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Pokemon Red


Game Reviews for Pokemon Red


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dark_dragon_storm18th Aug 2005, ID #154
Pokemon Red, what to say... Well, I'll just run over a couple of bonus' and minus' that make the game a good one. Firstly, I just want to down the people who say Pokemon is rubbish or childish. Thi..

Rating: 78%Read Full Review

Surfing Pikachu2nd Aug 2012, ID #1427
Ah Pokemon Red and Blue, the games that started it all. Well, technically the Japanese Pokemon Red and Green did, but I'm sure most people who're reading this review have never played those. Anyway,..

Rating: 76%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

pokemon redAdded 4 Mar 2009, ID #5021
This game is practicly fire red but not as good graphics and is about 10 years old if you want to buy a game like it buy fire red or leaf green these games can only really be good if you have access to trade with Pokemon emarald with the access to this you can (only after getting national pokedex)get Pokemon such as the lati`s regi`s and groundon ,kyorgre and rayquaza.Red can also enable great Pokemon after trading with gold,crystal and silver the Pokemon could be such as Lugia and ho-oh WITHOUT AN EVENT.

Pretty nice gameAdded 26 Jul 2005, ID #3713
First of all, it isn't a kiddy game. Don't buy into the stereotypes - those that bash Pokemon for being childish are immature themselves, for expecting games to have a certain level of violence to fit their standards. This behavior is infantile and completely overlooks the fact the Pokemon is really quite a deep game, and a pretty solid one-player foray as well.

This isn't a full review, and frankly, I'm too lazy to consider all the facets of Pokemon's design. I'll just talk a little about why Pokemon is so, for lack of a better word, "addictive."

FIrst of all, the battle system, which is the heart of Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow and its sequels, is very easy to learn. Each Pokemon can only know four moves at a time, and they have five stats to describe the way they fight. However, the integration of these statistics leads to great amounts of strategy involving mind games, move assignment, making teams and more. Although the game design is extrapolated on in Gold/Silver/Crystal and the Advance Generation games, Red/Blue/Yellow remains a compelling competitive game.

The game itself is perhaps as addictive as it is because of its freedom of design and the resulting depth in your Pokemon and move choices. There are over 100 Pokemon to raise and a boastload of moves each one can learn. Most people find this customizability, in the face of steady game-related goals, to be very compelling design.

It\'s too bad some of the characters didn't have time to be developed much. I'd really like to see more of trainers like Agatha and Misty. Gary, on the other hand, showed himself to be an exemplary bratty next-door-neighbor-rival, on par with Pokey from Earthbound as a nast rival who seems to beat you at everything and taunts you mercilessly. Game characters aren't made like that nowadays.

Play Pokemon. Not only is it a good game in its own right, but its a landmark in gaming history and a common touching point for many gamers. 7.5/10 - a very solid game (by my scale, 5/10 is average).

Horrible!Added 11 Aug 2004, ID #2968
This game stinks! The adventure is good the graphics are disapointing and music is okay.

Everything just moves slow in this game wasting battery power! 2/10

The first pokemon game but good game!Added 21 Jun 2004, ID #2786
Alright, Im going to rate this game by percentage, so enjoy!

Graphics 54%
Lifespan90%( including the fact that you have to catch all the pokemon)
Action 82% Even though theres no gun kind of action,the pokemon attacks are great!!!!!!

Challenging: Yes ( in a few parts)

Overall percentage 76% ( 8 out of 10

Really goodAdded 11 May 2004, ID #2681
I used to have this game and it was brilliant and i thought that it was the best game on the game boy color (apart from blue.)

It was brilliant (minus the graphics) it was a really good game but it was a bit to easy because i could complete it in a day.

Graphics:the graphics are alright but could do alot better and the graphics sometimes look like there pixelated.Oooooooh yeah.4/10

Sound:The sound is brilliant and the the tunes are really catchy but why does the pallet town tune sound so sad?.8/10.

Gameplay:the gameplay is absolutely brilliant it is the best (minus blue) game on the game boy colour.easily a 8/10.

Alltogether ide give this game easily a 79% out of 100% a definete buy and another classic for your collection.

ID #1570

I find Red much better than Blue, you can catch much better pokemon then Blue.

The game is no where near better then Gold, Silver or Crystal but it's still better then Blue. A good game to buy for game boy.

p.s. Get Ruby or Sapphire instead!

ID #1569
Pokemon is great I have nearly finished it and I've had it for about 4 years i have 91 pokemon and have defeated the pokemon leage Millions of times.

My Highest leveled Pokemon is a Venusaur Lv 100.

It is great.

If any body has a cheat to get most pokemon on red please submit on this site


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