How To Obtain I Choose You Cap Pikachu In Pokemon USUM

During the reign of Pokemon Sun & Moon, the Pokemon Company distributed six different form variations for Pikachu. These forms where called Cap Pikachu or Pikachu With Cap, each form wearing one of the six different hats Ash Ketchum has adorned during his travels in the Anime Series (Original Cap, Hoenn Cap, Sinnoh Cap, Unova Cap, Kalos Cap, and Alola Cap).

Before the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, the 20th Pokemon Movie was released, being called Pokemon: I Choose You. In said movie, Ash Ketchum wore a hat very much like his Original Cap, just will a very small logo variation. Because of this sight change in his cap, as well as in honor of the series twenty film, the Pokemon Company decided to release another Pikachu With Cap (this time with the hat Ash wore in the movie) for the upcoming games of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

Unlike how the other Cap Pikachu were released through Wi-Fi Events, the I Choose You Cap Pikachu has been distributed by scanning a QR Code (much like how Magearna had been during Pokemon Sun & Moon). So, in order to obtain this special Pikachu, a player must scan its given QR Code (the one shown above) with the in-game QR Scanner. After doing this, they can pickup the I Choose You Pikachu from Pikachu Valley just off of Route 4 on Akala Island in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon! It's just that simple!


Posted: 2nd Dec 2017 by Warrior13
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