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Pokémon Hub
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Codes thing game shark code for Pokemon Red

Codes thing


Catch Pokemon (Supposedly Togepi): 01EED8CF (required)

Steal Pokemon: 010157D0 (required)

Buy Masterballs at mart for $0: 01017CCF (optional)

First of all, I tried matt pratt EMAIL's cheat for togepi catching in Pokemon Red. I went into a grass patch. Alas! A pokemon..TRAINER. Yep. I got Koga. Here is the fun part. Note: This MIGHT mess your GameShark. I use my emulator, and ROMs. When you fight Koga, he will have six glitches. I haven't gotten passed two of them so yea. They are really powerful. I caught the first one, using Steal Trainers Pokemon cheat. It turned out to be a somewhat powerful Rhydon. Nothing special. Went back and caught another one, turned out to be a glitch. I affectionately call it -||g


Attacks: Doubleslap, Firepunch, TM 05 (raises EVADE?), poison sting. Stats:

Attack: 24
Defense: 49
Speed: 291
Special: 586 (Yikes!). Type1/Bug Type2/ (blank)

Level: 111

HP: 271/169. NOW. Everyones game is different your glitch may vary. Mine did. Here's the funny part. I fought Koga again. Beat his first glitch, and level went down to 100. Not surprisingly. Now. This is where is gets weird. It starts evolving. It evolves into a Spearow. Then, it goes down to level 96. Evolves again. Into a Fearow. Nothing then after that. Still expirementing. ^_^ So far it's not dangerous. Dunno yet XD Have fun, becareful, and g'luck!

Added by: Ken-Ken-Kun
Sep 11th 2007, ID#4726


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24 comments, latest first.
Mar 11th 2017 RayquazaGamer123
I deleted the code to catch Pokemon and I saved after that then I restarted my VBA (because the catch Pokemon code just got them lv0 insta dead) And the effect of the code was still there so when I went to beat the Elite 4 I just won it all.
ID #711948
Mar 16th 2015 Guest
I actually did only steal and master ball and every time I walk for two steps I black out I can't even go in buildings without fainting
ID #529569
Dec 15th 2014 Guest
the catch trainers pokemon makes Koga a fainted charmander where my mew alwyas ins
ID #485121
Aug 24th 2014 Guest
Dat poke heater if you havnt seen cub one (might need to be caught) a pokemon with 000 as the pokedex Id will turn in to rhydon
ID #440195
Aug 11th 2014 dat pokecheater
I found the glitch pokemon thing 'm but then it turned into a rydon (srry if I spelled it wrong>~<) then I got cubone in da pokedex o.o
ID #434952
Aug 11th 2014 Guest
I fpund the ■■'m■■ (■=glitchy stuff])
ID #434948
Jul 25th 2014 Guest
I'm trying to use these cheat codes in gba4ios but every time u try to enter a code it says to check my code format although I'm just copying and pasting these codes
ID #425106
Jul 14th 2014 Guest
None of this cheats work
ID #418712
May 26th 2015 Guest
That is true
ID #561645
Jul 6th 2014 Guest
Lol works but for some reason the game said you have received Mew0000000000000000 its level 564 and it's attack is like 978 lol
ID #413090
May 24th 2014 Guest
Used steal pokemon right at start of the game and now have lvl 0 squirtle...
ID #387879
Feb 24th 2014 ponyboy837
I also encountered a mewX? It was a mew called MewX and it died instantly.... Hmmm
ID #358585
Feb 24th 2014 Guest
It varys deping on your name (Like missingno!) And where you are i keep getting a guy called LV 0 LOL
ID #358583
Nov 12th 2012 Richard34
I traded my spearow for the farfetch
ID #208025
Nov 12th 2012 Guest
I used the spearow I got and traded it for farfetch
ID #208024
Aug 8th 2011 Guest
mine was a rhydon lv 32 that knew mega punch, doubleslap, fire punch, and TM 5. really wierd
ID #65089
Apr 11th 2011 Guest
My wild koga has no hp lvl 0 and dies straight away wotz wrong
ID #36883
Apr 2nd 2011 Guest
Well yeah I tried typing D4 in one of my codes! (The rest of code copied) And I found a engineer? He had some very glitchy pokemon Well here's my team in Z (Hack of red) Rhydon: LV 4 Charizard lv 5 Rhydon lv 4 (MET LV 3) And missingno. lv 2 and 4 (THEY ARE THE PROPER MISSINGNO. AND LOOK LIKE THE GHOST IN POKEMON TOWER!!)
ID #35266
Mar 9th 2011 Guest
they dont work for me. all keep getting is missingno.
ID #32014
Mar 2nd 2011 Ken-Ken-Kun
-Blink- Whoa. Submitted this 4 years ago and getting comments haha. Glad it worked for everyone!
ID #31079
Feb 28th 2011 Guest
it was actually easy get a snorlax with body slam to lvl 60 and use that on all of them! I beat koga easily in less than 30 seconds of actual battling and thats minus the wait time inbetween moves. all of his glitches are easy to kill with snorlax becuase snorlax has such a high defense!
ID #30872
Oct 22nd 2010 Naoki2534
It Worked!!!!... But Different Way. First Time My Game Froze, I Try It again, Sucsess! But Very low level and weak... lv.4

Aurora Beam
Fire Punch
Quick Attack
(i Dont Remember xD)
ID #15900
Oct 15th 2010 ScrewBall67
I just did the cheat with the old man and he caught a Koga.
ID #15280
Oct 7th 2010 Guest
thanks , quite usefull also you should try to use this code when the old man shows you how to catch pokemon. :P quite funny, ping pong your safari time is over.
ID #14587
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