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Eternal City Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for Eternal City

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Eternal City Walkthrough and Guide
Eternal City Walkthrough and Guide

Eternal City is a real-time battle RPG that is set in a modern coastal city which has been invaded by monsters from different dimensions brought over by the Black Gate. You command a group of heroes with special abilities called Wielders tasked with protecting humanity from the threats that emanate from it. You have a 7-day countdown to determine the fate of the city by gathering intel and making decisions on each gameplay. Check out our Eternal City Walkthrough and Guide to get help in the game.

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Eternal City Walkthrough and Guide

Acquire More Wielders through the Hakuya House

You will begin Eternal City with 3 free Wielders and be able to unlock additional ones as you progress through the game. To increase the viable options you have for each battle and easily manage the fatigue of your Wielder you should spend the opals you earn on acquiring more Wielders through the Hakuya House.

Know your Wielders

In Eternal City it is important that you know the strengths, weaknesses and general attributes of each of your Wielders as each stage and boss battle you engage in will have circumstances that will give certain Wielders an advantage while putting others at a disadvantage which you will want to avoid.

Equip your Wielders

The Wielders in your roster are classified into classes which define their general attributes as well as suitable roles in the 3-character formation you have on each battle. As you progress in the game you will have to consider each Wielder’s role and elemental affinity as you equip each one with kageso (equipment) that best complements them.

Increase the Star Level of your Weilders

Make increasing the Star Level of your favorite Wielders your first enhancement so you boost their stats and unlock additional skills. This is done by clicking on the icon at the lower right side of the screen, select 'Wielder', click on the Wielder you want to enhance, and then choose 'Star Level'. Increasing the level of a Weilder consumes Soul Shards and unless you have exclusive shards, your stock of Soul Shards will be decreased by 20 with every Star Up. Once you max out the Star rank, you can Breakthrough the Wielder and achieve a higher class.

Earn Experience Points

You will earn Experience Points as a commander by engaging in activities. Every level you gain in Eternal City will lead to an increase in the strength of the Weilders you have in your roster.

Unlock Towns and Areas

Liberate and develop towns and areas by completing the Town Liberation Quests. These each stretch across 6 stage battles that will conclude with a boss at the end. Once you have successfully cleared the 6th and final stage you will have succeeded in the liberation attempt and be able to engage in various upgrades and activities relative to the newly unlocked town or area.

Make Roster Changes

Each of the stages in the Town Liberation Quests offers unique advantages for some Weilders while disadvantages for others. It it therefore important that you make roster changers for each stage accordingly. You will be able to see the advantages or disadvantages of each Wielder at the lower right portion of their icon.

Collect Opals

In Eternal City Opals are required for all Mementos/Selections/Gatchas/Draws at Hakuya House through which you can acquire Wielders, Exclusive Shards, Kageso, Exclusive Kageso, and Kageso Shards. Listed below are the various ways in which you can get Opals.

• Purchased with Dust or Diamonds from the Redeem Opal Window which can be opened by tapping plus button next to the Opal count at the top right corner of the City View.

• Each day you can acquire 1 Opal by completing 4 Tempest Missions at Spatial Tempest. Tap the cube next to the Tempest Mission counter at the bottom right corner of Spatial Tempest to claim.

• Acquiring a new CG will net you Opals.

• Drops during the Endless Challenge in Valhalla.

• Earned from the Hall of Memories.

Collect Soul Shards

In Eternal City Soul Shards are used to raise your Wielder's Star Level and to upgrade Divine Artifacts. Listed below are the different ways in which you can obtain Soul Shards.

• Earned from the Hall of Memories.

• Acquired from Competency Trials (14 Soul Shards each day).

• Purchased at the Memorial Store (5 Soul Shards for 125 Memorial Passes).

Collect your Supply Box

Make sure when you finish your day you collect the Supply Box for Memorial Tickets (Tap the box icon at the Central Department). These tickets can be used at the Memorial Store where you can purchase different items like Opals, Soul Shards and Kagesos. You will also receive these tickets after finishing all 7 days.

Eat your Midnight Snack

Using a Wielder for Patrol, Development, Develop and battles require Fatigue so make sure you remember to eat your Midnight Snack as doing so will allow you to select up to 3 Wielders and restore their Fatique by 50. It is advised that you choose the ones with the lowest Fatigue so you can use them more often the next day.

Collect Black Cores

There are 7 different areas where you can collect a Black Core other than the Central Department. In Eternal City Black Cores are needed to get either the normal or the true ending. Once you clear all the stages for each area the game will tell you to patrol the area in order to obtain the Black Core. Some of the areas will require you to build a certain city. Below is a list of the areas where you can collect a Black Core.

• Campus

• East Boulevard

• Downtown District

• Research Insititute

• Bayside Town

• Old Town

• Harbor Bay

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