Top 10 TV Shows that Should be Made into a Major Game

Licensed games are slowly getting into their own. It's taken decades and a stigma that will likely stick around for some time, but a select few titles have been able to merge media correctly. Series like the modern Batman releases and The Walking Dead stand as a pillar of what can be achieved with a brand name in hand. Focus doesn't need to solely rely on the credits involved; the game can actually produce quality, to a degree that it becomes exemplary for their respective genres.

More licenses need to open themselves up to become great games first and branded products second. Hell, it may even open up avenues to new audiences. There are some TV shows that criminally are yet to receive their time in the spotlight. That excludes, for a moment, mobile apps and other quick-fire ways to make a buck. It needs to be a full-fledged title to be truly pervasive into the gaming medium.
Therefore, let us expose the top 10 TV shows that need to get a major release:

10. Workaholics

Now here's a stage set for comical video game mishaps straight from the start. With their almost cartoonlike universe, the Workaholics trio is fit for an arcade game that enhances what the show does best: creating random chaos.

Anders, Adam and Blake are three burnouts, still trying to recreate the wild ride of suspended college life, which has all the fun parts with none of the responsibilities. As they go into the real world, however, realities have a way to burst the party bubble. Since the juvenile friends are fixed in their ways, they then tend to escape any responsibility they can, while maintaining their lifestyle. It's a never-ending cycle of poorly made plans with disastrous results. Luckily for the audience, spectacular failure supplies schadenfreude aplenty, to the degree that it becomes endearing to root for these losers.

Workaholics couldn't provide a world-altering release à la Walking Dead, but that doesn't mean it can't shoot for one of those games that are generally pegged as “an enjoyable romp.' Given the trio's shenanigans, it'd be well-suited for a story or even an open setting filled with loose mini-games and otherwise detached activities within an overarching world.

Sort of like Saints Row, but a lot more condensed, characters could explore different show locations and engage into wild antics, which could involve drinking, roller blades, substance abuse and, most of all, bad choices. Anders' car could be a game that's as simple as getting from point A to point B, but with the challenge of the other two nitwits constantly messing up an otherwise smooth ride. Blake falls, butt first, on the dashboard, in a failed mooning attempt. Adam accidentally forgets to open the window and throws a firecracker in the car. This is a meager example to the rocket-powered skating gameplay on DIY halfpipes that a project like this could share. It may even opt to channel The Three Stooges fully, for a wacky adventure with each person bringing their own skills to the table. As long as someone ends up getting hurt, a Workaholics game is a shortcut to some laidback laughs.

Posted: 26th Nov 2014 by Daav