The Top 10 In-Game Easter Eggs: Pokemon Series

09. Youngster Ben Easter Egg

The Youngster Ben Easter Egg is truly a fascinating story in that Youngster Ben (AKA the “Short-Pants Boy”) is something of a legend in the game...

Bearing in mind that this is not the sort of Easter Egg that gets you anything, but rather it is the sort that has you hunting down a specific NPC in each game, and feeling very much the satisfied unter when you manage to do it each time!

I really can't say if this started out to be an official Easter Egg at Game Freak - all that we know is that somehow and at some point someone somewhere made the decision to perpetuate the myth. The question that you have to ask yourself is, at this point, does it really matter?

I clearly recall the first time that I encountered that young boy in short pants who smiled at me and then, without any sort of prompting, announced to me: “I like shorts, they're comfy and easy to wear.”

Youngster Ben and his catch phrase has appeared in every one of the games - usually with the same loyal support of his trousers of choice - but in the Battle Tower in the fourth generation of the games he goes even farther, remarking: “I gotta say it, shorts are the best! They remain comfy and easy to wear!”

In the first generation of the game he appears to be just a Youngster, while in later generations he obtains his proper name. This shorts-loving trainer even has a Facebook Page dedicated to him:

When Black and White 2 were released the wizards who created the game finally gave Youngster Ben a soul mate - or at least a sheila who has the same basic outlook towards the simple things in life!

Just look for the Lass who says “This dress is comfy and easy to wear...”

Posted: 25th Jun 2014 by CMBF