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Pokemon Silver Game Shark Codes

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Enjoy Pokemon Silver all over again with these Pokemon Silver Cheats. Easily used via the cheat menu of an emulator or if you have the original version, you'll need a GameShark to enter the codes found on this page.

Skip the grind, and at some new fun into this game which is now over 20 years old. Sure it's fun to play without cheats, and if you have not played Pokemon Silver yet, we recommend you don't use cheats first, instead check out some of our Pokemon Tips.

If you want to dive in straight away with some Pokemon Silver cheats, then literally we have everything you need to some enhanced gaming experience right here. Scroll down and you will find an assortment of Pokemon Silver cheats, to help you out we've hand picked some of the most popular ones, but do take a look at the rest as there are a loads of fun things you can do in Pokemon Silver with cheats.

Best Pokemon Silver Cheats

1. Unlimited Rare Candy

Get as many rare candies as you want with this cheat. Rare candies are used to upgrade your Pokemon, with one rare candy allow one level upgrade. So if you have a load, you can literally take all of your Pokemon to level 100 in a couple of steps. Follow this link to get the Unlimited Rare Candy cheat.

2. Unlimited Master Balls

With a master ball you can catch any Pokemon you want in one throw, easily. No Pokemon can escape the master ball! So imagine if you an unlimited supply of these. Take the stress of catching those legendaries away with this unlimited master ball cheat

Pokemon Silver

3. Wild Pokemon Encounter Cheat

Meet any Pokemon that is available in the game with this cheat. And if you've already used the master ball cheat, you'll have no trouble catching even the toughest of this lot. Start selecting which Pokemon you would like to meet in Silver, here.

4. Item Modifier

Get an infinite number of any item in the game with this cheat, full instructions to this code can be found on the Item Modifier page.

5. Walk Through Walls

It's always fun to be able to walk anywhere on the game map, and with this code you can do just that. Get walking anywhere with this code.

There are loads more below, also, check out the Pokemon Gold cheats as these will also work on Pokemon Silver.

If anything is missing, or you are having trouble with Pokemon Silver, drop us a question, or browse through over 700 answered questions for Pokemon Silver.

From Mareenia20 Dec 2008, ID #4972

All Three Starters. Greedy much?

It's Hard putting in the trading cable and trading starter Pokemon to each Game Boy but here is a solution!
This code will allow you to get all thr..

From debraprs22 Aug 2006, ID #4345



From Dragongirl19 Sep 2003, ID #2055

Codes just for you

Walk on air: 010aa6ce

free items (check in key items! Make sure you bike isn't in first position!)

From Team SuperCheats21 Jul 2020, ID #5756

Walk Through Walls

This codes will allow to to walk on any square in the game. You should enter the codes as either four separate coeds or as one single code, dependin..

From Team SuperCheats21 Jul 2020, ID #5754

Get all Badges

Get all badges in Pokemon Silver with these two codes. The badges may not appear straight away, you may need to complete a couple of wild Pokemon ba..

From sathya siva18 Apr 2006, ID #4129

Have a look

Type the codes given below in the grass or water to find-
Charizard- 0106edd0
Blastoise- 0109edd0
Cyndaquil- 019aedd0
Totodile- 019eedd0

From Team SuperCheats21 Jul 2020, ID #5759

Unlimited Rare Candy Cheat

Enter this code to get unlimited rare candies. After you have entered and activated the code, check your pack and you should be able to get your rar..

From Guest ID #1576

Find wild celebi code: 01fbedd0

From Guest21 Mar 2013, ID #5504


Ok, I tired of all these "proven" cheats making me lose my progress, so I am going to make a compilation of ones that I have personally tested them ..

From Team SuperCheats21 Jul 2020, ID #5761

Unlimited Money $$$

With this code you'll get loads of cash in your game. Don't worry what the amount is because it will not go done even after you start to buy things...

From davebster2 Aug 2006, ID #4293

Item modifer


To get the items use the code above but replace the ?? With one of the pairs of characters below.

9c Scared ash
92 ..

From Team SuperCheats21 Jul 2020, ID #5760

Unlimited Master Balls Cheat

Enter this code to get unlimited master balls. After you have entered and activated the code, check your key items pack in your PC and you should be..

From Team SuperCheats21 Jul 2020, ID #5757

Wild Pokemon Encounter cheats

Enter the following code, replacing the XX with the code which corresponds to the Pokemon you want to meet from the following chart.



From Team SuperCheats21 Jul 2020, ID #5758

Rebattle Gym Leaders

Take on the Gym Leaders again with this cheat:


Can be entered as four separate codes or one large code ..

From alan ID #1577




From Team SuperCheats21 Jul 2020, ID #5755

Fly direct to different locations

Use this code to Fly to loads of different locations, simply edit the main code below and replace the 'XX' with the code which corresponds to the lo..

From AtreyuRocks18 Jun 2007, ID #4633

My Cheats

I was just messing around with my gamshark and I discovered some new cheats.

Well if you didnt know my cousin told me that once he got his play t..

From moltres4ever24 Feb 2007, ID #4532

Wild 'Glitch' Modifier

Wild Pokemon Modifier:
01xxEDD0 Replace xx with the hex number of the Pokemon you want
Sorted by pokedex number

**NOTE** Some ?????'s may send ..

From Jon ID #1574

All Room decorations










From UrBestestBUd3 Apr 2017, ID #5679

Weird broken IDK

It basically messes up the graphics and kinda looks like this

From Andy pokemon hacker ID #1572

Here are some cool action replay codes.

AND THEY DO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




From HeyLookItsFNaFb2 Feb 2018, ID #5718

Remove all Badgea

I think you can also use this code to fight the Gym Leaders again, but that's yet to be tested.



From Guest10 Jun 2013, ID #5516

Useful Codes

Raise Multiple Levels From A Battle: 01XX36D1(What You Want Your Pokemon To Go Up After Battle)
Replace the XX with one of the following
01 - L..