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Pokemon Red Game Shark Codes

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While Pokemon Red is a classic game that anyone can enjoy with either the original version of via an emulator, without cheats, playing around with cheats in Pokemon games is just basically a lot of fun to do, and will help you avoid a lot of the grinding that you may need to do to catch and find rare Pokemon and to train them up to high levels. The Pokemon cheats you find on these pages are all entered using a GameShark device attached to your GameBoy or via the cheat menu of your emulator. You'll find instructions on how to enter each cheat when you view the actual page code.

Pokemon Red Cheats

You can find on this page loads of easily entered cheats for Pokemon Red including cheats to encounter your choice of pokemon, get all TMs and HMs in the Poke Mart, get 99 master balls, get unlimited rare candy.

Tempted?... Well using cheats in single player games like Pokemon Red are really just a means of helping you to unlock things quicker, and to provide a different way to have fun with the game, without to much grinding and searching.

Nothing wrong with grinding and searching, that's loads of fun, but adding some of the cheats just makes the whole game a lot more easier and dynamic. Take your pick, to cheat or not, and if it is tips your would prefer, then head over here for a whole heap of Pokemon Red tips

How to Use Pokemon Red Cheats

Pokemon Red cheats are super easy to use, wither with a GameShark device if you are playing the original version, or with an emulator, using it's cheat menu. Just grab the code you are interested in from this site, cut and paste it into the cheat menu and activate it when you are ready.

There are a few important things to bear in mind however.

1. Save your progress before you enter and activate a cheat

2. Only save again once you are sure the cheat is deactivated and you are happy with how the cheat has left your game state.

3. Only enter cheats when you need them, and only one or two at a time. You should not have multiple cheats activated, at the same time, the more you have going on, the bigger the chance something will go wrong.

4. Enter the cheats one line at a time and save them all separately if you cannot enter them as one big block.

We also have a complete Pokemon Red walkthrough and over 400 answered Pokemon Red Questions.

Pokemon Red Digital Walkthrough and 100% Guide
From Jerry Cosgrove ID #1512

Here is a code to catch all the pokemon if you put in the code you fight the monster.

01xxD8CF (turn the xx into the numbers and letter..

From yodog21229 Jun 2009, ID #5079

walk through walls

If you want to walk on walls this is for gameshark 010138CD

Enter the above code as a GameShark code in your emulator's cheat menu.

Save your ..

From Team SuperCheats22 Jul 2020, ID #5769

Wild Pokemon Level Modifier

Change the level of the Pokemon that you meet in the wild with this code.


Replace the XX with the hexadecimal value which corresponds..

From Team SuperCheats22 Jul 2020, ID #5764

Wild Pokemon Modifier Cheat

With this code, you can meet any Pokemon from the game, simply enter and activate the following code in the cheat menu of your emulator or in the ga..

From Team SuperCheats22 Jul 2020, ID #5765

Unlimited Money

Use this code to get unlimited money. Really useful when used in conjunction with the shop codes that will allow you to purchase any item.


From Team SuperCheats22 Jul 2020, ID #5763

No Random Battles

Use this no random battles cheat to walk around the map and get no battles against wild Pokemon.


Enter the above code as a GameShark ..

From ?????22 Jul 2020, ID #1515






From Team SuperCheats22 Jul 2020, ID #5766

Unlimited Rare Candy

Use this code to make Rare Candies available in the Pokemon Mark, you'll still have to buy, them, but with our unlimited money cheat you can purchas..

From Guest31 Jul 2011, ID #5355

Catch Pokemon Outside of Battle (GLITCH)

Put in the free masterballs code (01017CCF), steal Pokemon code (010157D0), and a "catch desired Pokemon code" (e.g. "catch mew"- 0115D8CF). Buy the..


for marstaballs from the pokemat at $0

put 01017ccf or 01017cff or 0101cff7 or 0101ccf7

One of those codes should work for you and allow y..

From liverpoolfcforever12 Oct 2003, ID #2092

Get Mewtwo!

Get Mewtwo on Pokemon RED!
This code also works on blue but not yellow.


If you are ..

From Team SuperCheats22 Jul 2020, ID #5767

Buy Any Item From Poke Mart

With this cheat you can set any item for sale in the Pokemon Mart, just replace the XX in the following code with the two digit code that correspond..

From Team SuperCheats22 Jul 2020, ID #5768

Get all TM and HM

With this code you can get all of the TMs and HMs from the Poke Mart, you still have to buy them (Unlimited Money Cheat), but they will be available..

From Ken-Ken-Kun11 Sep 2007, ID #4726

Codes thing


Catch Pokemon (Supposedly Togepi): 01EED8CF (required)

Steal Pokemon: 010157D0 (required)


From tunaice31 Jul 2005, ID #3718

Useful Codes

Hey! I've got more codes! Useful Codes!


Enemy Always Asleep
Enemy Can't Attack and Burned
Enemy Alway..

From Team SuperCheats22 Jul 2020, ID #5770

Unlimited Safari Balls and Time

Here are two codes to get unlimited Safari Zone Balls and Time

Unlimited Safari Zone Balls

Unlimited Safari Zone time



These are some of the cheats I learned with my friends gameshark so here is some of the gameshark codes that i learned here you go!


From Demolition Duelist ID #1509

How many of you want to get passed some places, but you never seem to be able to? Well here's you solution.

Secret Item Gary

Secret ..

From Team SuperCheats22 Jul 2020, ID #5771

Infinite casino coins

Get unlimited casino coins with this cheat.


Enter these two codes separately and activate them both at the same time and yo..

From Pokemaster ID #1511

Battle Any Pokemon XX = 01 - FF Use existing modifier list for names of Pokemon01XXD8CF

Hyper Beam on First Position 013F73D1

5th Pokemon Have..

From flea bag ID #1510



Enter the above codes in your cheat manager to get..

From warr1or212 Nov 2006, ID #4418

Extra Move Modifier

I found some hidden moves (some which can glitch the game or does nothing).
The codes are
01??1fdo ?? For

A6 = ..

From Professor Oak 2001 ID #1514

*Never Miss-01ffd6cf

*Steal Trianers Pokemon-010157d0

*Fly After Jumping Off Walls-010a14d7

Note:This code May Mess Up Your Game

From manaman9910 Jan 2006, ID #3988

All Badges

This is Awesome Get All Badges: 01ff56d3

Enter the above code as a GameShark code in your emulator's cheat menu.

Save your game before you act..

From PokeMasterNed18 Feb 2016, ID #5605

Encounter Wild Pokemon at these levels (Super Helpful, and Tested the code, so it's going to wor

This is helpful if you are getting to places early with walk through walls and especially if you are using the randomizer from http://sanqui.rustedl..

From matt pratt EMAIL ID #1517

to fight oak enter 01e2d8cf

to get mew enter 01155d8

to get max attack enter 01038fd1

to catch any pokemon enter 01xxd8cf

and t..

From tunaice29 Jul 2005, ID #3716

Create your own pokemon!

Just to tell you, I got this from a booklet... I just thought you guys would like it.

First up, choose the Pokemon image.
When your finished, th..