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Beginners Tips and Tricks

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Call of Duty: Vanguard Beginners Tips and Tricks

Listed below are several Beginner Tips and Tricks which will help you to progress quickly through Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Get your Settings Right

Make sure regardless of whether you are playing on console or PC that the first thing you do is spend some time experimenting with the various button layouts and aiming sensitivities that the game offers to ensure that you choose the settings that will provide you with the best play experience possible. You should also adjust your field of view and customize the color palette of different game elements, so you get everything to how you want it.

Play the Campaign First

If you are a new player, it is recommended that you start off Call of Duty: Vanguard by playing the Campaign, as doing so will introduce you to the game and also allow you to freely pause gameplay and make the necessary adjustments to the settings in order to get them to suit your style of gameplay. Once you have completed the Campaign, you will be ready to jump into Multiplayer competition.

Be Aware of the Firing Directions

Make sure you pay attention to the minimap that is in the top left corner of your screen, as this displays the direction in which your comrades are firing. If you look to the compass at the top of your HUD (heads up display) it will display a red dot in the direction in which enemies are firing.

Champion Hill Mode

Purchase Extra Lives

You can buy extra lives during Buy Phases in Champion Hill mode, although they are costly at $3000 they can be crucial if you are low on lives down the stretch.

Automatically Reload

If you kill an opponent on Champion Hill mode and then run over their loot, your gun will automatically reload.

Save Cash

When buying Armor Plates on Champion Hill mode, the price of Full Armor is not discounted if you have remaining Plates. This means will save some cash by only purchasing Full Armor Plates when you have no Plates remaining.

Patrol Mode

Work with Teammates

To be successful in Patrol mode, it is essential that you work cohesively with your Teammates by protecting those controlling the objective from opponents trying to attack them from different angles. Make sure when you do this you don't cluster together as you run the risk of enabling your opponents to secure multikills.

Always Scope for Cover

In Patrol mode, you need to make sure you constantly scope out the area to determine what your next piece of cover will be.

Hardpoint Mode

Keep Moving

It is crucial that you do not stand in one place too long, as doing so will make you become susceptible to Lethals and Tacticals, and you'll also make your location known to respawning enemies.

Secure the Next Hardpoint Easily

In Hardpoint mode, head to where the Hardpoint will be if you notice that it is about to change locations, instead of heading to where the Hardpoint is. If you then clear the area of enemies, you will make the next Hardpoint easy to secure.

Team Deathmatch Mode

Be Wary of Spawn Flips

In Team Deathmatch mode, you need to always pay attention to where you are on the map in spawn flips. If you notice that you are on one side of the map while your teammates are on the other, it is a safe bet to assume you are deep in enemy territory. If this occurs, use it to your advantage to catch your enemies off guard.

Kill One Enemy at a Time

When you are confronted with several enemies in Team Deathmatch mode, it is more beneficial to focus on killing one enemy at a time. Don't try to take all of them down and end up killing none of them. Take the kills you can get before heading to respawn.

Kill Confirmed Mode

Keep your Eyes Peeled when Securing Dog Tags

In Kill Confirmed mode, it is crucial that you continually keep your eyes peeled when you secure dog tags as the enemy will likely be converging on that location as well. If you take down the enemy it will give you an opportunity to collect some extra dog tags and earn some additional points.

Remain on the Move

Continually being on the move in Kill Confirmed mode will not only make you a harder target for the enemy to shoot at, but it will also maximize the number of tags you will be able to secure even if you are not responsible for the kills.

Don't Select Killstreaks that are too High

In Free-For-All mode your Killstreak selection is crucial, don't select Killstreaks that are too high. Try to implement Killstreaks that can secure kills independently.

Domination Mode

Secure Objectives Quicker

Unlike Hardpoint and Patrol modes you will be able to secure the objectives quicker in Domination mode if you have several teammates within the objective.

Take Control of Point B Early

In Dominaton mode point B is centered between spawns so taking control of it early can be extremely beneficial as it can often be the most difficult objective to retake.

Remove the Enemy's Progress

If you take out an enemy in Domination mode that was trying to steal your objective you can cleanse the objective and remove the enemy's progress by standing on it for a brief period.

Spawn Flip

In Domination mode, if your team takes the objective closest to the enemy spawn you will likely experience a spawn flip.

Search and Destroy

Stay Alive

Your top priority in Search and Destroy mode is to stay alive at all costs as you will not be able to respawn like the other modes. This means it is crucial that you play strategically and don't take unnecessary risks as doing so can quickly end your game.

Use your Lethal and Tactical Equipment

Make sure in every round you use your Lethal and Tactical equipment. It is pointless trying to save it for the perfect moment and then dying before you had a chance to use it.

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