Pokemon Company Announces Legendary Year of 2018

Shortly ago, the Pokemon Company announced the Legendary Year of 2018. During this year-long promotion, special distributions of Legendary Pokemon will occur monthly. Players who own Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Ultra Sun, or Pokemon Ultra Moon can claim/obtain these events; however, the levels of said Event Legendary Pokemon will differ depending on which game you have. (Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon players will receive these Pokemon at Level 100 while holding a Gold Bottle Bap, while Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon fans will receive them at Level 60.)

Most months will see players be able to obtain one of two Legendary Pokemon, receiving the one they couldn't find within their given game. June will see Shiny Zygarde finally being released legitimately to all players, no longer being one of the few Pokemon that remain Shiny-Locked.

The Event Schedule Is As Follows:
February - Dialga & Palkia
March - Regigigas & Heatran
April - Raikou & Entei
May- Xerneas & Yveltal

June - Shiny Zygarde
July - Tornadus & Thundurus
August - Kyogre & Groudon
September - Latios & Latias
October - Reshiram & Zekrom
November - Ho-Oh & Lugia