Top 10 Games that need a HD Remaster

8. The Longest Journey (and Dreamfall)

The Longest Journey is an interesting title that likely isn't well known. Created by Norwegian developers, this point and click adventure game came out at a time where no one really cared for the genre. However, the game offered an amazing world to play through, with its own sizeable lore and story that made the whole title well worth the playthrough.

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey continued that trend, taking place ten years after the original. It takes a new protagonist aboard in the same world that has been vastly changed since the events of the first game. Moreover, the game ends on a cliffhanger, though thankfully the episodic sequel has been successfully Kickstarted and is in full development swing.

Even so, though, The Longest Journey is still a rather niche series, and with adventure titles making a bit of a comeback thanks to the efforts of indie developers, now seems a fine time to upgrade the graphics of the first two games up to Dreamfall Chapter's standards and bundle them together. It may not be the most necessary of Remasters, considering the games and their audience, but the extra revenue is sure to help the developers should the Kickstarter money run dry.

7. Black and White 2

The Black and White games are really quite interesting. When the first game came out, titles wherein you play as a god that controls people as you lead them to prosperity (or destruction) were not very common. Nowadays there are a goodly amount of games that give you the role of controlling a race of people or civilization itself, but Black and White was one of the first.

The second game in particular was quite well done. Actually, it may not have been that as much as what happened with the first title. The original Black and White was hyped beyond belief, with critics praising the game and showering it with high review scores. However, as time went on and hype died down, these critics came to realize the flaws in the game, and while it was still good, the realization left a bitter taste in players' mouths.

Black and White 2, as a result, was not hyped nearly as much, and also got overall lower initial review scores. However, the game did make some decent upgrades and changes to the formula of the first title. It would be nice to see the game tweaked slightly and given a second chance as an HD Remaster, hopefully removing the stigma the first game placed on it… as long as it isn't bundled with the first title, of course.

Posted: 9th Dec 2014 by gaiages
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