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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pokémon Hub

Pokemon Silver


Boss FAQ

by Murk


Written by Murk


This document is copyright 2009 David Critch, also known as Murk. It may not
be used without the express permission of myself for any means other than
purely personal use. Any violators of this will be punished to the fullest
extent of the law. You have been warned.

As of right now, only GameFAQs and GameSpot may use this guide with my express
permission for any reason they choose. Any and all others MUST ask first by
means of e-mail communication. You can reach me at this e-mail address:

- [email protected]
- [email protected]

I will check one or both at least a few times a month, so if you are asking to
use this guide, be patient.

1) Gym Leader Guide (Johto)
2) Elite Four Guide
3) Gym Leader Guide (Kanto)
4) The True Champion
5) Closing Thanks

1) Gym Leader Guide (Johto)

|-- Leader 1: Falkner -----------------------|
|-- Specialty: Flying-type Pokemon ----------|
|-- Prizes: TM 31 (Mud-Slap), Zephyr Badge --|
|-- Pokemon: Pidgey, Pidgeotto --------------|

- Pidgey lv.7 (Normal/Flying) – Tackle, Sand-Attack, Mud-Slap
- Pidgeotto lv.9 (Normal/Flying) – Tackle, Sand-Attack, Gust, Mud-Slap

- Difficulty: 2-3/10
- Recommended Types: Rock

This can be a tough battle, depending on who your starter is. If you chose
Chikorita, you're in for a tough battle, especially against Pidgeotto and its
Gust attack. If you chose either of the others, you should be OK, but don't
pat yourself on the back too soon, 'cause its Gust will still hurt you unless
you're in the low-to-mid 10s in level. If you caught a Geodude, bring it here
with Rock Throw; if not, and if you still can't beat him, catch a Bellsprout
and trade it for Onix in the town, and use it instead. Mud-Slap will still
hurt Rock-types, but it won't do a lot of damage. If your Rock-type is level
10 or higher, you've got an easy battle.

|-- Leader 2: Bugsy --------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Bug-type Pokemon --------------|
|-- Prizes: TM 49 (Fury Cutter), Hive Badge --|
|-- Pokemon: Metapod, Kakuna, Scyther --------|

- Metapod lv.14 (Bug) – Tackle, String Shot, Harden
- Kakuna lv.14 (Bug) – Poison Sting, String Shot, Harden
- Scyther lv.16 (Bug/Flying) – Quick Attack, Leer, Fury Cutter, Pursuit

Difficulty: 3-4/10
Recommended Types: Fire, Rock, Electric, Flying

For the life of me, I can't figure out why he didn't evolve his Metapod and
Kakuna; he would have been a lot more challenging if he had. Even one of his
Gym trainers has a Beedrill.. Anyway, use just about anything that can launch
a damaging move against his first two Pokemon, Metapod and Kakuna, as more or
less anything can KO them.

Scyther is a different story altogether. He's just about faster than anything 
ou currently have, has a Bug-type move that gets progressively stronger as
it's used (though it does not have perfect accuracy) and can fight against
types strong against it pretty well. If you got a Rock-type against Falkner,
you'll like it here. By now your Geodude or Onix should be not far from the
20s area in level, so it should and will dominate if it has Rock Throw. If
not, hope you chose Cyndaquil, as Quilava is awesome here as well. Flying-
types are also your best friends here, especially if you have at some point
caught a Pidgey and made it a Pidgeotto. At any rate, expose Scyther's
weaknesses and you should be fine.

|-- Leader 3: Whitney ---------------------|
|-- Specialty: Normal-type Pokemon --------|
|-- Prizes: TM 45 (Attract), Plain Badge --|
|-- Pokemon: Clefairy, Miltank ------------|

- Clefairy lv.18 (Normal) – Double-slap, Encore, Mimic, Metronome
- Miltank lv.20 (Normal) – Stomp, Milk Drink, Attract, Rollout

Difficulty: 5/10
Recommended Types: Fighting, Rock

This battle is incredibly, INCREDIBLY annoying. She'll start with a little
number called Clefairy, who in itself isn't all that strong. Take her out
before she does any real damage to you with Metronome (an attack that uses
any attack in the game at random). Again, if you have a Rock-type, now is a
superb time to use it, as Miltank will utterly destroy anything else you have
otherwise. Geodude/Graveler is an excellent choice here. If, somehow, you also
caught an Abra and traded it for Machop, use him as well, as his Fighting-type
moves will work well here as well. This is also the first gym in Johto where
it really doesn't matter which starter you chose, as all three work equally
here, though that's not necessarily a good thing. Leave your starter for
Clefairy and take out Miltank with anything that can defend against Stomp
and Rollout. Be careful about its other attacks as well, as Milk Drink will
restore half its HP when used, and Attract makes any male Pokemon (Miltank is
female) infatuated with it, causing them to sometimes hold their fire, which
in itself is incredibly annoying. Bottom line: use anything to win, 'cause she
will as well.

|-- Leader 4: Morty -------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Ghost-type Pokemon -----------|
|-- Prizes: TM 30 (Shadow Ball), Fog Badge --|
|-- Pokemon: Gastly, Haunter x2, Gengar -----|

- Gastly lv.21 (Ghost/Poison) – Hypnosis, Mean Look, Curse, Night Shade
- Haunter lv.21 (Ghost/Poison) – Hypnosis, Lick, Curse, Night Shade
- Gengar lv.25 (Ghost/Poison) – Hypnosis, Mean Look, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater
- Haunter lv.23 (Ghost/Poison) – Spite, Mean Look, Mimic, Night Shade

Difficulty: 4/10
Recommended Types: Psychic, Ground

NOTE: I am not 100% certain about the movesets of Gastly and the first Haunter
in the list. They are based off of memory. At any rate, they will each have
four of the first six moves they can learn.

The reason I don't recommend Ghost-types in this battle is because, quite
simply, fighting fire with fire in this one doesn't work out all that well
because of Shadow Ball, a powerful Ghost-type attack that you will not have
until after the battle.

If you have a Kadabra/Alakazam between levels 25 and 30 in this battle, it can
and will completely sweep this battle. If not, well, your Graveler or evolved
Totodile will have to do. Pray that you have one of them. Gastly and the two
Haunters are quite easy. In this battle, Gengar is the one you will show
unsuppressed hatred for. If you have anything to heal the Sleep condition, be
sure to bring it to this battle, as it will immediately follow with a move
called Dream Eater, a Psychic attack with a power of 100 that works like
Absorb and Mega Drain. Shadow Ball is poweful as well, and gets a nice fat
STAB boost to boot. Magnitude and Psybeam are great attacks to use against it,
especially if they get STAB boosts in turn.

|-- Leader 5: Chuck ----------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Fighting-type Pokemon -----------|
|-- Prizes: TM 01 (Dynamicpunch), Storm Badge --|
|-- Pokemon: Primeape, Poliwrath ---------------|

- Primeape lv.27 (Fighting) – Leer, Karate Chop, Fury Swipes, Rage
- Poliwrath lv.30 (Water/Fighting) – Hypnosis, Surf, Mind Reader, Dynamicpunch

Difficulty: 4/10
Recommended Types: Psychic, Flying, Electric, Grass

This is the gym where Bayleef/Meganium shines. If you have Alakazam or
Pidgeotto, bring them as well. Primeape will fall easily to anything that can
exploit its weaknesses. If you don't come prepared, however, you're going to
loathe Poliwrath, especially since it, like the Ghosts, has Hypnosis. It will
normally lead with Mind Reader and then go for Dynamicpunch, an inaccurate
attack that will always confuse the foe. Mind Reader takes away the whole
inaccuracy thing, so watch out! Surf is there to take out anything that can
stand up to it, which is why I said earlier that if you have Bayleef/Meganium,
make damn sure you bring it. You'll be glad you did. Overall, this gym is a
fair bit easier than the previous two, but don't let your guard down.

|-- Leader 6: Jasmine -------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Steel-type Pokemon -------------|
|-- Prizes: TM 23 (Iron Tail), Mineral Badge --|
|-- Pokemon: Magnemite x2, Steelix ------------|

- Magnemite lv.30 (Steel/Electric) – Thunderbolt, Supersonic, Sonicboom,
Thunder Wave
- Magnemite lv.30 (Steel/Electric) – Thunderbolt, Supersonic, Sonicboom,
Thunder Wave
- Steelix lv.35 (Steel/Ground) – Screech, Rock Throw, Iron Tail, Sunny Day

Difficulty: 2-3/10
Recommended Types: Ground, Fire, Fighting, Water

Just like Bugsy, Jasmine apparently has issues with evolution, as she could
have two Magnetons in this battle if she really wanted to. Easier for you, I
suppose. If you still have Graveler from way back near the third gym, bring it
back as a Golem and it will personally destroy both Magnemites with ease for
you. If it falls to Steelix, bring out a Water- or Fire-type to kill it off.
For some reason, Steelix has Sunny Day, which beefs out Fire-type moves for a
few turns. Exploit its stupidity with a smile. You'll love how easily this
Gym Leader falls to your power. Just don't let her exploit any weaknesses of
yours, OK?

|-- Leader 7: Pryce --------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Ice-type Pokemon --------------|
|-- Prizes: TM 16 (Icy Wind), Glacier Badge --|
|-- Pokemon: Seel, Dewgong, Piloswine --------|

- Seel lv.27 (Water/Ice) – Headbutt, Icy Wind, Aurora Beam, Rest
- Dewgong lv.29 (Water/Ice) – Headbutt, Icy Wind, Aurora Beam, Rest
- Piloswine lv.31 (Ice/Ground) – Icy Wind, Fury Attack, Mist, Blizzard

Difficulty: 4/10
Recommended Types: Fire, Electric

For some unknown reason, Pryce is far lower in level than Jasmine despite
being the Gym Leader after her. He's actually on level with Chuck... Anyway,
use an Electric-type on Seel and Dewgong and they'll fall easily. Piloswine,
a new Ice-type to the game, resists Electric completely because of his dual-
Ground, so take out a Fire-type like your starter (which should be fully
evolved by now) and use it. Blizzard is incredibly strong, but not that good
against Fire-types. Just use anything that is strong against his types and you
will pull an easy win out of the hat.

|-- Leader 8: Clair -----------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Dragon-type Pokemon --------------|
|-- Prizes: TM 24 (Dragonbreath), Rising Badge --|
|-- Pokemon: Dragonair x3, Kingdra --------------|

- Dragonair lv.37 (Dragon) – Thunder Wave, Surf, Dragonbreath, Slam
- Dragonair lv.37 (Dragon) – Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Dragonbreath, Slam
- Dragonair lv.37 (Dragon) – Thunder Wave, Ice Beam, Dragonbreath, Slam
- Kingdra lv.40 (Water/Dragon) – Smokescreen, Surf, Dragonbreath, Hyper Beam

Difficulty: 6-7/10
Recommended Types: Ice

This lady is a huge step up from the other Gym Leaders you have faced. Her
three Dragonairs are all the same, aside from having a different elemental
attack each (excluding Fire). If you caught a Jynx or Swinub/Piloswine and
have them between levels 35 and 40, use them here. Kingdra, however, has no
weaknesses you can exploit unless you somehow have a Dragonair as well, and
even if you do, a wimpy Twister attack won't do much here. You'll need to use
pretty much anything you can that won't be outright destroyed to beat this
one. Meganium and Pidgeot can do well against it, but watch out for Hyper
Beam. It has a power of 150, the strongest attack power you've faced so far
outside of self-destructing attacks. Fortunately, you get a free turn to heal
or attack after Hyper Beam is used; use it wisely. You will be very glad when
you win this battle, the final gym battle of Johto.

2) Elite Four Guide

|-- Elite Four 1: Will ---------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Psychic-type Pokemon --------------|
|-- Pokemon: Xatu x2, Slowbro, Jynx, Exeggcutor --|

- Xatu lv.40 (Psychic/Flying) – Psychic, Future Sight, Confuse Ray,
Quick Attack
- Slowbro lv.41 (Water/Psychic) – Psychic, Body Slam, Curse, Amnesia
- Jynx lv.41 (Ice/Psychic) – Psychic, Ice Punch, Double-slap, Lovely Kiss
- Exeggcutor lv.42 (Grass/Psychic) – Psychic, Egg Bomb, Leech Seed, Reflect
- Xatu lv.42 (Psychic/Flying) – Psychic, Future Sight, Quick Attack,
Confuse Ray

Difficulty: 5/10
Recommended Types: Ghost, Electric, Fire

All of his Pokemon are part-Psychic, and all of them know the move Psychic,
so be ready for a tough opening fight. The Elite Four are a lot more varied
in moveset than the Gym Leaders were. Both of his Xatu know Confuse Ray, a
move you should remember quite well from the various Golbats and Haunters you
have faced throughout the game. Exeggcutor and Jynx fall to Fire-types, and
the rest can fall to Electrics. All five are weak against Ghosts. I would try
to recommend Dark-types, but unless you've traded or got an Umbreon through
Eevee, you likely won't have one. Use any of the three mentioned types and you
should be fine.

|-- Elite Four 2: Koga -----------------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Poison-type Pokemon -----------------------|
|-- Pokemon: Ariados, Venomoth, Forretress, Muk, Crobat --|

- Ariados lv.40 (Bug/Poison) – Psychic, Giga Drain, Spider Web, Baton Pass
- Venomoth lv.41 (Bug/Poison) – Psychic, Gust, Toxic, Supersonic
- Forretress lv.43 (Bug/Steel) – Explosion, Swift, Spikes, Protect
- Muk lv.42 (Poison) – Sludge Bomb, Minimize, Acid Armor, Toxic
- Crobat lv.44 (Poison/Flying) – Wing Attack, Bite, Toxic, Double Team

Difficulty: 5/10
Recommended Types: Psychic, Fire

With the exception of Forretress, all of his Pokemon are weak against
Psychics, so whip out your Alakazam and watch them fall one by one. Use a
Fire-type on Forretress. Again, I'm not completely certain on the movesets
for these ones, so if you notice an error, be sure to let me know. Your main
problem is Crobat, the fully evolved Zubat you've seen a zillion times in the
game. It is incredibly fast and has decent stats. Muk is a bit annoying as
well, so be sure to take out both as quickly as possible.

|-- Elite Four 3: Bruno ---------------------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Fighting-type Pokemon --------------------------|
|-- Pokemon: Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Onix, Machamp --|

- Hitmontop lv.42 (Fighting) – Quick Attack, Dig, Detect, Pursuit
- Hitmonlee lv.42 (Fighting) – Hi Jump Kick, Double Kick, Swagger, Foresight
- Hitmonchan lv.42 (Fighting) – Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch,
Mach Punch
- Onix lv.43 (Rock/Ground) – Rock Slide, Earthquake, Bind, Sandstorm
- Machamp lv.46 (Fighting) – Cross Chop, Vital Throw, Rock Slide, Foresight

Difficulty: 4/10
Recommended Types: Psychic, Flying, Water

Alakazam. Seriously. It'll sweep everyone here. If you must, bring a Water-
type for Onix. Your Pidgeotto from before should be a Pidgeot by now; it'll
help with the destruction you're sure to bring. This will quite possibly be
the easiest Elite Four battle so far. Now be ready for the next one.

|-- Elite Four 4: Karen -------------------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Dark-type Pokemon ----------------------------|
|-- Pokemon: Umbreon, Vileplume, Gengar, Murkrow, Houndoom --|

- Umbreon lv.42 (Dark) – Faint Attack, Mean Look, Confuse Ray, Sand-Attack
- Vileplume lv.42 (Grass/Poison) – Petal Dance, Acid, Stun Spore, Moonlight
- Gengar lv.45 (Ghost/Poison) – Lick, Curse, Spite, Destiny Bond
- Murkrow lv.44 (Dark/Flying) – Faint Attack, Quick Attack, Wing Attack,
- Houndoom lv.47 (Dark/Fire) – Flamethrower, Crunch, Pursuit, Roar

Difficulty: 6-7/10
Recommended Types: Fighting, Ice, Water

Still got that Jynx/Piloswine and/or Machamp? Those two will do well here. If
not, you're in for a tough battle. Umbreon is a new face to you. It is the
fifth evolution of Eevee, and it has solid Defense and Sp. Defense stats. Use
anything that can hit it hard to bring it down, but watch out for Confuse Ray
and Mean Look, as the two used together usually annoy. You've dealt with
Gengar and Vileplume before, so beat them the way you did last time. Murkrow
should be a familiar face to you as well, as should Houndoom, only this time,
Houndoom is disgustingly strong. Flamethrower and Crunch will bring down just
about anything that doesn't resist it. I hope you have leftover Max Potions
and/or Revives. Just remember that good, solid types from the recommended lot
above will do amazing against these guys, and good luck. You'll need it for
her, and for the one after her.

|-- Champion: Lance -----------------------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Dragon-type Pokemon --------------------------|
|-- Pokemon: Gyarados, Dragonite x3, Aerodactyl, Charizard --|

- Gyarados lv.44 (Water/Flying) - Hyper Beam, Surf, Flail, Rain Dance
- Dragonite lv.47 (Dragon/Flying) – Hyper Beam, Blizzard, Thunder Wave,
- Dragonite lv.47 (Dragon/Flying) – Hyper Beam, Thunder, Thunder Wave,
- Aerodactyl lv.46 (Rock/Flying) – Hyper Beam, Rock Slide, Ancientpower,
Wing Attack
- Charizard lv.46 (Fire/Flying) – Hyper Beam, Flamethrower, Slash, Wing Attack
- Dragonite lv.50 (Dragon/Flying) – Hyper Beam, Fire Blast, Outrage, Safeguard

Difficulty: 8/10
Recommended Types: Ice, Electric, Rock

Surprise, it's Lance! You know, the Dragon Master who helped you back in
Mahogany Town? Well, he's the Champion, having ascended the Elite Four at
some point in the last three in-game years. If you remember back in the RBY
days, you'll remember that he had two Dragonairs. Well, they're fully evolved
now, and stronger than ever. If you don't have an Ice-type with you right now,
then this will be the toughest battle you've faced yet.

All six of his Pokemon have Hyper Beam, an attack you'll remember from your
battle with Clair. What's worse is that Dragonite, Gyarados and Aerodactyl all
have amazing Attack stats in this game, making those Hyper Beams hit hard. Use
anything you can in this battle. Pull all the stops. You need to do so if you
want to come out on top this time.

Use an Electric-type on Gyarados. Pretty much anything short of Thundershock
will OHKO it. If not, use a non-Rock-type Pokemon with a Rock-type attack, and
that will work too. He'll follow with his first Dragonite, which will know one
of two attacks: Blizzard and Thunder. His next Dragonite will have the other.
Most Ice-type attacks will take them down, though not always in one shot. Use
anything you can. After his Dragonites, Aerodactyl will be next. He has Hyper
Beam and Rock Slide, two powerful moves on this guy, and Ancientpower, an
attack you may not be familiar with that has a small chance of increasing all
of his stats after being used. If you still have Golem, he'll be your best
friend against Aerodactyl and Charizard, as he will resist every attack from
the two, as well as hurt the two with his Rock Throw/Rock Slide/Rollout. Last
but not least is his final Pokemon, the original Dragonite of his team. It
knows its last three moved learned through level-up, all of which will be bad
for you. Safeguard protects it from status problems. You know Hyper Beam and
Fire Blast. Outrage is the Dtagon-type version of Thrash. With his massive
Attack stat, it will pulverize anything and everything you have, and Fire
Blast will wipe out the few Steel-types that can resist it. I wish you good
luck and fortune in this battle. It's the hardest of the Johto league. When
you win, you will be a happy person.

3) Gym Leader Guide (Kanto)

NOTE: There is no particular order in Kanto anymore. You can beat anyone at
any time. You will need to solve some kind of problem to get to western Kanto,
though, which has the last three Gym Leaders. I will be doing this guide in
the order that I myself beat it.

|-- Leader 1: Lt. Surge ----------------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Electric-type Pokemon ---------------------|
|-- Pokemon: Raichu, Electrode x2, Magneton, Electabuzz --|

- Raichu lv.44 (Electric) – Thunder, Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave
- Electrode lv.40 (Electric) – Explosion, Swift, Screech, Double Team
- Magneton lv.40 (Electric/Steel) – Zap Cannon, Swift, Lock-On, Double Team
- Electrode lv.40 (Electric) – Explosion, Swift, Screech, Double Team
- Electabuzz lv.46 (Electric) – Thunder, Light Screen, Thunderpunch,
Quick Attack

Difficulty: 3-4/10
Recommended Types: Ground

Seriously, if you don't have a Ground-type with you, go catch and raise one
to about level 35 and it will destroy this guy. All five of his Pokemon have
horrible weaknesses to Ground-type attacks, especially Magneton, someone
you've faced a few times courtesy of your rival in this game. Just watch out
for Zap Cannon if you don't use a Rock-type, as if it hits, it will always
leace paralysis. (Think Dynamicpunch)

If you DO have Golem (I've been at you about him since the very first gym,
against Falkner) he'll sweep this battle with ease no matter what level he
may be.

|-- Leader 2: Sabrina --------------------|
|-- Specialty: Psychic-type Pokemon ------|
|-- Pokemon: Espeon, Mr. Mime, Alakazam --|

- Espeon lv.46 (Psychic) – Psychic, Swift, Quick Attack, Sand-Attack
- Mr. Mime lv.46 (Psychic) – Psychic, Barrier, Reflect, Baton Pass
- Alakazam lv.48 (Psychic) – Psychic, Future Sight, Reflect, Recover

Difficulty: 6/10
Recommended Types: Anything but Fighting, Ghost, Poison

Like I said against Will, you likely won't have a Dark-type Pokemon right
now, and if you do, it sure won't be all that strong. If you DO have one in
the level 40s area, it'll sweep all but Espeon, who may or may not put up a
fight with Swift. Otherwise, you're in for a tough battle. Espeon has a very
powerful Psychic attack, so take it out fast. Mr. Mime is there solely to put
aggravation into your mind. It will raise its Defenses with Barrier and
Reflect, then use Baton Pass to switch to Alakazam and put all of those raised
Defenses on him. Speaking of Alakazam, it is a beast, plain and simple. Its
Sp. Attack is incredibly high for this, or any, point in the game, and it will
make great use of it with Psychic. If you have to, catch a Houndour or Murkrow
and put it in the Day-Care centre in Johto and run around the world several
times until they're in the 30s-40s area in level. A boring way of leveling up,
but much worth it.

Another interesting note is that this is the first battle since Whitney, the
Normal-type Leader, where you're up against non-dual-types. They're all purely

|-- Leader 3: Janine --------------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Poison-type Pokemon ------------------|
|-- Pokemon: Crobat, Weezing x2, Ariados, Venomoth --|

- Crobat lv.36 (Poison/Flying) – Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Toxic, Screech
- Weezing lv.36 (Poison) – Explosion, Sludge Bomb, Smog, Toxic
- Weezing lv.36 (Poison) – Explosion, Sludge Bomb, Smog, Toxic
- Ariados lv.33 (Poison/Bug) – Giga Drain, Night Shade, String Shot, Scary
- Venomoth lv.39 (Poison/Bug) – Psychic, Gust, Double Team, Toxic

Difficulty: 2/10
Recommended Types: Psychic

Alakazam. Hypno. Anyone. All Psychic-types will destroy this pathetic excuse
of a Kanto Gym Leader. Seriously, she's lower in level than the final Gym
Leader of Johto, and several times easier. If you took my advice and raised a
good Psychic-type, it'll destroy this Gym with ease, mark my words. Oddly
enough, you get a prize for winning, the attack Toxic (TM 06). It's.. OK-ish,
but I wouldn't bother with it. Not for in-game, anyway.

|-- Leader 4: Erika ------------------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Grass-type Pokemon ----------------------|
|-- Pokemon: Tangela, Jumpluff, Victreebel, Bellossom --|

- Tangela lv.42 (Grass) – Giga Drain, Vine Whip, Bind, Sleep Powder
- Jumpluff lv.41 (Grass/Flying) – Giga Drain, Mega Drain, Cotton Spore,
Leech Seed
- Victreebel lv.46 (Grass/Poison) – Razor Leaf, Acid, Sunny Day, Synthesis
- Bellossom lv.46 (Grass) – Solarbeam, Petal Dance, Sunny Day, Synthesis

Difficulty: 3-4/10
Recommended Types: Fire, Ice

Someone needs to teach this woman about the joys of varying her attack types,
because all Grass moves means that any Fire-type can stroll in and wreck her
team with ease. No, I don't count Acid and Bind in this, because they suck as
moves. If you started with Cyndaquil, use your Typhlosion and kill off her
pathetic weeds with Flame Wheel/Flamethrower/whatever you have. If not, use
your Jynx/Piloswine and freeze them to death. The only thing you really need
to worry about is a Sunny Day/Solarbeam combination, and it's not that big a
deal, trust me. You'll get TM 19 (Giga Drain) for winning this battle as well.

|-- Leader 5: Misty ------------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Water-type Pokemon ----------------|
|-- Pokemon: Golduck, Quagsire, Lapras, Starmie --|

- Golduck lv.42 (Water) – Surf, Psychic, Disable, Psych Up
- Quagsire lv.42 (Water/Ground) – Surf, Earthquake, Rain Dance, Amnesia
- Lapras lv.44 (Water/Ice) – Surf, Blizzard, Rain Dance, Perish Song
- Starmie lv.47 (Water/Psychic) – Surf, Ice Beam, Confuse Ray, Recover

Difficulty: 5-6/10
Recommended Types: Electric, Grass

All of her Pokemon have Surf, and all of them use it well.

She is annoying, plain and simple. All of her Pokemon can be hurt by a good
Electric-type except for Quagsire, who is immune to them. Use Grass-type
attacks on him, such as your new Giga Drain. Use Electric attacks on Golduck
and Lapras, but watch out for Psychic and Blizzard. Finally, there's Starmie,
the aggravator of her team. Confuse Ray you know all too well. Same with
Recover. Ice Beam is the Ice version of Flamethrower and Surf. Use anything
that is strong against Water and crush her with them.

|-- Leader 6: Brock --------------------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Rock-type Pokemon -------------------------|
|-- Pokemon: Graveler, Rhyhorn, Omastar, Onix, Kabutops --|

- Graveler lv.41 (Rock/Ground) – Rock Slide, Earthquake, Rollout, Defense
- Rhyhorn lv.41 (Rock/Ground) – Horn Drill, Earthquake, Fury Attack, Scary
- Omastar lv.42 (Water/Rock) – Surf, Bite, Spike Cannon, Protect
- Onix lv.44 (Rock/Ground) – Rock Slide, Earthquake, Bide, Sandstorm
- Kabutops lv.42 (Water/Rock) – Surf, Slash, Giga Drain, Endure

Difficulty: 2/10
Recommended Types: Grass

Still the same old weak Leader as ever, though he has gone through a fair few
changes since the RBY days. Surprisingly enough is his Kabutops and Omastar,
two fossil Pokemon of the game. If you have Meganium and Razor Leaf/Solarbeam/
Giga Drain, you'll destroy this gym before he can even utilize his so-called
“perfect” defenses.

|-- Leader 7: Blaine ---------------------|
|-- Specialty: Fire-type Pokemon ---------|
|-- Pokemon: Magmar, Magcargo, Rapidash --|

- Magcargo lv.45 (Fire/Rock) – Flamethrower, Rock Slide, Curse, Smog
- Magmar lv.45 (Fire) – Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Sunny Day, Confuse Ray
- Rapidash lv.50 (Fire) – Fire Blast, Fury Attack, Fire Spin, Agility

Difficulty: 3/10
Recommended Types: Water, Rock

Don't even worry about the fact that Magmar has Thunderpunch. Just bring a
Water-type and pulverize him with it. Magcargo has a double weakness to both
Water and Ground, so Feraligatr and Golem are awesome here. They're just as
awesome against Rapidash, who has crappy moves and even crappier Defense.
Easy win here. We can at least give him kudos for being better than Brock,
even if that isn't saying much.

We're almost done, folks.

|-- Leader 8: Blue ------------------------------------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Mixed Pokemon --------------------------------------------|
|-- Pokemon: Pidgeot, Alakazam, Rhydon, Gyarados, Exeggcutor, Arcanine --|

- Pidgeot lv.56 (Normal/Flying) – Wing Attack, Quick Attack, Mirror Move,
- Alakazam lv.54 (Psychic) – Psychic, Reflect, Disable, Recover
- Rhydon lv.56 (Rock/Ground) – Rock Slide, Earthquake, Fury Attack, Sandstorm
- Gyarados lv.58 (Water/Flying) – Hyper Beam, Hydro Pump, Twister, Rain Dance
- Exeggcutor lv.58 (Grass/Psychic) – Solarbeam, Egg Bomb, Sunny Day, Leech
- Arcanine lv.58 (Fire) – Flamethrower, Extremespeed, Swift, Roar

Difficulty: 9/10
Recommended Types: All

Welcome to the highest leveled Gym Leader battle you'll ever face in any of
the current Pokemon games. All of his Pokemon are in the mid-to-high 50s in
level, and all of them use their types well. The ironic thing is that with
the exception of Arcanine, you've seen all these guys in some way or form
before. You faced Pidgeotto while against Falkner, and now you face Pidgeot,
who's more than six times higher in level and far superior in every way. Use
your Golem for this one, if not an Electric-type. Make sure it's in the high
40s/low 50s in level; it should be by now anyway. You faced Alakazam not too
long ago against Sabrina, and this one is much the same, just six levels or
so higher. Take it down the same way. Remember that Blue has Full Restores on
hand, though. You faced Brock's Rhyhorn, but Blue's Rhydon is far stronger.
Still, if you have a good Grass-type or Water-type on hand, it'll fall almost
too easily, just watch out for Earthquake.

His final three are harder to beat. If you don't have a good Electric-type on
hand, any others will fall to Gyarados before they can fight back. Trust me, I
know; my Magneton fell to it once when it was level 46 or 47. Exeggcutor is
the same as it was when you faced Will, more or less, just seventeen levels
higher. A good Fire-type Pokemon will take it on no problem, but again, be
sure it's a high enough level, or it will be wiped out. Last is Arcanine, the
fully evolved form of a Pokemon you've seen often in this game known as
Growlithe. Now is the time for your Golem to shine. Arcanine, however, is
tricky and will use Roar if not taken out right away, and Blue will just heal
it while you are getting your bearings back. Earthquake and Surf are great
attacks to use while fighting him. When you've finally taken down his last
Pokemon, Blue will grudgingly concede defeat, and you will be crowned Champion
of Kanto.

Or, at least, you should be...

4) The True Champion

See, what people didn't tell you is that there is one last Pokemon trainer for
you to fight before you become the Champion. He waits for you at the top of
Mt. Silver. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to welcome the true Champion, and
someone you will likely recognize from the first games.

|-- Pokemon Trainer: Red -----------------------------------------------|
|-- Specialty: Mixed Pokemon -------------------------------------------|
|-- Pokemon: Pikachu, Espeon, Snorlax, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise --|

- Pikachu lv.81 (Electric) – Thunder, Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Charm
- Espeon lv.73 (Psychic) – Psychic, Swift, Mud-Slap, Reflect
- Snorlax lv.75 (Normal) – Body Slam, Snore, Rest, Amnesia
- Venusaur lv.77 (Grass/Poison) – Solarbeam, Giga Drain, Sunny Day, Synthesis
- Charizard lv.77 (Fire/Flying) – Flamethrower, Wing Attack, Slash, Fire Spin
- Blastoise lv.77 (Water) – Surf, Blizzard, Whirlpool, Rain Dance

Difficulty: 10/10

The reason there's no recommended types section this time is because, quite
simply, there's no types I can recommend. You have to match his well-balanced
team with one of your own, and they have to be somewhere close to level 60-65
at the very least, if you want to win this battle.

He starts off with Pikachu, which somehow has Charm. It's implied through this
that he breeded his original Pikachu and raised the hatched Pichu into what we
see right now.. that, or he's cheating. One of the two, anyway. If the little
rat uses Charm, it'll lower your Attack stat to a point where you might not get
a OHKO with Earthquake. That's like an insult, so pulverize it as fast as you
can; we didn't come this far to lose to a friggin' Pikachu of all things.

Next up is Espeon, which you'll remember from your battle with Sabrina. This
one is much the same, just far higher in level, like everyone else. Its 
Psychic attack is strong, so bring along something fast and strong in turn.
You might consider raising a Snorlax for this battle. You can catch it at
level 50 in front of Diglett Cave, and you have to face it to progress through
the game, so it's just well that you do. Otherwise, bring anything that can
take a hit and use that.

Red's own Snorlax follows, and it is, quite literally, a tank. Its moves are
not all that impressive, but its massive Attack makes them strong, so don't
brush it off. Golem is superb here, as it can take hits from any of Snorlax's
attacks. You're going to hate Rest so incredibly much, and it can attack while
sleeping, so brace yourself for pain.

Up afterward is Venusaur, the fully evolved Bulbasaur. You've faced it a good
few times, but never at this level. Typhlosion is your best bet here, or if
you somehow have it, Charizard. It only knows Grass-type moves as far as I can
recall, so use that to your advantage. Just, for God's sake, be careful of the
dreaded Solarbeam, especially if he uses Sunny Day to make the two-turn move
only need one turn. Also be wary of Synthesis, which, when coupled with Sunny
Day, restores a lot of HP.

Charizard follows, and it's tougher than ever. It knows Flamethrower and Wing
Attack, two moves making damn good use of its types, and Slash, a powerful
regular move. Fire Spin is there to keep you there, I think. Golem will be
wonderful against him, just like last time (against Lance).

Finally, you'll face Blastoise. I think you've faced it once before, somewhere
around Victory Road. It's a LOT stronger than that one. Whirlpool, like Fire
Spin, will keep you there for a few turns while he pulverizes you with Surf
and Blizzard, powering up Surf with Rain Dance. The advantage to this is that
Rain Dance, along with powering up Water-types, also makes Thunder a move that
almost never misses. Use this to your advantage.

After finally beating his last Pokemon, Red will mutely concede defeat, and
you will finally be crowned the true Champion of the game.

5) Closing Thanks

I'd like to give the following a special thanks for the making of this

- Me, Murk, for making it.
- GameFAQs, for being so kind as to host it on their site.
- All the other uses who have done Gym Leader guides, for inspiring me.
-, for having the movesets of the Pokemon that I didn't remember
enough about to use.
- Nintendo, for making this game.

Thank you all, and see you in my next guide.