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Black Desert Mobile Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for Black Desert Mobile

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Black Desert Mobile Walkthrough and Guide
Black Desert Mobile Walkthrough and Guide

Black Desert Mobile is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that is an adaption of Black Desert Online. The game tasks you with uncovering the hidden secrets of the Ancients by following the Black Spirit. This will involve amongst other things, fast-paced action combat, hunting monsters, farming, gathering resources, taming horses, and fishing. Check out our Black Desert Mobile Walkthrough and Guide to get help in the game.

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Black Desert Mobile Walkthrough and Guide

Gather Resources

Make sure as you progress through the game you pick up as many of the different resources you come across as possible. This includes cutting down trees, rock mining, and herb gathering. You will never know when you will need what you have come across and it will help increase your gathering skills. Following the Black Spirit quests and gaining rewards is an efficient method to gain resources as well. Once you reach Skill 5 in logging, foraging, or mining, you will be able to send your workers out for as long as four hours, which can be very useful early in the game.

Craft Items

As long as you have the required resources you can craft equipment, potions, and trade goods at your camp with your craft skills. Povided they are not already assigned to a different task you can get your workers to help you craft items by pressing 'Craft' which will allow you to view craftable items and their required resources. The required amount of food and time needed per task depends on the worker's grade. Below are the crafting related buildings in your camp.

• Blacksmith:

You can craft various Equipment to use in battle.

• Trading Post

You can access Node and trade resources.

• Trade Shop

You can craft a variety of Trade Goods.

• Alchemy Lab

You can craft Potions, Crystals, Cron Stones, and more.

• Deco Workshop

You can craft Decorations to decorate your camp.

• Dye Workshop

You can dye Outfits and Equipment.

Level Up Fast

The fastest way to strengthen your character and level up quickly is to follow the story, learn from the tutorial, complete quests, and defeat enemies. Make sure that while doing this you stop by nearby towns to empty your inventory, buy crystals, and restock on potions. If you create alternate characters will will be able to receive story quest rewards multiple times.

Get a Pet

Having a pet is useful as these furry little critters will pick up items that monsters drop for you and they have an additional skill bonus where your character will get additional stats. In Black Desert Mobile you can have three pets and a mount at any given time, with all of them levelling independently of each other. You can get pets by completing quests or by purchasing them from the Pearl Shop with Silver.

Complete Daily Activities

A great way to make quick progress is by logging in daily and completing your three daily Black Spirit quests, daily event quests, and activities so you collect your daily rewards. Always check the Talish's Shop to see if there are any items there being sold for Silver and Black Peals and also look in the Accessories section in the Addons category for rare acccessories. Below is a list of the daily rewards that are currently available.

• Amazon Prime Event:

Connect your Amazon Prime account to get regular free rewards.

• Grand Launch Fiesta:

Complete achievements within a deadline to get lots of rewards.

• Character Knowledge Event:

Complete each zone 100% within 19 days to get some premium rewards.

• New Adventures - Black Spirit Quests:

Leveling up the Black Spirit and reaching milestones will get some Black Pearls as a reward.

• Grand Launch Celebration Attendance:

Log in 8 days in a row to get some free stuff.

• Double Rewards for Guild Quests Event:

Complete Guild Quests during this event to get double rewards.

Use Black Spirit Mode

You can still get EXP and rewards in Black Desert Mobile even when you are not playing the game by enabling Black Spirit Mode. This mode which lasts for 3 hours is enabled by tapping the menu button on the bottom right of your screen and then tapping the 'Black Spirit Mode' option and choosing the mode you want to activate.

• Auto Hunt:

Farm monsters for experience and loot.

• Auto Gathering:

Gather crafting resources.

• Auto Fishing:

Fish for fish.

If you download the Black Desert Plus app you can extend the 3 hours to 6 hours. Black Desert Mobile uses an AI system to calculate a specific amount of EXP and rewards that you will receive once you return to the game. Black Spirit Mode becomes unlocked after you have beaten the boss Giath.

Join a Guild

You may want to consider joining a guild as doing so will allow you to meet other players and become part of a community that helps each other. If you join a competitive guild you may get the opportunity to join a Node War which will give you and your guild to team up and engage in large scale PvP battles agaisnt other guilds for possession of Nodes. Winning a Node War will grant a 7-day possession of the newly acquired Node. Nodes act as hubs in Black Desert Online, allowing players to invest contribution points for bonuses and the chance to farm resources.

Black Desert Mobile Walkthrough and Guide


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