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Children Of Morta Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Children Of Morta

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Smash Breakable Objects for Gold

It is important that you try to collect as much gold as possible in Children Of Morta so you can spend it on buying permanent upgrades for the whole family. As you explore dungeons make sure you smash pots and other breakable objects when you come across them as there is always a chance they will contain gold, potions, and other useful items.

Save your Gems for the Merchant

Gems in Children Of Morta can be found in chests, dropped from defeated enemies, and rewarded for in-dungeon events. Don't be tempted to spend all your gems on a chest, it is far more beneficial to save them for the events where you have to rescue a merchant who will take your gems for his wares which tend to be decent items that will help you in the game.

Switch Characters

If you find you are struggling to progress in Children Of Morta it may be time to switch characters in order to try a different approach. Whenever you level up a member of the Bergson's you will unlock unique buffs that apply to the entire family so trying another character may prove to be beneficial. This is something you should do when you take into consideration that when you make several failed attempts with the same character they get 'corruption fatigue' which takes away a portion of the Bergson's maximum health. This can be fixed by switching to a different character so they rest.

Take Advantage of Rooms with Glowing Barriers

In Children Of Morta you will occassionally come across rooms that have glowing barriers across their entrance. Take advantage of these room to not only find useful items within them but to also defeat dangerous enemies without taking damage. A room that has a glowing barrier across it's entrance cannot be penetrated by enemy projectiles wheras yours are not affected in any way. Lure enemies to a room with a glowing gate in order to hide safely behind it while you take them out with your bow or your magic.

Keep Buying Upgrades

It is important that you do not hoard the gold you earn in Children Of Morta but instead invest it in buying upgrades whenever you can in order to level up your characters and make clearing levels easier. All the upgrades in Children of Morta are useful so there is no need to prioritize any, you just need to make sure you upgrade whenever you return to the Bergsons' house.

Explore Everywhere Thoroughly

Avoid the temptation of heading straight for the boss room when you start a dungeon in Children Of Morta. It is far more beneficial to take your time and search every nook and cranny so that you don't miss out on the useful items you can find such as runes, relics and graces that will help you in the boss battle at the end. There is also always the possibility while exploring that you will stumble upon major unlockables such as research tablets that you can use to buy permanent upgrades.


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