How To Defeat Ultra Necrozma In Pokemon USUM

If you've played or are currently playing Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, odds are you will have a tough go when it is time to face Necrozma after reaching its Ultra Burst and thus becoming Ultra Necrozma. Compared to your first battle with Necrozma in either its Dusk Mane or Dawn Wings Form - where you might just get lucky enough for Necrozma to continuously heal itself - the battle against Ultra Necrozma will be far more difficult. If you're looking to have the edge on Ultra Necrozma, definitely use the tips we will mention here.

Without a doubt, ALWAYS save before attempting to battle Ultra Necrozma. This will prevent you from having the hassle of returning to Ultra Megalopolis should you lose, as well as loads of Poke Dollars you will save by not losing. Also have plenty of Healing Items like Revives, Max Revives, Full Restores and Max Potions, as you will be using quite of few of them. With that being said, it would also be a good idea to to have all of your Pokemon at or near Level 70. This is because not only will Ultra Necrozma be fought at Level 60, but it will also have every last one of its stats boosted by one stage as the battle commences.

Since all of Ultra Necrozma's stats will increase, be prepared to be outsped by this thing since the word go. If you have any, it is always recommended to battle Necrozma with Dark Type Pokemon and by using Dark Type Attacks. Its move, Photon Geyser, cannot cause any damage to Dark Type Pokemon. Plus, Ultra Necrozma is bitterly weak to these types of attacks. Ice Type Moves also help out here due to Ultra Necrozma's weakness to such attacks, but not coming from Ice Type Pokemon as Ultra Necrozma destroys them with its move Power Gem.

If you would like to try to counter its incredible speed, try paralyzing it with the move Thunder Wave. This will significantly cut Ultra Necrozma's Speed Stat, possibly allowing your Pokemon to move first each round of battle and get in a free attack before being blasted by Ultra Necrozma. If you have a Pokemon with the ability of Prankster, it will always have a shot of landing Thunder Wave first thing due to the priority it will have. Should you like to slowly stall and defeat Ultra Necrozma by poisoning it to death, then definitely consider using plenty of bulky Steel Type Pokemon that won't take too much damage from Ultra Necrozma in the meantime.

Some players recommend using Zoroark as your lead Pokemon, with a Fighting Type Pokemon as your final Pokemon in your Party so Zoroark appears as that given Pokemon due to its ability of Illusion. Players choose to use this technique in hopes of tricking the game into having Ultra Necrozma use Photo Geyser over and over. Since Zoroark is a Dark Type Pokemon, this attack will never cause any damage to it. However, should it instead unleash one of its other attacks such as Power Gem, Zoroark is a goner due to its poor defensive stats.

No matter what strategic path you choose to use against it, your best bet when battling Ultra Necrozma is to always come at it with everything you have offensively. That's it. Don't be surprised or saddened if you have to fight this extremely strong Pokemon multiple times, as most players do since Ultra Necrozma is completely overpowered in this battle. It's okay, really. As long as you finally get lucky enough to defeat it just one time, that's really all that matters.