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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough and Guide


Liberating outposts is an integral part of the game, giving you access to much needed fast-travel stations, unlocks more quests, gives access to automated shop and Collectibles. They also make the region under their control much safer to travel. This section will give you a brief description about every outpost in the game, and some recommended approach and strategies to liberate them without being detected. (which nets more experience points.)

You'll earn 500 exp per outpost, 550 XP for no alarms detected and earn 1500 exp for staying undetected.

Amanaki Outpost
This is the first outpost you'll liberate as part of the story.

Welshore Wrecker's House
This outpost has a sniper and a couple of chargers, with some normal enemies. The rocky hill overlooking it is a perfect vantage point for spotting or taking out enemies using your crossbow.

Mosquito Yard
The hill west of the yard is a perfect vantage point. There's also a tiger cage that you can shoot to set the animal free and wreck havoc in your behalf. There is only one sniper and four normal enemies that you can easily route.

Northview Gas
There are almost no vantage point here and there's a lot of aggressive boars and occasional tigers in the area, making sneaking a bit of a challenge. There are several areas of approach though the hill will prove it difficult since the enemies will have the height advantage.

Valsa Docks
This is by the seaside which you can use to swim around the outpost. Be careful of the lone guard though. Next, there is also a guard dog in the area, making it more challenging to complete this outpost with stealth. There is a hill to the south that will give you a good vantage point in scouting the outpost.

However, it won't be a good idea to stay and kill targets here as the pirates will search the hill, especially the chargers. After killing a target or two, leave the area and find another good Ambush spot. Prioritize taking out the dog and the chargers. It may take a while but the safest course of action is to take out a target then fall back until they reset. It will be very helpful if you tag them since you'll know their locations and their actions.

Orphan Point
This outpost is an island and you can easily sneak behind the actual outpost itself. I'm not sure if its random but there's a leopard here. If you're lucky, it will reach the outpost and at least kill a pirate or two. If not, you have to take it out yourself. There's also a patrol boat scouring the area so best keep your cover unless you have heavy hardware with you.

Cliffside Overlook
There is an opening at the back of the outpost near the animal cage. You can free the animal and lay down some traps as well. There is a lot of foliage to hide and lay down ambushes so use this to your advantage.

Hubris Farm
This outpost has no walls so you're free to flank enemies and execute them. You can also easily lay down ambushes here should you wish. You can approach the outpost from the north so you can catch their snipers on their backs.

Hubert Shore Power
This outpost is situated in the mountain side where you can use a zipline to approach it from the north. There's several targets inside and an animal cage as well. The best vantage point in this outpost will be the rooftop. Just take out the pirates one by one using your bow. Make sure to keep moving to avoid their line of sight and their occasional grenade throws as well. You can release the captive leopard to cause an ever better distraction.

Rust Yard
This outpost is rather small and can easily be cleared by taking out enemies near the roof. Prioritize taking out the dog first since it's quite agile and can detect you immediately.

Cradle View
This is another easy outpost to clear as there hills to the west and the surrounding foliage is great for hiding and taking out enemies silently. The camp has many openings and blind spots so using a stealthy approach to deal with the enemies here should be a breeze.

Camp Murder
This is another generic outpost in the middle of the jungle surrounded by higher ground and foliage. There are a lot of chargers in the camp but also a lot of room and good cover to move around. Feel free to use your sniper rifle and move around the camp as you pick them off one by one to avoid getting detected.

AM 12
This outpost has a lot of dogs so approaching it stealthily will be a challenge. Your best bet is to lay down some mines and lure the dogs there and take them out one by one. Make sure to be mobile and change locations after each kill or two. Be careful as well since this is a komodo dragon hunting ground; expect some of these reptiles lurking around in the foliage too.

Old Mines
Approach the mine from the northwest where the rocky outcroppings are. There's a sniper outpost there. Take out the guard then place a mine along the pathway. Now you can just lob explosives in the middle to take out multiple targets then run away as the enemies will run towards your direction. The mines you placed should be enough to take them out, especially the dogs. Now pick up the remaining forces in the outpost.

Cradle Gas
This outpost has a lot of snipers. The area's wide and will allow you to circle around. Just make sure to tag everyone first to better anticipate their movements. There's also a bunch of explosive barrels here. If you wait long enough, you can wipe out almost everyone in the outpost.

The Neck's Diner
This outpost has a steep cliff to the south with limited elevation and cover. You can probably make a few shots from there before relocating or placing some traps along the possible places where the enemies will probably run into. There are also two heavy soldiers guarding both entrances.

Broken Neck Home
This outpost's notable features are the explosive barrel in the middle, a captive tiger and several guard dogs. There area is wide and has good elevation around the camp. There are also several entry points in the camp vicinity should you opt to go up and personal. Releasing the tiger will be the most efficient way to deal with the dogs.

Tequila Sunrise
This is one of the lightly guarded outposts so no special tactics is needed here. Just stay behind cover and take multiple enemies out using your grenade launcher or RPG.

Kell's Boat Repairs
The outpost has some standard enemies and some captive dogs. If you have the Death from Below skill, you can swim and execute the guards by the docks. The elevated roadside is a perfect sniping position though you have to be careful of enemy reinforcements that will respond.

Nat's Repairs
This is another easy coastal outpost. Like Kell's Boat Repairs, the hill overlooking the outpost gives a really good vantage point. There's also a captive bear that you can release and a couple of explosive barrels nearby. There are many snipers but the hill has a good amount of foliage to give you cover.

Harmanse Gas and Repair
This outpost has a sniper by the tower, four normals and two heavies guarding the area. You may want to take out the sniper first then sneak in the base. The outpost covers a part of the main road so be prepared for the quick arrival of enemy reinforcements.

Satellite Communication Hub
The notable targets in this outpost are two guard dogs and a captive bear. You can release it to deal with the dogs easily then take out the surviving guards. The cliffs and the vegetation around the area will provide much needed cover.

East Ridge Camp
This is an easy outpost to liberate. You must take out the snipers in their towers so you can easily use the surrounding elevated positions to take out the targets. There is also a cage with two captive dogs that you can release to help you clear the area. Otherwise, you can just get in and knife them all. Either way, you have to take out the two snipers.

Lazy Shore Marina
This is a rather small outpost with three heavy gunners. You can easily infiltrate it and take out the enemies one by one, if you have the Heavy Takedown skill already. Otherwise, you have to go loud using explosive weapons. Be careful of the enemy reinforcements.

Stubborn Kid Farm
There is a mountain path behind the outpost, making it a perfect sniping point or entry point for sneak attacks. There are three heavies in the area so be careful as you head in.

Spine Ridge Site
This outpost is full of snipers. Fortunately you can safely scale the mountainside behind the outpost, making it easier to take out the snipers one by one. There is also a captive cassowary that you can free.

Bridge Control
The mountainside overlooking the outpost is barren so if you're looking for a stealthily approach, you have to do it at ground level. There's a lightly-guarded opening on the eastern side of the outpost making it a great spot to sneak into. There are RPG-troopers in the guard posts around the area so be careful with your approach as well.

Break Point Docks
The outpost has a captive tiger and two heavies. There are no walls covering the outpost so if you want to clear it stealthily, you can snipe from the hill to the north. You can free the tiger first if you want then while the enemies are distracted, pick them off using your sniper or RPG.

Longshore View
There are couple of hills to the west and east that you can use as a vantage point. The outpost itself is not heavily defended though you will have a much easier time infiltrating it from the north. As usual, you can prioritize disabling the alarms first to prevent the outpost from calling in reinforcements.

Krige Valley River Fishing
You can approach the outpost from the river or snipe from across it. There's also a hill in front of it that you can use as a vantage point. The dock has a captive komodo that you can free to wreck havoc in the base.

Lonely Shore Way
You can approach and climb the mountainside to the soutwest so you can properly tag and take out the targets. There's a captive tiger further inside the base that you can release. Remember to prioritize taking out the snipers first as they can easily spot you.

North Krige Crest
This outpost is surrounded by steep cliffs that you can access to scout and tag enemies. Before moving in, make sure to take out the sniper by the watchtower near the mine entrance. There is an RPG trooper in the upper part of the mine entrance but if you're clearing the base stealthily, he won't be able to do much. There are a couple of heavies in the outpost but since they're patrolling in the rear side of the base, you can just approach from the western mountainside and kill them silently.

Maw Docks and Repairs
There's a manned mounted gun in front of the outpost so it will be a bad idea trying to go that way. You can swim around the outpost and enter through the less defended sides by the river to get in.

Dry Palm Storage Depot
The steep mountainside behind the outpost is a good spot to snipe enemies below or sneak in by sliding down the slope. There's also a mine tunnel behind where you can fall back into in case the alarm sounds off. There's also a captive komodo in the storage shed to the southwest.

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Jul 27th 2014 Guest
no you will have to restart the whole game if you want 100 procent
ID #426092
Aug 7th 2013 Guest
I found this glowing thing on the side of an outpost house. I have no idea where it was and no idea what it is. It looked liked it could be interacted with it but no matter how much i tried it didn't work.
ID #303187
Feb 24th 2013 Guest
Hi everyone! May someone tell me how to retake outposts missions? I just completed 99% of the game and there's still a skill to be learned, the ninja steps one. But I'm not able to get this skill, once I've done all the outposts and I cannot do 100% complete game.
ID #258186
Feb 11th 2013 Guest
i have done all of the island outposts but needed to do 1 more stealthy, is there anyway i can replay without starting a new game?
ID #253159
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