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Beginners Tips and Tricks

Clash of Empire Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Beginners Tips and Tricks for Clash of Empire: Strategic Empire Age

Listed below are several Beginner Tips and Tricks which will help you progress quickly during the early stages of Clash of Empire: Strategic Empire Age.

Collect Resources to Upgrade your City
Make sure you spend the first few days collecting resources in an effort to upgrade your city as much as possible before your initial peace shield wears off, and you can be raided by enemies. This means you need to focus on setting up a good production of resources, built a decent army and defences and joined an active alliance, so your city is safe while you are offline. To join an alliance, you need to be Castle Level 6.

Unlock the Siege Workshop First
The best way to get resources quickly at the start of the game is to get your Castle to Level 5 before you start grinding for them. The reason for this is at Level 5 you will unlock the Siege Workshop building which will enable you to train siege troops which you can then use to gather resources. Ideally you want as many of siege troops as possible as they are twice as effective at gathering resources from the world map than any other type of troop. Use the siege troops to gather from the numerous points that are strewn throughout the world to get as many resources as possible.

Use the Construction Boosts when Building
To build things in real-time strategy (RTS) games such as Clash of Empires can take time, at first the construction time will be several minutes, but as you progress through the game this will eventually become hours and in some instances days. To speed up this process, you have two options, you can either ask your allies for help or use the construction boosts. You will get a free construction boost for every building, and you should only use it when you are looking at extra long queues. Construction boosts become available to use when the building queue goes under 8 minutes.

Claim your Free Tribute Rewards
Make sure you claim your free Tribute Rewards when they appear at the docks of your city. These rewards will contain a variety of 'safe' resources, which means they are the type that are protected from enemy raiders when you can keep them in your inventory, and you can use them any time. The Tribute Rewards are limited, you will only be able to collect a certain number of them a day and the more you collect, the further apart the time will be until they appear again.

Check your Inventory for Resources
It is important to remember that nearly all the resource and boost rewards you obtain from quests and events are deposited into your inventory and do not go to storage. This means you will have easy access to them when you need to use them, and you will not lose them if you are raided by the enemy. By the end of the first week if you have been gathering resources diligently like we recommend, to upgrade your city before the peace shield wears off you should have plenty of resources stacked up in your inventory you can use.

Always Train Troops
In Clash of Empire must continually keep your Stables, Range, Workshop, and Barracks working at all times. The is crucial because after a battle, the casualties you suffer that don't fit into your hospital are lost, and you will need to replace the troops with new ones. Build Military Tents whenever possible, so you can increase the number of troops you can train.

Research to Increase your March Slots
Reach Castle Level 4 as quickly as possible, so you unlock the University. Doing so will enable you to get another march slot. By having more than one march slot, you can send out two gathering parties to collect different resources. You can unlock a third march slot by investing heavily on researching the Military tech tree, but this can be a long process.

Take a look at our Unlock Buildings Guide to find out about the constructions in your city.

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