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Questions & Answers

Destiny 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Questions & Answers

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Who is Cayde-6?
Cayde-6 is the Hunter Class Vanguard leader who assigns bounties to high-value targets. He is an Exo which are a race of humanoid war machines built long ago for an unknown purpose and fashioned in humanity's image.

Who are the Vanguard?
The Vanguard is a group of three high-ranking Guardians who are the mentors of their respective classes. Cayde-6 is the Hunter Vanguard, Commander Zavala is the Titan Vanguard, and Ikora Rey is the Warlock Vanguard. Until the fall of The Last City to Ghaul and the Red Legion they all resided in the Hall of Guardians in the Tower. They now coordinate the reports of hunters, Warlocks, and Titans and organise it into a single plan of action.

What are Flashpoints?
In destiny 2 Flashpoints are a weekly series of Destination Activities that become available during certain points of the storyline and allow you to earn loot by completing them. After completing a Flashpoint, return to Cayde-6 in the Tower to get your reward. Flashpoints become unlocked once you have have completed the campaign. Flashpoints are accessed at the Milestones menu.

What are Heroic Public Events?
These events spawn on Earth, Titan, Nessus and Io and are large combat trials that don’t require fireteams. In these Public Events anyone in the area can join in and help defeat the forces of darkness. Participating in these Public Events will earn you good rewards like exotic Engrams. There are eight Public Events and each one has a Heroic alternate version that can be unlocked by completing secret optional objectives.

How do you get The Scout Commander Aura?
When you complete four different tiny activities around The European Dead Zone on Earth (EDZ) you will earn the Scout Commander Aura which will give you a blue glow when you run around. It will also when equipped give you a little movement boost that enables you to run quicker and jump higher.

How do you get a Sparrow?
Sparrows are fast, hover-bike vehicles that travel on land. It is the main form of transportation and to get one in destiny 2 involves relying on luck. There is no specific Campaign reward to get one and there is no quick fix to make travel easier. If you do not earn a Sparrow as a reward early on in the game you may want to consider unlocking the fast travel points in each of the four areas as soon as you are able to so you can travel around the environments easier.

How do you get exotic Engrams?
There is no way to farm the exotic Engrams, the game has been designed to prevent this so players don't get the fifteen Exotic Weapons too quickly. There are though various ways you can get them, the following events (and special events) have a chance to drop an Exotic Engram:
Completing Public Events
Killing Powerful (Yellow Health) Enemies
Returning to Tyra Karn After Completing the Campaign (One guaranteed exotic Engram.)

What do you get from Xur for Dismantling Exotics?
You can expect to get 10 legendary shards from Xur for every exotic Weapon or Armour you dismantle. Legendary Shards is the only currency Xur uses when he trades Exotics.

How do you Find Gold Loot Crates?
As well as the normal loot crates you find as you explore the different worlds there are also special gold loot crates. To find the location of the gold loot crates just pull up your map and look for a plus-shaped icon that resembles a cross with a dot in the center. These are the locations of the gold crates, they are worth spending the extra time to find as they can contain a substantial amount of glimmer and a token.

How do you get the Shard of the Traveler Mission?
After the attack on the Tower you will meet Suraya Hawthorne who will lead you to the farm and give you the mission. After you have done talking to her pull up the Director and select Earth to begin the mission. In this mission all of the enemies you face are Dregs and Wretches so it is not difficult to complete.

What is the Farm?
The farm is your hub in destiny 2, at the farm you will find vendors, other Guardians and entrances to other game modes.

How do you get Free Bright Engrams?
Once you have reached level 20 Tess Everis will start handing out Bright Engrams thereafter for free.

How do you Unlock Co-Operative Play?
This feature is not available straight away, you will need to complete 'Spark', the third mission in the campaign to unlock it. This mission comes after 'Homecoming' and 'Adieu'.

How do you get Glimmer?
Glimmer is the game's currency and you can gain it by defeating enemies or dismantling lower-level gear.

What do you get from Public Events?
When you participate in Public Events you will earn a substantial amount of Experience at the end for killing enemies.

'Must be level X to do this Mission'?
When this message appears on your screen just carry on doing Patrols helping other Guardians defend the planet until you get the necessary Experience to reach the required level.

What are the Pre-Order Bonuses?
Gamers who pre-ordered any edition of destiny 2 received early access to the following items in-game:
Coldheart exotic Weapon
Kill-Tracker Ghost Shell
Salute Emote
These items will be obtainable for everyone through gameplay starting December 5, 2017.

When do the Alternate Subclasses Unlock?
Alternate subclasses unlock as follows:

Lv. 8: Golden Gun (Solar)
Lv 15: Nightstalker (Void)

Lv 8: Striker (Arc)
Lv 15: Sunbreaker (Solar)

Lv 8: Voidwalker (Void)
Lv 15: Stormcaller (Arc)

What is the Best Class?
This all depends on your play style, they are all equally good in their own way. Hunter abilities focus on stealth and surprise attacks, Titan skills are designed to smash through enemy defenses, and the Warlock powers can heal or buff players, as well as unleashing powerful elemental attacks. If you create a class and it does not work for you try another one.

What is the Max Character Level?
This is currently capped at 20. Your Character Level will allow you to equip new items and earn Unlock Points to purchase abilities for your subclasses.

What is Character Power Level?
This is how strong your character is, it is determined by the power rating of all of the Weapons and Armour you have equipped. When your character has a high Power Level they will become eligible for new events, such as strikes and Raids.

What are the Different Types of Chests?
Throughout destiny 2 there are five Types of Chests. These are Enemy Chests, Elite and Boss Chests, Lost Sector Chests, Region Chests, and Treasure Chests.

Where do you get Treasure Maps?
Once you have completed the game's main set of story missions Cayde-6 will sell you a Treasure Map at the start of each weekly reset.

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