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Building Guide

Clash of Empire Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Clash of Empire Building Guide

The most important building in your city is the castle, increasing the level of the castle will allow you to unlock new types of buildings, territories for construction, and activities. Leveling the castle however consumes resources and needs manpower and will be a lengthy process. Our Buildings Guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Place Buildings

In order to construct a building in your city, you simply have to click on an empty place with a foundation, which will normally be indicated by a square on the ground and select from a list the building you want to place there. Basically, the higher the level of your castle, the more buildings of various types will become available to you.

Level Up Buildings

Once you have a building in place, you can upgrade it providing you have the required resources and workers by clicking on it and then clicking the 'Level Up' green arrow icon. If the building takes less than 5 minutes to level up, you will sometimes be granted an instant free upgrade, otherwise you will need to spend gold if you want to speed up the process.

Strengthen Buildings

Strengthen your buildings whenever possible, as doing so will increase their functionality. To do this generally requires special items which you can obtain from activities, once you have the requirement you simply have to click on the building and press the 'Strengthen' button.

Get More Workers

Clash of Empire Building Guide

Workers are important when you construct buildings in Clash of Empire, as the more you have, the faster the process will be to complete. To get 10 additional workers, you can purchase the Worker Pack from the store using real money. If you do not want to spend real money, you can get additional workers every 5 levels you upgrade the castle. It is recommended that you place your workers at buildings that need to be upgraded, as bolstering your city will raise your power and contribute to faster development.

Note: Keep in mind that this package will expire when your castle reaches level 16. Recommended for purchase by novice players to quickly build a city and upgrade its main structures.

Remove Buildings

You can easily delete an unnecessary building that you no longer want by tapping on it and clicking 'Details' to bring up a window where you will be able to select 'Destroy'. It is important to remember that the destruction of any building in your city will lead to the loss of your strength.

Build Offline

Always start several construction projects or upgrades of buildings, sending the minimum number of workers to them before you finish your session and go offline. Doing this will allow you to complete the process while you are away from the game. As a general rule, you should always be constructing new buildings or upgrading existing ones to avoid downtime for workers.

Building List

Listed below are the various constructions in your city, what they are used for, and their requirement to unlock them.

The farm is the place to produce and store Food. Upgrade it to increase its income and storage capacity.

The Sawmill is the place to produce and store wood. Upgrade it to increase production and storage capacity.

Military Tent
The Military Tent provides the place for your troops. Upgrade to higher training speed and amount.

Iron Mine
The Iron Mine is the place to produce and store iron. Upgrade it to increase its production and storage capacity. The Iron mine requires Castle Level 10 to unlock.

Silver Mine
The Silver Mine is the place to produce and store Silver. Upgrade it to increase its storage capacity. The Silver mine requires Castle Level 15 to unlock.

The Barracks is the place to train infantry (contains Guard and Spearman). Upgrade to unlock more powerful infantry soldiers.

The Range is the place to train Bowmen (contains Archer and Crossbowman). Upgrade to unlock more powerful Bowmen soldiers.

Siege Workshop
The Siege Workshop is the place to train Siege (contains Rams and Siega). Upgrade to unlock more powerful sieges. The Siege Workshop requires Castle Level 5 to unlock.

The Stables are the place to train Cavalry (contains Heavy Cavalry and Horse Archer). Upgrade to unlock more powerful Cavalry soldiers.

The Embassy offers functions related to alliance. Ally can come to offer help to each other with different effects.

The Watchtower can scout the enemy and warn you about the troops marching towards you.

The Hospital is the place to heal wounded Soldiers. Upgrade it to increase Hospital Capacity and Healing Speed.

Resources in the Storehouse cannot be plundered or used by soldiers.

Shooting Range
A place for training archers (contain an archer and a crossbowman). Raise the level to unlock more powerful archers.

The Castle is the beating heart of your city. Upgrade it to unlock new areas and buildings.

Castle Level 4 required to unlock the Univercity.

War Fortress
Castle Level 5 required to unlock the War Fortress.

Castle Level 6 required to unlock the Market.

Hall of War
Castle Level 7 required to unlock Hall of War.

Treasure Trial
Castle Level 8 required to unlock Treasure Trial.

Hideout Cave
Castle Level 11 Required to unlock Hideout Cave.

Lion Throne
Castle Level 12 required to unlock Lion Throne.

Take a look at our Beginners Tips and Tricks to get help if you are struggling to progress in Clash of Empire.

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