5 Top Mods for XCOM 2

With XCOM 2 only having been out for a little while, many of you will still be playing it through and enjoying the experience the game has to offer. However, there are some people who have been hard at work providing mods for the game to either add quirky elements to the gameplay or attempt to solve niggling issues with the game. In this article, we explore 5 mods which are definitely worth your time.

1. Free Camera Rotation

One of the niggling comments among reviewers and players of XCOM2 is that of the camera. Sometimes in the heat of action in action-cam shots for example the camera can be a bit suspect. What wasteland_ghost has managed to create is a mod that allows you complete control over the camera. Pressing Q or E rotates the camera 45 degrees, or pressing them together will allow for free rotation of the camera.

Using this mod you can also control the zoom of the camera, this time using the T or G keys. Similar to rotation, pressing both together allows for free zoom. Many users of this mod have hailed this as a simple yet excellent modification, actually enhancing the gameplay experience by placing the player firmly in control of how he views the surroundings.

Given that being able to effectively see your surroundings is key to success in XCOM 2, it’s no wonder this is a very popular mod amongst users, and it’s for these reason it comes highly recommended by us too.


2. Evac All

Sometimes, the simplest of changes are those that are the most useful. And the same is true when it comes to mods as well. They tend to solve a simple problem, that help and make our game-playing that little bit more enjoyable or a little less frustrating and time-consuming.

So step forward the Evac All mod by tracktwo.

Currently in XCOM 2, if you want to evacuate all of your soldiers from an evacuation zone, you need to click on them each individually and separately select the evacuation button for every single one. This mod adds in a new ability for every soldier called “Evac All” that when activated simply evacuates all soldiers in evacuations zones at once.

It’s one of those little things that you really won’t appreciate it the first time you do it. But after the umpteenth time when you use it you’ll realise how efficient it is. Plus it’s one of those mods that you will undoubtedly notice it missing if you ever uninstalled it, and had to revert back to separate evacuations. And that’s the best recognition you can give a mod.


3. Military Camouflage Patterns

Some mods aren’t there to solve a problem, some are just there to add content. Stuff that wasn’t in the original build of the game that make it more enjoyable for the player. And that’s exactly where our third mod recommendation by Bistritean comes into its own.

Entitled Military Camouflage Patterns, this mod (at time of writing) adds in 18 real-life camouflage patterns for you to choose from in game. The nice touch about these camos is that they are true representations of actually camouflages rather than just camos done with artistic license. This adds to the realism of the game, and the sheer number available make sure that everyone will find a few they like within the collection.

The other nice thing about this mod is that the creator is looking to add in additional camos and tweak their accuracy all the time, so it’s likely that the current number of 18 could rise over time, making this an even better mod to have. The creator is also taking suggestions on Steam Workshop if you have a particular camo you feel passionate about.


4. Stop Wasting My Time

One of our favourite mods not only due to its output but for its brilliant and blunt name is Stop Wasting My Time. There are lots of things in XCOM 2 that take up a few seconds of unnecessary time that if removed, would allow for a slicker game experience. This mods does exactly that by eliminating those few seconds at a time which soon add up to a lot of free time.

BlueRaja’s creation mostly deals with the downtime during combat, by removing the time delay after shooting, grenades and other abilities, successfully killing someone or going into cover. As an additional function it also increases unit movement speed by about 10%, making gameplay more efficient. This can be turned off in the options menu if people just want to remove the dead time but keep gameplay speed at normal pace.

There are a couple of non-combat tweaks, namely the speed of the Avenger on the global map, and improved speed of the color-picker. What this all adds upto is a mod that is all about efficiency. It means you can enjoy the XCOM 2 experience as efficiently as possible without any detriment to gameplay. Recommended.


5. Game of Thrones Tattoos

This last mod is a pick not simply for what it does (more on that in a bit) but also what it demonstrates in terms of what is possible for XCOM 2 given that it has been given full mod support since Day 1. It allows complete creative freedom to anyone willing to work on a mod and what that gives us as players is a wealth of different options to suit any taste.

And so, we come to this quirky mod from Platoon who has created replica sigil tattoos for all the main houses from George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy book series (and popular HBO TV series) Game of Thrones. 9 Additional tattoos are included displaying all the main houses (Stark, Targeryen, Lannister etc) plus a couple of lesser houses in the flayed man of House Bolton and a crow from the Night’s Watch.

The tattoos are all done very well, and will certainly be lapped up by the many Game of Thrones fans across the world. But what it proves is the endless opportunity within modding for XCOM 2. The sky is the limit.


Hopefully this top 5 has provided some guidance, but maybe also some inspiration for you to take the plunge and try a mod of your own. Happy playing! Remember to take precautions when downloading files from the Internet.

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Posted: 16th Feb 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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