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Divine Relics Guide

Children Of Morta Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Children Of Morta Divine Relics Guide

In Children Of Morta Devine Relics are temporary powerups that are not tied to a character like runes and can be used by any character. Devine Relics are found during a dungeon run in item rooms, event rooms, and greater chests. They are activated by pressing the corresponding keybind or controller input. Characters hold one Divine Relic at a time, but can swap them out if multiple Divine Relics are available in the one area. All Divine Relics have an activation cooldown and they are lost on death. Check out our Devine Relics Guide to find out what each of them do.

Ace's Contingency:
Chance to throw an axe while attacking.

Atar’s Ignition:
Damaged enemies burn in fire.

Black Despair:
Create a vortex that pulls enemies in.

A melee companion that fights by your side.

Blood Owed:
Nearby enemies take damage when you are attacked.

Bramble Wrappings:
Damages enemies on contact.

Choker of Elusion:
Increased dodge chance.

Dazing Spheroid:
A companion that stuns enemies.

Divine Shield:
A temporary shield that absorbs all damage received. Explodes when it expires, dealing the damage back.

Dragon of Sol:
Summon a dragon that damages enemies and leaves a damaging pool.

Create a temporary aura that damages nearby enemies.

Eleventh Hour:
Deal double damage while your health is below 25%.

Emerald Pulse:
Release a massive pulse, pushing enemies away from you.

Enmiring Brace:
Create an area that slows and damages enemies.

Gift of Life:
Increased maximum health.

Grim's Orbit:
Flames orbit you, damaging enemies.

Heaven’s Justice:
Call forth a sword of the divine to damage enemies.

Jin’s Potion:
Heal a portion of your missing health.

Keen Edge:
Increased primary attack damage.

Lifelong Pal:
Heals a portion of your life once in a while.

Lucky Charm:
Increases the amount of morv gained.

Mighty Touch:
Your primary attack has a chance to stun.

Pulsating Orb:
Shoot a missile that grows larger with time and explodes on impact.

Upon receiving a fatal blow, revive at a modest portion of maximum health.

Reflective Stone:
Chance to fire projectiles in different directions upon being hit.

Ring of Cloaking:
Become temporarily invisible.

Scepter of Proficiency:
Increased critical hit chance.

A ranged companion that fights by your side.

Spare Time:
Reset the cooldowns of all your abilities and fill your rage.

Spiral of Doom:
Cast a magical stone that spirals outward from you and damages enemies.

Spoon of Mol Sli'Got:
Small chance to recover health when attacking.

Swift Shanks:
Increased movement speed.

Tonic of Rejuvenation:
Return to maximum health at the start of a new floor.

Totem of Anahid:
Create a totem that slows enemies.

Totem of Deception:
Create a totem that distracts all enemies.

Totem of Defiance:
Create a totem that knocks enemies back.

Totem of Rostam:
Create a totem that greatly buffs you.

Totem of Warding:
Create a totem that shoots at enemies surrounding it.

Venom Coating:
Poisons damaged enemies.

Yuki the Seal:
A protector that provides armor and occasionally negates all incoming damage. Chance to nullify incoming damage.

Check out our rune Guide to see a list of every rune in Children Of Morta and what their effect these ability modiferers have on skills and abilities.

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