--*smacked by TDU* brother FAQ, the
Alphabetical Folder FAQ. It has quite a few fun folders, and more description
than the label on back of some...really descritpive thingy. <_<; Just take a
look if you're looking here- you have the time.

 Asakura Yoh's Neo Disco Inferno (Red)
4 HeatShot D
4 Heat-V D
4 HeatSide D
4 WoodyPowder *
3 Barrier D/PopUp */GreenWood2 D
3 Invis *
3 Areagrab *
3 RollArrow2 D
1 FastGauge * (Preset)
1 LifeAura D
Souls: Fire, Search

 Asakura Yoh's Neo Disco Inferno (Blue)
4 HeatShot D
4 Heat-V D
4 HeatSide D
3 Barrier D/PopUp */GreenWood2 D
3 Invis *
3 Areagrab *
2 Timpani *
2 WoodyPowder *
2 Atk+10
1 Atk+30
1 FastGauge * (Preset)
1 LifeAura D
Souls: Number, Wood

Ye olde Disco Inferno is not dead in this game, for Capcom has not realized
how much Yoh and Malinhion love to abuse HeatSpread. Sadly enough, BlackBomb
sucks in this folder, seeing as the blast from the bomb takes away the grass
before the HeatSpread gets to it- making it 720 damage. Instead, we should
rely on countering with WoodyPowder, and then unleashing HeatSpread. This
does 1300 damage (100 from the powder, 1200 from the spread) non-flinching
damage, and should leave the enemy confused for a while, too. RollArrow2 is
great, for it freezes time, and breaks the enemies chips.

Blue: To make this short and sweet, itís perfectly fine without Fire Soul.
Just counter with WoodyPowder and unleash hell with HeatSpread. Number Soul
helps, but you might not want to use it in favor of no souls, so you can use
the power of full synch.

-High damage
-Decent fluidity
-Variety of souls
-LifeAura is a welcome addition to any folder

-Timpani can be destroyed
-A bit of set up required
-Wind Soul and Metal soul are your worst enemies

As always, this folder is no piece of cake to use. To soul, or not to soul.
Make good use of the Search souls ability to undo Invis and Pop-up, and the
chip shuffle. Both can save you in dire situations. And if you're extra lucky,
you might be fighting a Wood Soul enemy. The maximum damage you can do is
4160. Fun, no? For those who realize that using souls in this folder isn't
smart at all, you've realized the full potential of this folder. Countering
with WoodyPowder leaves them on grass panels, unable to move. Not only that,
but your spread is going to do four times the usual damage. Even if you don't
manage to counter, 600 or 700 non-flinching damage, along with confusion, is
not bad at all. RollArrow is a savior as well, providing you're an expert
netbattler. See someone coming towards you? They probably have LifeSword or
some other power attack, so let one loose in their face. Once you learn to
recognize the patterns people follow when using specific types of folders or
chips, RollArrow is going to be a chip you'll love. In either version, you
can take the GreenWood route. Assuming you have perfect karma, you can use
WoodyPowder and GreenWood in order, which will activate a rapid succession
random synch, allowing you to do a nice 1440 damage.

Rating: Insane folder

 Zidanet129ís S-Slasher (Red)
3 ThunderBall2 S
3 Sword S
3 WideBlade S
3 LongBlade S
3 Areagrab S
3 Invis *
3 AirShot *
1 FastGauge * [Preset]
1 SearchMan S
1 SearchManSP S
1 SparkMan S
1 SparkManSP S
(4 filler chips)
Souls: Wind, Search, Thunder

 Zidanet129ís S-Slasher (Blue)
3 Bamboolance *
3 Sword S
3 WideBlade S
3 LongBlade S
3 AreaGrab S
3 ThunderBall2 S
3 Invis *
2 SandRing *
1 SparkMan S
1 SparkManSP S
1 SignalRed S
(4 filler chips)
Souls: Proto, Wood

Red: Ah, a LifeSword folder. Not the most original idea, but it serves its
purpose. Wind soul will draw the opponent towards you, which puts them
in range for LifeSword. The AirShots can also be used to counter and
gain full syncro. Search should be in any Red Sun folder because of its
supreme support abilities, so that goes without saying. While some may
think Wind Soul and grab chips is redundant, Wind soul serves as a back
up for when your stolen panels are stolen back- and they WILL get stolen
back. Forte is there as a giga chip filler, and his damage is good enough.

Blue: Here we utilize the LifeLance combo from MMBN3. Lance will shove the
enemy out of the back row, into the range of LifeSword. It can even full
synch you, meaning you do a HUGE amount of damage from one combo. Signal
Red is a very powerful chip, and SparkMan serves as support via blinding.

Note: This folder is missing 4 chips because we couldn't decide on what to
put in. Just dump whatever you feel like in. >_>

-Good damage potential
-Getting the enemy in range for LifeSword is no problem
-Wind soul is plain useful

-AntiSword can be a pain
-Lacking in defense
-ThunderSoul is a bit of a waste in this folder

Well, this folder is quite powerful in net battles, providing your opponent
doesnít use a lot of HP+ programs in the navi customizer. With Wind Soul to
draw the opponent in after your grabs are undone and paralysis AND Invis
piercing, where can you go wrong? You can even use further Airshotís to full
syncro when youíre not unisoned with a soul. But with sacrificing an Invis
chip for Search soul, you do lose out on some defense. Luckily, the SearchMan
chips pierce Invis as well. If you're playing Blue moon, this can be just as
deadly due to the use of Signal Red. Wood soul is also useful in that it
stops paralysis.

Rating: Medium folder

 Mastermind Chaudís OvarShine (Both)
4 Thunderball 3 T
4 Twister T
4 SandRing *
4 Attack +10 *
3 Blind *  (Essential.)
2 Invis *
2 Areagrab *
2 Panelgrab *
1 Topman SP T
1 Attack +30 *
1 DoublePoint *
Souls: Search, Thunder, Wind (red)
Souls: Number (blue)

 Mastermind Chaud's Shining Laser
Twister L x4
Thunderball 1 * x4
Attack +10 * x4
Sandring * x4
Invis * x4
AreaSteal * x3
Blind * x2
Laserman x1
Laserman SP L x1
Fastgauge * x1(preset)
Attack +30 * x1
Double Point * x1
Souls: Search, Thunder, Wind (red)
Souls: Number (blue)

This folder is the BN4 incarnation of Scourge of the Desert. Sand panels
still power up the Tornado chip, and with Full Syncro and damage enhancers,
this can do a great deal of damage in one hit. TopMan serves as additional
damage. Of course, this means you wonít be using many souls, seeing as unison
negates full synchroís double damage. Blind should be self explanatory. At
best, this folder can do 4160 in one hit, so it can be very fun to use. The
other version is more of a netbattle version, since LaserMan can disable the
opponents navi customizer. This is good because FloatShoes in any form
completely shuts down this folder.

-High damage
-SandRing restricts movement and enhances Tornado
-Can use souls if need be
-With no need for souls, this can be built in either version

-Dependence on movement restriction is bad
-You NEED full synch to do good damage
-Not many means of attacking
-Sacrificing souls for full synch has you losing out on a lot
-FloatShoes will completely shut down this folder, you may want to use an
L coded variant for LaserMan. Look at Shining Laser

Like the previous version, this folder has high rewards, but is high
maintenance. Without SandRing or movement constriction, youíll either
miss or do a low amount of damage. The lack of utility with souls hinders this
folder a lot, so thatís the main flaw in this. Other than a lack of means of
attack, that is.

Rating: Hard/Insane folder

 Space Medafighter Xís Painful Reality (Red only)
4 Areagrab *
4 Recovery 200 H
4 Geddon3 H
3 PanelReturn *
3 Black Bomb H
3 Mole *
3 Flame Line 1 *
2 Recovery 120 *
2 AntiRecover *
2 Heavygauge */H  (Preset)
Souls: Roll, Fire, Search

Another poison type folder, this one can be quite the pain. With the removal
Of stage changing chips, removing and dealing with poison is now a lot
harder. SlowGauge makes sure they take a lot of damage per turn, and
Blackbomb serves as a source of direct damage. Even worse, AntiRecover
makes sure that any attempt to heal outside of Roll Soul hurts you even more.
And then comes another bad thing! You have Roll Soul yourself, which means
youíre gaining a lot of life while they lose a lot of life. Painful Reality
indeed. You MAY want to toss in LaserMan. It seems that the OmniShoes of
WindSoul is actually put into the NaviCust as a program that takes up no
space. LaserMan can remove it. Ouchies. >_>


-With stage chips gone, Geddon3 is hard to deal with
-Synergy with AntiRecover and RollSoul along with poison is great
-Search Soul is always useful

-WindSoul, enough said
-Only one means of direct assault
-It IS possible to remove poison panels
-If you don't do enough damage within the ten turn limit without deleting,
you're screwed.
-You could counter the whole Folder with two things (One chip.). JunkSoul
  with FloatShoes. Geddon 3 doesn't affect you, and any BlkBombs can be
  tossed back at your opponent. ^_^

Now that stage chips are gone, getting rid of the poison panels has become a
huge pain. The AntiRecover makes things even worse, and the souls are always
useful. Very good for a poison folder, but don't expect S ranks.

Rating: Insane folder- Netbattle ONLY- Red Sun ONLY

 Taiyoooh! (Red)
4 AirShot *
4 GunSol G
4 GunSol2 G
4 GunSol3 G
4 Lance *
4 Invis *
3 LongBlade G
2 RockCube *
1 Fstgauge * (preset)
Souls: Wind, Search

 Taiyoooh! (Blue)
4 Lance *
4 GunSol G
4 GunSol2 G
4 Gunsol3 G
4 Invis *
4 LongBlade G
4 RockCube *
1 FstGauge * (pre)
1 FullCust *
Souls: Wood, Proto, Junk

Red: Ah, Pile Driver. The advance that can do 800 damage in a single hit, if
you know what youíre doing. And that can be done 4 times, too. Since you want
the enemy out of the back row, we have Wind Soul and Lance here to help that.
This is also why this folder completely lacks AreaGrab. To make sure you donít
get too much Area stolen from you, RockCube is used as an obstacle. It can
even be launched into the enemy with Wind soul or AirShot for more damage.
Search soul is pretty much a staple for all Red Sun folders, seeing as Invis
provides defense and a powerful soul. LongBlade can be replaced for anything.

Blue: Without Wind soul, lance is your only means of getting the opponent out
of the back row. But Junk soul is useful with its Poultergeist, and can throw
the cubes you use to save your area into the enemy for additional damage.
Proto soul makes use of Sword chips and adds some much needed defense with
Reflect, and Wood is always good due to the anti paralysis. Then again,
MagBolt can also be used to bring the enemy towards you.

-Very high damage that can be done a lot
-Wind and Search soul are both extremely useful
-Quite fast
-Lots of support

-If the enemy is in the back row, you lose a ton of damage
-Junk soul can use your cubes against you

This is pretty much the GateMagic/2x Hero of Battle Network 4. You can do 800
damage with a perfectly placed Pile Driver, so a single hit can nearly
decimate an enemy MegaMan. But you should use this against SP navis for quick
deletes, as it drains the fun of netbattling.

Rating: Easy folder

genotheblasterís Son of a Gun (Blue only)
4 ThunderBall1 *
4 AirHock3 V
3 WhiteWeb3 V
3 Invis *
3 PanelSteal *
3 Atk+10 *
2 Wind *
2 ColorPoint *
1 Atk+30 *
1 DoublePoint *
1 SuperVulcan V
1 ForteAnother/Forte X
1 VideoManSP V
1 FastGauge * (pre)
Souls: Metal, Junk, Number

Well, good old genotheblaster figured out quite a potent combo. SuperVulcan
is a mega chip that hits twelve times, and we know that pumping up multi hit
chips is a very good strategy. With this, we can use Atk+ chips to unison
with Number Soul or help power up SueperVulcan. And Metal Soul will double
the power of SuperVulcan and any powerups attached to it- meaning it can do
240 damage per hit. Thatís 2880 damage, which can decimate an enemy. The
main problem is that this folder relies on making sure the opponent canít
move, and that means locking. With Area locking  destroyed in this game, we
see the problem. What geno did was change the strategy. Grab the front two
columns and place an obstacle on their middle back panel- at least thatís
the best case scenario. With Junk and Number souls supporting this folder,
itís still quite powerful. Itís still more of an in game folder that should
be used to make sure you bust SP/DS navis fast, but it can be deadly in a
net battle too.

-High damage
-Piercing, too
-Paralyzing chips and AirHock are always good
-Number soul gives you a huge chip selection
-Junk soul can throw the obstacle you lay into them, restore chips,
and confuse too. Always useful
-GREAT for getting powerful SP/DS chips

-Hard to do on a human player
-The high damage is overkill
-Relying on a single mega chip is always bad

Well, this folder has far more pluses than minuses. Itís a very strong folder,
and deserves credit. The main problem is that it lacks a bit in defense, and
locking the opponent down to hit with SuperVulcan is easier said than done.
But if you want to make your SP/DS chips strong, this is the folder to use.
Overall, a great folder.

Rating: Medium/Hard

 White Dragon Nall's Black Wind (Both)
4 NoiseStorm */Z (Static)
4 Areagrab *
4 Metagel Z
4 Attack +10 *
4 Invis *
3 ColourPoint *
2 NorthWind Z
1 FastGauge * (Preset)
1 BlackWing W
1 FullCust *
1 Attack +30 *
1 DoublePoint *
Souls: Dark Soul

Rundown (both): A folder for darker MegaMan's, the basis here is to use Static
.The area of effect of this chip increases with more bugs in the navi cust, so
use glitches strategically as well. ColorPoint and DoublePoint serve to power
up Static, and NorthWind and such are self explanitory. For those of you who
don't know, BlackWing is like DarkMan's chip from MMBN3. The power of darkness
isn't so bad after all, is it?

-Decent basis
-Can be easy to hit with and does high damage
-Fast, since you needn't prolong turns to get more use out of souls
-Nice defense
-8 grab chips? Arealocking is NOT going to happen to you
-Dark soul can save you in a bind
-Black Wing only needs a column lock (2 grabs) to do maximum damage

-Not being able to use soul unisons is still somewhat bad
-If you don't have the DarkMemory program, you'll have to weaken yourself to
even use this folder
-Only a few means of attack
-Friends might hurt you for using Dark Soul

One of the folders that actually needs a dark MegaMan, it's original and
strong. Since you don't rely on the power of soul unison, you won't need to
prolong your turns, and you can make things go faster for yourself. If you
have a good navi cust set up, Static will also hit quite easily. With the
amount of grab chips you have in this folder, a hit and not being locked
yourself is nearly guaranteed. Dark soul may come through in the end for
you, but do not depend on it to save you.

Rating: Medium/Hard folder

 White Dragon Nall's Psycho Bouncer
4 Thunderball 1 *
3 Areagrab *
3 Invis *
2 Popup *
3 Panelgrab *
4 AirHock 2 J
2 AirHock 1 D
1 AirHock 1 E
1 AirHock 1 F
2 AirHock 3 U
1 AirHock 3 V
1 AirHock 3 W
1 FastGauge * (Preset)
1 FullCust *
1 Attack +30 *
Red- Search, Thunder
Blue- Number, Metal

Rundown (both): Put simply, the Jigoku Hockey advance is the basis here. With
a single AreaGrab and full synchro, you can do over 4000 damage. This is a
very potent and powerful folder, and can S rank pretty much any navi with
relative ease. The only real problem here is lack of quick chips to activate
full synch, so you may want to add in something like AirShot * if it suits
your taste. Then again, with perfect karma, an AirHock chip will activate
full synch quite quickly.

-Extremely high damage
-Only needs a single AreaGrab for maximum efficiency
-In either version, the soul you can use is quite useful
-The Hockey chips make synching a breeze

-You might wind up cycling through some chips

Having trouble with BassSP or XX? This is the folder for you. This can take
down practically ANY navi, and it has enough defense to make sure you don't
get hit. Thusly you'll still get your S rank, and very fast as well. Deadly
as this folder may be, it is not the best out there. This is better for in
game boss battles as compared to netbattles, so use it at your own risk.

 The Dark Unknown's Final Judgment
3 ThunderBall 1 *
3 Sword S
3 WideBlade S
3 LongBlade S
3 Areasteal *
3 Invis *
2 PopUp *
2 PanelGrab *
2 HolyPanel *
1 Atk +30 *
1 DoublePoint *
1 FastGauge * [Preset]
1 FullCust *
1 Sancutary S
1 HolyDream H
Souls: Search, Thunder

Rundown: Another devastating combo is the basis of this folder, that being
Holy Dream. Holy Dream does 50 damage for every holy panel on the field,
whether it be on the opponents side or not. Thusly, with two AreaGrabs and
a Sanctuary, you can do 15 hits. Add in attack pluses with DoublePoint and
more, as well as full synchro, and you can do a TON of damage. You can use
the HolyPanel chip to turn the enemy panels to HolyPanels for extra damage.
The maximum damage here is 5760, which is great. LifeSword serves as a
support damage, Invis and PopUp are for defense, and ThunderBall is for

-Great damage
-Relatively easy to pull off using Search Soul
-Stunning is always good

-Relying on two single chips in a folder for a combo is very risky
-The combo can be hard to set up if you don't use Search
-Even if you use Search, you lose full synch

This folder is quite good for SP navi busting, and netbattles alike. There
is a lot of synergy in this folder, seeing as the damage source also serves
as defense until you pull off the main combo. With LifeSword for support,
and ThunderBall for stunning, you'll easily destroy enemies, too. As per
usual, you can sub out Blades for Swords if you don't have them, but the
rest of my commentary stands: This is a very powerful folder.

Rating: Medium/Hard folder

 CrimsonKnight's Mind Games (Both)
3 ColorPoint *
3 GrabRvng J
3 RockCube *
3 Invis *
3 PopUp *
3 AreaGrab *
3 Counter2 *
2 Timpani *
2 Recov300 J
1 DoublePoint *
1 Jealousy J
1 JunkMan J
1 JunkMan SP J
1 FullCust * (preset)
Red- Roll, Search
Blue- Number, Junk

I know what you're thinking. "He's going to lock himself! What is he,
insane!?". Well, that's all part of the strategy of this folder.
CrimsonKnight has always made insane folders, and this one is just the
same. By using ColorPoint and DoublePoint, you power up chips at the cost
of your own panels. In most cases, being in a lock box meant certain doom.
But now that a complete lock has been removed from the game, you have a bit
more freedom. With DoublePoint and full synch on Jealousy, it can do 1400
super piercing damage if the opponent has five chips. JunkManSP with Double
Point and full synch and three obstacles on the field can do a nice 1560 as
well. GrabRevenge serves as a support attack to tell the truth. Since you're
sacrificing  your own area to do loads of damage, you can get even more out
of it by attacking with the super piercing GrabRevenge.

-High damage, most of it is super piercing
-Can operate in a lock box
-Can fool the opponent and lull them into a false sense of security

-Though the damage is high, it is by no means easy to fulfill the conditions
necessary to make it so high
-Hard to use, it has a very steep learning curve
-Though it can operate in a lock box, it still isn't the safest situation
to be in

A fun folder, but also very powerful. Don't use this if you're not used to
netbattling, because you'll be defeated very quickly. Since many of the
attacks are super piercing, you can do them in rapid succession without
worrying about the invincibility caused by flinching. In Red Sun, you can
replace the JunkMan chips with Recov300 or whatever suits your playing style,
just make sure it can do good of damage. If not, you're losing out on what
JunkMan was meant to do.

Rating: Insane folder

 Sora626 and SushiSquid's Slot Machine (Red)
4 NumberBall3 T
4 MokoRush3 T
4 PopUp *
4 Attack+10 *
3 ThunderBall T
2 AreaGrab *
2 Geddon3 U
2 Recover150 T
2 Invis *
1 FastGauge * (Preset)
1 Attack+30 *
1 FullCust *
Souls: Thunder, Roll, Search

 Sora626 and SushiSquid's Slot Machine (Blue)
4 NumberBall3 T
4 PopUp *
4 Attack+10 *
3 Timpani *
3 Invis *
3 Blinder *
2 AreaGrab *
2 Geddon3 U
2 Recover150 T
1 FastGauge * (Preset)
1 Attack+30 *
1 FullCust *
Souls: Number, Junk

This is a weird looking folder, but a very good one. Its basis is the
secret chip NumberBall, which will be explained now. NumberBall does its
damage based on the last two digits of your HP, so 99 would be the most
ideal number. It will fire five shots of that much damage straight in
front of it. But that's not the end of it, because this is a folder that
actually utilizes the power of ThunderSoul! NumberBall itself is a
generic chip, and at best it can do just under 500 damage. MokoRush3 is also
generic, so that can be used to paralyze as well. The synergy is this folder
is pretty good, and it's a very powerful folder.

Put simply, the support consists of Blinder and Timpani. You can't react to
what you can't see, so they won't be able to dodge too well. Of course, most
human battlers that are blinded will react by moving constantly around the
netbattle arena. This is where Timpani comes into play, and it's also very
useful. Not only does it stop the movement of your opponent, it will be as
invisible as you are so long as the enemy is blinded, too. The previous
commentary is the same- get the last two digits of your HP to around 99, then
let loose with NumberBall.

-Almost 500 damage from a standard? You can't go wrong
-It paralyzes!
-Good amount of defense
-Can destroy the opponent once they've been paralyzed once

-No piece of cake to build
-With only three ThunderBalls in the folder, you might not get Thunder
-Lack of ways to damage other than NumberBall.
-Risky, since it depends on your own HP

A very powerful folder, but a very hard folder to use effectively. You
slightly depend on Thunder Souls Power Leak ability, so if you don't
get the ThunderBalls, you lose out on a lot of support. Also, Geddon3
is a very unreliable way to get to a good amount of HP. It would be much
smarter to use the Custom glitch in the navi customizer. Thusly, you could
sit in the custom screen until you have --99 HP, then go on to massacre
the opponent. One other problem is lack of damage sources other than
NumberBall. You might want to throw in something like TopMan SP for some
support damage. But once you've practiced using this folder enough, it
will be a monster in netbattles.

Rating: Hard/Insane folder

IVl. H0tSh0tZ1627 and SushiSquid's Cleptogeist (BM only)
1 DeltaRay Z
1 Jealousy J
4 Rockcube *
4 RollArrow3 Y
3 Thunder1 *
2 Wind *
4 Fanfare *
2 Popup *
2 Silence *
3 Numberball3 Y
3 AreaGrab *
1 Slowgauge * (preset)
Souls: Junk, Proto

JunkSoul has the ability to recycle opponents selected chips.  So, by deleting
your opponent's chips with a RollAro3 or Jealousy at the start of every
turn, you not only stop them from using them, but you get to take them for
yourself and attack. Once you hit the opponent with a RollAro3 at the
beginning of the turn, you can just placedown obstacles and poltergeist them
at the opponent.  Wind pushes back for AreaGrabbing and can be thrown.
The AreaGrabs make the Thunder1 impossible to dodge without their chips or
Refelct/Shield/AntiDamage, and the Thunder1 used at the end of each turn
make the RollAros have perfect aim for the next turn.  JunkSoul seems to have
a feddish with secret, Mega, and Giga chips, in that order of least to
greatest. So you can easily get back a RollAro3 of Jealousy to hit them
again the next turn. The obstacles, such as Fanfare and Silence, also give
you great advantages while you charge for poltergeisting.  Slowguage to
maximize the time the opponent doesn't have chips each turn.  Numberball3
is great backup damage and DeltaRay takes care of Auras.

- Very, very fun and annoying to use.
- Does not allow the enemy to use any of his chips.
- "Stealing" chips is always fun.
- Hitting with RollAro is not a problem.

- Relies heavily on JunkSoul.
- Invis can kill this folder, if gotten off.
- Relies a lot on button mashing.

This folder may be one of the most annoying folders ever made for MMBN.
Basically, you dont allow your opponent to use their chips at all, and instead,
you have the option of using their chips on them.  And with JunkSoul having a
feddish with Secret, Mega, and Giga chips, you can get some very nice chips to
use on your opponent.  JunkSouls poltergeist shot does 100 damage per obstacle
and you can easily get off 4 obstacles per turn.  If JunkSoul does wear off,
Numberball3 are really great backup damage, and will finish off where JunkSoul
left off.  Seeing your opponent run around the field defenseless and without
any chips is a lot of fun.  Using the chips against them is even more fun.

Rating: Insane folder

V. Fun Folder Section

"Things can be renowned for how kick ass they are to use, not how much ass
they kick"
- Asakura Yoh

With that, we welcome to the Fun Folder section of the Renowned Folder FAQ.
Here, you'll find folders that aren't necessarily as strong as they are just
plain cool.  The desired "power level" was whatever would be good enough to
easily kill the average Free Tournament and in-game navi.  However, some of
these are set-up for Net Battles, and all of them can effectively be used for
such a purpose.  They were all selected because even though they weren't
S-Rankers, they're fun to use.  And for a game that gets boring as quickly as
this one, that's important.  Enjoy killing navis and beating your friends in

Daimou's Lucky Ball
Fullcust *
Bugchain *
Bugfix *
Laserman L
LasermanSP L
Sandring * 3x
Invis * 4x
PopUp * 4x
Numberball3 L 3x
Numberball1 L 3x
Areasteal * 2x
Atk+10 * 4x
Timpani * 2x
Required NC:
C: Custom + 2 (Yellow)
H: HP + 400 (Yellow or Pink)
2: HP + 200 (Yellow or Pink)
5: HP + 50 (Yellow or Pink)
G: Charge+1 (Yellow)
3: HP + 300 (Yellow or Pink)

Souls: Search
Souls: Number

You've got to be wondering why his NC is glitched this badly.  Well, it's
actually needed for the folder.  You see, it gives you a nice Custom+2 and
900 HP, while glitching you to lose 100 HP every five seconds, whether in
battle or in the Custom Menu.  This folder is meant to be played very, very
quickly.  Right at the beginning of the battle, start digging in your folder
for both BugChain and BugFix.  While you're waiting for them, you can use
your bugs to your advantage!  A SandRing will hold them in place.  Now,
because you HP is draining so quickly, the SandRing will last long enough
for you to time a NumberBall properly for some very nice.  Timpani can also
help with this.  But the real fun here is using LaserMan with the proper
combo to completely wipe out their NC. After this torture, get your BugChain
and use it, followed by BugFix.  You now have handed over your massive HP
drain to them while stopping it from hurting you anymore.  By now you should
have done enough damage, so let the glitch take care of the rest, or
continue with NumberBalls if you used the BugFix at the right time.
Erase their NC and glitch them crazy... now that's fun.  And since
Search/NumberSoul can be used, depending on the version, you can play this
fast folder ever faster.

- It's really fast.
- It's strong... and really fast.
- The NC greatly increases your HP so you have enough to lose due to the
- LaserMan takes care of their NC while the bug drains them hard.
- Your opponent can't take their time to think in the custom menu.

- If you don't play it properly, it's worthless.
- If you don't get the BugFix and BugStop quickly, you've lost a lot of HP.
- If you time the SandRing+NumberBall strike wrong, you lose a huge amount of
- If you're the kind that takes forever in the custom menu, don't use this

Definitely fun to use, due to it's cool glitchy theme and the super-speed of
it.It can be hard to play, though, and only works properly in Net Battles.
It's not weak to any other folders, but is in fact its own worst enemy.  You
either get lucky and grab a quick win, or you end up stalling and get killed
by yourself.  Fun to use but not always reliable.

Pharohman exe's Spider Turd
2 Woodpowder *
2 MetalGear 3 *
3 Propellerbomb1 *
1 Bluemoon Ray B
3 Magbolt1 B
3 Magbolt3 B
3 WhiteWeb1 *
3 Panel Grab *
3 WhiteWeb3 *
2 Wind *
1 Fast Gauge * (Preset)
1 Double Point *
3 Invis *
Souls: Wood, Metal, Number (blue)
Souls: Search, Thunder, Wind (red)

In this folder, you are asking your opponent to AreaGrab you.  Yes, to lock
you.  Why?  Because this folder utilizes the Magbolt + WhiteWeb combo.  The
more area that your opponent has, the more WhiteWebs that will appear.
Then, use a Magbolt to pull him down the row, through all the WhiteWebs,
plus the hit of the Magbolt.  Very fun indeed.  Wind can also easily be used.
Rowlock them to the top row with PanelGrabs and a MetalGear.  Place a
Wind down at the bottom row so it cannot be destroyed.  This will pull him
through the WhiteWebs everytime.  PropBomb can also be used during
Rowlock for decent damage. And if you'd like, the Gaia effect of Wood Soul
can make the Webs even more powerful.

- Fun to play.
- WoodSoul + WoodyPowder is a cheap yet effective way to recover HP.
- Folder is very fluid and fast to operate.

- A bit of setup is required.
- Magbolt could be dodged easily without a rowlock.
- Asking to be locked to do good damage is always risky.

This was one of the first "fun" folders made for BN4.  It is somewhat powerful
and is very fun to play with.  The combos in this folder make up for the lack
of big hitters.  This folder would have trouble against skilled netbattlers
since it is very easy to dodge without a rowlock.  But all in all, the
folder's strategy is one of the more fun ideas the game has to offer.  It
actually rewards you when someone AreaGrabs you.  Doublepoint helps also as
it makes more webs and gives each web +60.  Pulling people through Webs and
having him not able to do anything is fun to watch.

cha0s zer0's cha0s Shield
3 MetalGear3 *
4 Vulcan3 W
1 Attack+30 *
3 Attack+10*
2 Guard2 *
4 Guard3 *
4 PanlGrab *
1 FastGauge* (preset)
4 PopUp *
4 RollArrow2 W
Souls: Metal, Number
Souls: Search

Yes, he named it after himself right down to the use a lowercase c and 0 in
place of o. Yes, it's a folder based on Guard  This is by far the best use
of Guard I've ever seen, and from the most unlikely source I could have
imagined.  First, get MetalSoul with one of the MetalGears.  Now, use two
PanelGrabs and another MetalGear to lock them down to one row.  Fire a
RollArrow to break their chips and charge a Guard with MetalSoul.  They now
have nothing to attack you with but their buster.  If they do, use the Guard
to seriously punish them for it.  This won't work as well in Net Battles,
because opponents usually have a brain... well, sometimes, anyway.  In that
case, use the Vulcan3s.  They're already on one row, so they can't dodge, and
with attack boosters and MetalSoul's charge, Vulcans can do insane damage
very quickly.  RollArrow each turn to keep them from their chips, and pound
them hard with Guard and Vulcan.  Not bad, and surprisingly fun to use.

- The only good use of Guard I've ever seen.
- No one expects the guy with a Guard folder to win.
- Plays on a bit of trickery, but can be used very well in Navis fights
because they don't learn from mistakes.
- Leaves them with only their buster to attack with.

- After the first few Guard shockwaves to their face, they're not likely to
try buster shooting again.
- If you don't get the right chips on the first turn, the whole thing is null.
- The power isn't all that great.

Fun to use for a first Net Battle, but they'll know what your up to after that
Not a fast navi killer, either.  I say you should still try it, though, since
it's way more fun to use than some cheap folder.  It's a perfect folder for
Free Tournaments.

Zephyr Delta's Lemon Crusher (RS Only)
2 Thunder1 *
4 Thunder1 T
4 Binder1 *
4 Binder2 T
4 GunSol3 T
3 MokoRush3 T
1 Fastguage * [Preset]
3 Invis *
4 Areagrab *
1 TopmanSP
Souls: Thunder

Paralyzation ahoy! This is one of the few folders in EXE4 that can consistently
keep your opponent in a paralyzed headlock. The only set-up necessary is a
unison with Thunderman, and perhaps an Areagrab, if you have one. From there,
you can paralyze your opponent with Thunder or MokoRush. And then it's all
over. Binder bounces on the opponent 3 times, and since each hit is paralyzing,
thanks to Thundersoul, you can deal some hefty damage. The real trump card here
is GunSol3. Binder spends quite a few seconds bouncing on your opponent,
keeping them paralyzed the whole time. While Binder's crushing your opponent,
you can use GunSol to its maximum. As long as you're netbattling or jacked-in
outside, each GunSol3 is worth at least 360 damage. Ouch. With 17 chips that
can paralyze during Thundersoul, you should have no problem keeping your
opponent immobile until they're dead.

- Except for the Thunder chips, the damage output is actually quite high.
Binder1 is capable of 180 damage in Thundersoul; Binder2, 240 damage. And with
GunSol easily getting 360 damage in per chip, you should have no problem
deleting (almost) any opponent.
- Once your opponent's paralyzed, there's little chance for escape.
- With 4 Areagrabs, you can easily keep control of the field, and ensure that
your Binders and GunSols hit.
- Even when Thundersoul runs out, you're not completely helpless. TopmanSP
deals some nice damage, Thunder3 can keep your opponent paralyzed for a full
GunSol, and MokoRush deals moderate non-flinching damage.

- Nonetheless, losing Thundersoul costs this folder a huge chunk of its power.
- While in Thundersoul, your Custom Screen may get flooded with Thunder and
support chips. This seriously hurts your damage potential.
- Yes, you have 4 Areagrabs, but weird things can happen in netbattles. If your
opponent becomes paralyzed when they're out of range of GunSol, your damage
potential takes a sharp decrease.
- Woodsoul screws the ENTIRE folder. Additionally, if you Soul Unison while
paralyzed, you actually become un-paralyzed. Just hope that your opponent
doesn't have the means to Soul Unison every turn.

After all the paralyzation spamming in EXE3, a folder in EXE4 that does the
same thing doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun. Nonetheless, this folder lets
you do something that no other folder in EXE4 can do: keeps your opponent in a
paralyzed headlock with minimum effort. While the damage can add up to be quite
insane, it's reliant on those 3 turns in Thundersoul, and it's very possible
for your opponent to wreck those 3 turns. If nothing else, Lemon Crusher is
worth it just to see your opponent get crushed with bouncing musical notes.

Miyamoto Wannabe's Ground Style
4 Blizzard *
4 HeatBreath *
4 ElecShock *
4 WoodyPowder *
3 AreaGrab *
4 Invis *
1 FastGauge * [Preset]
1 FullCust *
1 Attack+30 *
1 DoublePoint *
1 ShadeMan X
1 ShadeMan SP X
1 Forte/ForteAnother X
Souls: Metal, Wood, Aqua
Souls: Search, Thunder, Fire

Very, very fun to use.  As odd and weak as this folder looks, it's actually
quite powerful if you know how to use it, and I'm going to tell you that right
now.  First, AreaGrab once.  Now, use either WoodyPowder or Blizzard to
lay down grass or Ice, respectively.  After that, grab either HeatBreath or
ElecShock, depending on what chip you used before.  Fire it off for doubled
damage from panel type.  Now, you might think that because ElecShock cracks
panels, it's bad.  But in fact, it can help out, because it limits their
movement.  You can now easily land a ShadeMan and paralyze them.
Plus, Bass is there for great bonus damage.  With the amount of damage
this folder can do, and how easy it is to do it, it's more than just fun,
it's strong.  And to think, it was originally a joke folder...

- It's freaking awesome.  I mean, you're attacking with the panel-changers!
- Counters all elements.
- Loads of FullSynchro.  Every-other attack seems to get it.
- First ever X folder that doesn't suck.

- If they AreaGrab back, you have to wait until the next turn when you can
AreaGrab again to have your accuracy back with the panel-changers.
- Even though it's not slow, it's not an S ranker.
- You use you chips like crazy, so you're likely to run out if you're up
against a high-HP opponent.

This is one of my favorite Free Tournament folders, as well as a good killer
for GutsMan or AquaMan when you're bored.  It's so silly how it works, and
yet it's very strong.  If you don't have AreaGrab *, or if you want to try a
variation anyway, swap out the X chips and a few others of your choice
and add in MetaGel K in place of the AreaGrabs, AirHockey2 K for easy
FullSynchro, and Blinder.  A Blinder used just after a panel-changer causes
it to hit twice, with both hits getting panel-type bonus.  This more than
makes up for the loss of damage from Bass and ShadeMan.

H0tSh0tZ1627's Balls of Steel!
4 MegEnBomb J
4 Invis *
4 Sandring *
4 Thunder 1 *
3 AreaGrab *
3 PropBomb3 J
3 Airhock2 J
2 Ball *
1 Doublepoint *
1 Attack +30 *
1 Fastgauge * (preset)
Souls: Metal, Number (blue)
Souls: Search, Guts, Thunder (red)

A very simple, yet effective folder to run.  Soul unison into MetalSoul then
use a Sandring to Thunder1 to keep them still.  Airhock2 can be used for
fullsync also, if not in MetalSoul.  Use a Doublepoint, charge the MegEnBomb
up and then let it go.  Thatís 3 hits of 240 damage each, giving a grand total
of 720 damage.  By adding an Attack +30, the MegEnBomb would do 900 damage.
PropBomb3 is great support damage as it cant miss if you area grab once.
Ball also does decent damage, 280, when charged up.

- Very quick and easy to run.
- Bomb folders are underrated and fun to use.
- MetalSoul greatly helps the bombs attack.

- Floatshoes and shield can null Sandrings and Thunders effects.
- Folder is weak if not in MetalSoul or FullSync.
- Relies heavily on paralyzing the enemy.

This folder uses an underrated chip and makes it fun and powerful to use.
The folder is very easy to use and very effective.  Just MetalSoul, paralyze,
and throw the bomb.  Simple and effective.  Althoguh Floatshoes and Shield
can dismantle this folder, its still very fun to use and a very good folder
for beginner Net Battlers to use, as well as experienced Net battlers.

SilentJi's All or Nothing
4 Invis *
4 Vulcan1 *
4 AirShot *
3 Thunder1 *
1 NumberMan N
1 NumberMan SP N
1 NeoVari N
2 PanlGrab *
4 AreaGrab *
4 Navi+20 *
1 Atk+30 *
1 FstGauge * (Preset)
Souls: Number, Wood, Proto
Souls: Search, Wind, Thunder

Basically, this is a luck folder.  Either you do massive damage and win,
or you fall short and lose.  Get NumberMan as fast as you can and power him
up.  Use Vulcan1's and AirShots to grab FullSynch, then get in the middle
panel and fire NumberMan.  If they have a shield, barrier, Invis, PopUp, or
anything else to stop you from hitting, then you're probably screwed.  There
is one back-up NumberMan, as well as the NeoVari, which can do 960 damage in
FullSynchro with the easy to pull off Double Life Sword command.  Even with
them, though, you're screwed if you miss once.  The folder bases its entire
attack on the chance that NumberMan will hit a high number.  He usually gets
at least a 4, but you're still basing your battle on luck.  That's what makes
the folder so fun.  Win or lose, you're gambling it to win it all or go away
with nothing.

- High damage, and it's fast.
- Good accuracy.
- NeoVari as back-up damage in case you miss or get a bad hit.

- Miss and you're screwed.
- And unlucky NumberMan will waste your attack boosters and again, you are

Just as the name says, this folder goes for broke.  If you win, you'll do it
quickly and easily.  If you lose, well that will happen quickly and easily,
too.Take a chance and roll the dice, or try a more reliable folder.  I
really suggest you at least try it out, though.  Just don't blame me if you
develop a gambling addiction.  Go blame Silent Ji for that.

VI. Navi Customizer set ups

As said before, the Navi Customizer can help you in a battle. Thusly, it
is important to make your folder and Customizer set up support each other.
Here you will find Customizer set ups for each folder, or generally good
set ups.

 ... General/Internet 'Roaming' NC Setups ...


1 = SaitoBatch
2 = HP +100 (x3) (Only 2/game. Replace with one HP+50. White Charge +1 Glitch)
3 = Charge +1 (x3)


1 = Shield (Can be replaced with Rush + Blank)
2 = Custom +1
3 = Custom +2
4 = Bugstop
5 = Charge MAX
6 = HP+50


1 = Reflect
2 = Custom +2
3 = BugStopper
4 = HP +50 (x2)
5 = UnderShirt
6 = ChargeMAX


1 = DarkMemory/DarkLicense =P


1 = SoulCleanser
2 = HP +100 (x2)
3 = Charge +1 (x4)
4 = HP +50 (x2)


1 = HP +500 (x2)
2 = HP +200
3 = BugStopper
4 = Charge +1 (x2)

 ... Navi Battle NC Setups ...

[1][6][6][2][2]        [1][7][7][2][2]
[1][1][2][2][6]        [1][1][2][2][6]
[1][3][4][2][5]   or   [1][8][4][2][5]
[3][3][3][5][5]        [6][8][6][5][5]
[3][6][3][5][5]        [8][8][8][5][5]
*You can convert one to the other in seconds!*

1 = SuperArmor
2 = Custom +1
3 = FloatShoes
4 = BugStopper
5 = SneakRun
6 = Charge +1
7 = HP +50
8 = Elemental Attraction NCP (OilBody/Fish/Battery/JungleMode)

 ... Netbattle NC Setups ...

(Can also be used in General - Viruses have Mole/Invis)

1 = BodyPack
2 = Rush
3 = HP +200
4 = HP +50 (Can be replaced with 2 Charge +1)
5 = Charge +1


1 = BugStopper
2 = Reflect
3 = Reflect
4 = SuperArmor
5 = HP +200
6 = HP +100/Charge +1 (x2)


1 = Beat
2 = Custom +2
3 = BugStopper
4 = Shield
5 = Charge +1 (x4)
6 = HP +200
VII. Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's)

In this section we will answer questions asked by you, the reader.

Question: I have a folder I think is very strong. How may I submit it to
Your FAQ?

Answer: For the most part, folders are only accepted when a topic is made
for acceptance on gamefaqs. We also use folders from gamefaqs users because
it makes crediting and such simpler.

Note: For the love of all things sentient, if your folder has more than 3
codes, more than one basis, and lack of general coherent thought, do NOT MAIL
ME. I'm tired of people sending in crappy folders! If you want to try, go on,
but read "The Essentials of Proper Folder Construction" at the beginning of
this FAQ. There's a reason every folder in this FAQ save a few have one code-
Psycho Bouncer relies on a Zeta PA, and Final Judgment has a Giga Chip that
does 2000ish damage in one hit. That's the only acceptable reason to have
oddly coded chips in there. So, in short- DON'T MAIL ME IF YOUR FOLDER HAS A

And since no one paid this any attention either, I removed my address. No one
e-mail folders any more, lest I block you.

Question: There were more folders in the previous FAQs. What happened?

Answer: Capcom lowered the amount of codes per chip to three, making
folder construction much harder. Added to the mega and giga chip restrictions,
folder building is now more of a science than an art.

Question: How come there aren't too many questions here?

Answer: Because in my opinion, Capcom screwed up royally with MMBN4. And it
seems like my opinion is shared by many others, so there aren't too many
questions to be asked by the small population who frequent the boards.


VIII. Credits:

And here is the credits section, where we thank everyone who contributed to
the FAQ!

Me, I need to be appreciated somewhere :P

Dark RPG Wizard 06 for inspiring us to create this faq and providing the

CrimsonKnight for being himself, and always being a general help in the BN

Xel23 for giving us the original "MegaMan Battle Network" ascii.

The Dark Unknown for all the NC set ups, and generally annihilating every
single small detail a folder has that someone might not know about.

White Dragon Nall for letting us use his folders from the Forte Guide.

H0tSh0tZ1627 and SushiSquid for all of the Fun Folder Section material. Great
work, guys.

The MegaMan Battle Network 4 Red Sun and Blue Moon boards.

Capcom for making such a great game series!

Nintendo for making the GBA we play it on!

And last but probably most importantly,
CJayC for creating GameFAQ's and posting this FAQ!


IX. Legal Stuff:

All things relating to MegaMan, or MegaMan Battle Network in this document
are trademarks of Capcom.
Folders listed here have been granted permission to use by their respective
creators from the GameFAQs "Megaman Battle Network 4 Tournament Red Sun
and Blue Moon" message boards.

This FAQ may only be posted at, unless given permission
of otherwise.  If you wish to use any portion of this FAQ or the
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