How To Battle Lusamine At Pokemon League In Pokemon USUM

One of the newest things a player can do in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon is actually battle Lusamine at the Pokemon League. As you may know, Lusamine the President of the Aether Foundation, as well as the mother to both Lillie and Gladion. You will battle her once during your second journey throughout the Alola Region, but that's the only time you will get to see her strength in battle... Or so you thought...

As mentioned, you can actually battle Lusamine as a challenger to your championship during a rematch of the Pokemon League. However, before now, it wasn't known exactly how to do such a thing. After much investigation, it has now been discovered that Lusamine will only challenge you to a battle at the Pokemon League on the first day of each month. She will say she has come to see your true strength, but she'll also thank you for always looking out for Lillie during your journey.

If you do decide to try to face Lusamine, then definitely be prepared as she is one of the strongest trainers you will see from the Alola Region. Good luck!

Posted: 4th Dec 2017 by Warrior13
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