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VERY Important Tips

We have a few tips for Far Cry Primal that we hope may greatly help you in your conquest of the land of Oros. Some of these can be done relatively early on in game so it is a good idea to do them.

Level up fast throughout the game

Exp is earned through doing almost all the tasks in this world. Gaining enough EXP will cause you to level up. Leveling up doesn't give you stats but skill points. Skill points are very important since having a lot will enable you to fully flesh out Takkar and get him ready for his journey.

Doing the following two tips will be a good investment in the long run. As depicted here in the picture below, I currently have 60% more exp earned which can be seen beside the exp bar in the Skills page.

Guide Image

Important: If you want to gain the most of this tip, it is best done at the earliest you can allow to gain the most exp in the long run.

Spirit Totems:

You may have found some scattered around, but since one of them is locked behind a mission, you should do the Spirit Totem village mission first. Each Spirit Totem placed on their pedestal gives a 2% increase in obtained experience. There are only 12 totems for a total of 24% bonus experience. They are relatively easy to find around the world especially if you go on your map and filter for collectibles only.

Village Population:

Guide Image

The Village Population does a few things. It is a requirement for hut upgrades for your tribesmen, they increase the daily resources you gain in your reward stash, and as the topic implies, after having a certain amount of villagers, 70 above to be exact, every 10 wenja you have in your village will give another 2% more exp.

Guide Image

You can gain population from random wenja events that you simply come across while traveling. The rule of thumb here is if there are wenja involved like being held prisoner or a group of wenja fighting another group of Udam or Izila (rarely both). The amount of wenja that survives is usually the amount of villagers gained. So try to save as much of them as possible.

You can also gain more population by capturing Bonfires or Outposts. Some wenja missions marked on the map as orange icons, will also reward you with some villagers.

Use up your village resources when available

You can only carry so much resources even after you have crafted a better bag to carry more. That being said, it is wise to use your carried village resources immediately when maxing them out since some village huts use more or less 30 of a resource among other needed resources to upgrade. For example, some huts require 30 North Rock when at max, you can only carry 50. Its better to use it immediately so when you next gather more of that resource, you can spend it on other huts.

Getting Tougher (VERY tanky)

A few missions into the game, after doing the Vision of Ice mission, you will be given a location of an Udam fort. In this fort is an Udam officer named Dah. The fort is very difficult to tackle early on but can be made ridiculously easy by simply obtaining the Mammoth Rider skill and get a mammoth to wreck the fort, effectively capturing the fort and its general, Dah.

After capturing Dah and doing some of his missions, you will unlock his short but very effective (almost too effective) skill tree. You can check the Skills you can get from our Skills page.

The Skills we are pertaining to are the Melee Resistance 1 and Melee Resistance 2 skills. These skills are so noticeable that even when you are deliberately trying to kill yourself in the middle of an enemy camp, it may take a while.

I personally limited had four health bars before I took these Skills. After taking these skills, I felt no need to get the other 2 more health bars since the game will be too easy if I did. And there is no way to reset skills learned so only get these skills if you want to make things easy.

You can also mix and match like getting just level one of the skill, but remember doing so means you can't get the Skills beyond the skill you are trying to avoid.

Early Sabertooth Tiger

Early on in the game, you will receive a mission titled "The Bone Cave". During this mission there are a bunch of Cave Lions you will encounter. You can tame one if you haven't yet. But the best beast you can tame here is the final beast that pops into the area. A Sabertooth Tiger. You can find one in the overworld sure. But it is risky and sometimes you just don't find one even if you do go to a spot marked as an area with Sabertooth tigers. So doing this mission to obtain one early on is a good idea since sabertooth tigers are one of THE best beasts you can tame. They are the fastest and you can also ride them provided you have the Beast Rider skill.

Uplay rewards

If you log in with your Uplay account, you may be able to obtain a few nifty things. Especially if you have had points from other games. You can check your progression in the menus. You may even have earned a few tasks that give you points in uplay.

Guide Image
Guide Image

In my opinion, the best reward you can get here is the Kapala Shard weapon. It is a long range throwing weapon that can one shot kill most enemies. Especially if done with a Shard Takedown (fighter skill)

Guide Image
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