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Forza Horizon 5 Cheats & Tips

PC XOne XboxXS

Cheats, Tips and Questions for Forza Horizon 5

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Forza Horizon 5 is an open-world racing game that takes place in Mexico during the fictitious Horizon Festival, a street racing event where the aim is to progress via winning races. Cascade through jungles, across sand dunes in the desert, traverse beaches, and zip along dirt tracks outside small villages. There are also street races in larger cities to participate in. You play as a well-known driver in whose goal is to expand the Horizon Festival across Mexico as an established racer via Skill Points and Experience, as well as a new form of progression known as Accolades. Take a look at our Forza Horizon 5 tips to get help in the game.

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Forza Horizon 5 Cheats, Tips Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include why it is essential to pay attention to the weather and time of day, and why you should use Drone mode. As well as these hints and tips, we also have a beginners guide here which goes into more details on some of the tips we have below:

Customize Your Driving Assist

When you first get seated in a car in Forza Horizon 5 the controls will feel strange, this is because there will be several driving assists turned on by default to make playing the game easy and accessible for everyone. These assists will prevent you from taking full control of your car, so you will need to fiddle around and customize them in order to find what suits you. Below are the custom settings we recommend if you don't want to use the available presets.

Braking: Anti-Lock On
Steering: Simulation
Traction Control: Off
Stability Control: Off

Although turning off the Traction and Stability Controls will make your car feel less stable, it will give you more control of the vehicle, making drifting easier. These settings will also allow you to get bonus credits as you will be increasing the difficulty.

Earn Accolade Points to Progress the Adventure Campaign

In order to progress the Adventure campaign in Forza Horizon 5 you need to tackle the different activities on offer in order to earn Accolade points. Accolade points are needed to unlock chapters, which then allow you to try out a new activity from a selection across the different event series. There are six different series to progress through, these are as follows.

- Horizon Festival Mexico:
This is the introduction in Forza Horizon 5 and includes a Showcase Event, a Story, and a long-distance race across Mexico called The Goliath.

- Horizon Apex Road Racing:
Standard racing on solid roads, featuring some of the fastest cars in Forza Horizon 5.

- Horizon Wilds Dirt Racing:
Driving quickly through the muddiest places in Mexico in a rally-style series.

- Horizon Baja Cross-Country Racing:
True off-road racing across Mexico, and you can try being a stunt driver for a film.

- Horizon Rush PR Stunts:
Physics-defying stunts, tests of speed, and drifting.

- Horizon Street Scene Street Racing:
Point-to-point road races that generally take place at night.

Horizon Rush and Street Scene are locked until later in the game, you need to work your way through the series of events before them before they become accessible. You will earn the most Accolade points by completing and winning races. You can check your progress to unlocking the next chapter by opening the map and looking in the top-right corner of the screen. To view what Accolade challenges that are available, press the 'Menu' button on your controller.

Declutter the Map

As you progress through Forza Horizon 5 unlocking the different activity types, your map will start to become cluttered with icons which can become a bit overwhelming. You can filter the map to simplify it if you want to focus on certain races and activities. For example, if you just want to destroy XP and Fast Travel signs, you can use map filters to get rid of the other icons. To do this, press RB on your Xbox controller to bring up the icon list and deselect 'All' at the top of the list to remove all the map icons and then scroll down and apply 'Bonus Boards' icons, so only those appear on the map.

Pay Attention to the Weather and Time of Day

The weather and the time of day you race can seriously affect your cars' performance, so it is important that you pay attention to them and understand how they affect the handling of your vehicle. For example, cooler temperatures will make cars harder to handle at night and wet roads from the rain will be more slippery, this means to avoid skidding off the track you will have to compensate for them by braking much sooner than usual. Keep in mind that the different seasons will alter the terrain of the Mexico map as they bring dry and wet areas or maybe even snow, which will require you to modify your car accordingly or use a different vehicle entirely that is better suited to handle the element you need to face.

Get Cars from Wheelspins and Credits

Wheelspins in Forza Horizon 5 are random lucky dips that you can get from races, levelling up, Accoade rewards, and other activities which give you the opportunity to obtain cars free. These cars are rarely the best cars in the game, but they will enable you to fill out your collection. You can also get Super Wheelspins which are much rarer than regular Wheelspins and will offer three rewards at once. Wheelspins will also give you credits, which you can accumulate until you have enough to purchase those expensive cars you really want.

Scout Areas in Drone Mode

Use a drone to easily scout out areas in Forza Horizon 5 instead of scoping them out with a car. You can access Drone mode by going to the 'Creative Hub' at the 'Pause' menu. Drone mode is particularly useful for when searching for Barn Finds as it enable you to check out the Barn Find Rumors easily. Drone mode can also be used to examine and plan your routes for the stunt activities like Drift Zones, Danger Signs, and Trailblazes.

Take a look at our Beginner Tips and Tricks page to get additional help in Forza Horizon 5.



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