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Enemy always sleeping - 0d2394 game shark code for Pokemon Crystal

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Enemy always sleeping - 0d2394


This is a collection of useful codes which can be entered in your GameShark if you have one and are playing the cartridge version of Pokemon Crystal.

Alternatively, if you are playing this game on an emulator, then enter your chosen individual code in the cheat menu as a Gameshark code then activate it.

Remember to save your progress before you activate a cheat, and not to save again until you are happy with the outcome of the cheat.

Enemy always sleeping - 0d23941b

Enemy level at ? (replace xx with level) - 91xx13d2

Fight shiny pokemon - 0d288b1b

999 exp points after battle - 0d241364

All badges - 91ff57d8 91ff58d8

Enemy dies after 1 hit - 910017d2

All pokegear items - 91ff57d9

Catch any Pokemon

This useful code allows you to encounter any Pokemon that is normally available in the game, use the following code then replace the 'xx' with the corresponding two digit code from the list below.

So if you want a Bulbasaur, the full code would be: 910104d2

Main Code, preplace xx with code for the corresponding Pokemon - 91xx04d2

01 Bulbasaur.

02 Ivysaur.

03 Venusaur.

04 Charmander.

05 Charmeleon.

06 Charizard.

07 Squirtle.

08 Wartortle.

09 Blastoise.

0a Caterpie.

0b Metapod.

0c Butterfree.

0d Weedle.

0e Kakuna.

0f Beedrill.

10 Pidgey.

11 Pidgeotto.

12 Pidgeot.

13 Rattata.

14 Raticate.

15 Spearow.

16 Fearow.

17 Ekans.

18 Arbok.

19 Pikachu.

1a Raichu.

1b Sandshrew.

1c Sandslash.

1d Nidoran (F).

1e Nidorina.

1f Nidoqueen.

20 Nidoran (M).

21 Nidorino.

22 Nidoking.

23 Clefairy.

24 Clefable.

25 Vulpix.

26 Ninetales.

27 Jigglypuff.

28 Wigglytuff.

29 Zubat.

2a Golbat.

2b Oddish.

2c Gloom.

2d Vileplume.

2e Paras.

2f Parasect.

30 Venonat.

31 Venomoth.

32 Diglett.

33 Dugtrio.

34 Meowth.

35 Persian.

36 Psyduck.

37 Golduck.

38 Mankey.

39 Primeape.

3a Growlithe.

3b Arcanine.

3c Poliwag.

3d Poliwhirl.

3e Poliwrath.

3f Abra.

40 Kadabra.

41 Alakazam.

42 Machop.

43 Machoke.

44 Machamp.

45 Bellsprout.

46 Weepinbell.

47 Victreebel.

48 Tentacool.

49 Tentacruel.

4a Geodude.

4b Graveler.

4c Golem.

4d Ponyta.

4e Rapidash.

4f Slowpoke.

50 Slowbro.

51 Magnemite.

52 Magnetron.

53 Farfetch'd.

54 Doduo.

55 Dodrio.

56 Seel.

57 Dewgong.

58 Grimer.

59 Muk.

5a Shellder.

5b Cloyster.

5c Gastly.

5d Haunter.

5e Gengar.

5f Onix.

60 Drowzee.

61 Hypno.

62 Krabby.

63 Kingler.

64 Voltorb.

65 Electrode.

66 Exeggcute.

67 Exegutor.

68 Cubone.

69 Marowak.

6a Hitmonlee.

6b Hitmonchan.

6c Lickitung.

6d Koffing.

6e Weezing.

6f Rhyhorn.

70 Rhydon.

71 Chansey.

72 Tangela.

73 Kangaskhan.

74 Horsea.

75 Seadra.

76 Goldeen.

77 Seaking.

78 Staryu.

79 Starmie.

7a Mr. Mime.

7b Scyther.

7c Jynx.

7d Electabuzz.

7e Magmar.

7f Pinsir.

80 Tauros.

81 Magicarp.

82 Gyarados.

83 Lapras.

84 Ditto.

85 Eevee.

86 Vaporeon.

87 Jolteon.

88 Flareon.

89 Porygon.

8a Omanyte.

8b Omastar.

8c Kabuto.

8d Kabutops.

8e Aerodactyl.

8f Snorlax.

90 Articuno.

91 Zapdos.

92 Moltres.

93 Dratini.

94 Dragonair.

95 Dragonite.

96 Mewtwo.

97 Mew.

98 Chikorita.

99 Bayleef.

9a Meganium.

9b Cynaquil.

9c Guilava.

9d Typhlosion.

9e Totodile.

9f Croconaw.

a0 Feraligatr.

a1 Sentret.

a2 Furret.

a3 Hoothoot.

a4 Noctowl.

a5 Ledyba.

a6 Ledian.

a7 Spinarak.

a8 Ariados.

a9 Crobat.

aa Chinchou.

ab Lanturn.

ac Pichu.

ad Cleffa.

ae Igglybuff.

af Togepi.

b0 Togetic.

b1 Natu.

b2 Xatu.

b3 Mareep.

b4 Flaaffy.

b5 Ampharos.

b6 Bellossom.

b7 Marill.

b8 Azumarill.

b9 Sudowoodo.

ba Politoed.

bb Hoppip.

bc Skiploom.

bd Jumpluff.

be Aipom.

bf Sunkern.

c0 Sunflora.

c1 Yanma.

c2 Wooper.

c3 Quagsire.

c4 Espeon.

c5 Umbreon.

c6 Murkrow.

c7 Slowking.

c8 Misdreavus.

c9 Unknown.

ca Wobbuffet.

cb Girafarig.

cc Pineco.

cd Forretress.

ce Dunsparce.

cf Gligar.

d0 Steelix.

d1 Snubbull.

d2 Granbull.

d3 Qwilfish.

d4 Scizor.

d5 Shuckle.

d6 Heracross.

d7 Sneasel.

d8 Teddiursa.

d9 Ursaring.

da Slugma.

db Magcargo.

dc Swinub.

dd Piloswine.

de Corsola.

df Remoraid.

e0 Octillery.

e1 Delibird.

e2 Mantine.

e3 Skarmory.

e4 Houndour.

e5 Houndoom.

e6 Kingdra.

e7 Phanpy.

e8 Donphan.

e9 Porygon2.

ea Stantler.

eb Smeargle.

ec Tyrogue.

ed Hitmontop.

ee Smoochum.

ef Elekid.

f0 Magby.

f1 Miltank.

f2 Blissey.

f3 Raikou.

f4 Entei.

f5 Suicune.

f6 Larvitar.

f7 Pupitar.

f8 Tyranitar.

f9 Lugia.

fa Ho-oh.

fb Celebi.

fd Egg.

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