The Top 10 In-Game Easter Eggs: Pokemon Series

After it was decided that the original name - Pocket Monsters - sounded too Japanese, the decision was made at Game Freak to devise something that was more international in flavor; a name less likely to stick in the western throat. After a series of rejected names was bandied about, a portmanteau of the original name was chosen, with Pocket Monsters becoming PokeMon.

After enjoying a solid decade of pure growth from 1996 thru 2006 the global recession had far less of an impact upon the Pokemon empire than might have otherwise been the case, but the very strong community that surrounds both the games and the anime-style television shows and motion pictures proved to be strong enough to ride out the hard times.

Its core audience - kids - remained a solid element, but the real surprise was the inroads it made with the adult audience that has increasingly been folded into its community fan base.

The serialization via media entertainment outlets such as Hulu and Netflix is an event considered newsworthy enough to cause Time Magazine to take sufficient notice to include the news in its Television section.

The stable popularity of the multimedia empire with its very well-established community identity easily explains the continued success of the global media franchise that is now in its eighteenth year and its 23rd/24th titles core titles.

One of the greatest strengths of the games has always been a remarkable flexibility and willingness to encourage the creativity of the unique personalities behind its development team, with the result being a combination of talent and vision that permitted forward progress without compromise.

It is not uncommon for the wizards behind the games to share and reveal entire chunks of upcoming titles in the form of Easter Eggs -- gems manifesting in forms that offered peaks at upcoming content that was often entire generations in advance.

Even more important though was the fact that these well-positioned reveals never failed to motivate the community at large to actively seek the Easter Eggs out and, perhaps more significant, kept the community fired up and excited!

That chain of Easter Eggs exists not just for the entertainment of gamer-fans, but also to provide a glimpse into the future so powerful as to shape the very community that has grown around it, as well as to keep it engaged.

With that noted, we present to you the Top 10 In-Game Easter Eggs for the Pokemon Game Series - with an emphasis upon the need to pay homage to the cadre of gifted seers who masquerade as NPCs on Routes far and wide, scattered throughout the many regions that make up the Pokemon world, waiting patiently to share their wisdom and vision.

Vivat! Ave Paschal! Ave Arthur! Ave Harry! Ave! Vivat!

10. Secret Wallpaper Easter Egg

The Easter Egg that leads off the list also happens to be the one that most blurred the line, that being wallpaper for the Pokemon Storage System.

In Emerald there is a girl named Walda in Rustboro City whose parents are seeking just the right phrase to cause her to burst out in laughter - or at least smile - which is a cure for the depression that ails her.

What they are seeking is the verbal equivalent to medication - a phrase that they will give anything that they possess to, well, possess; up to and including a special wallpaper for your Storage Box that only they possess.

The fastest method for solving this is to use the Secret Word Generator which is located at the website ( ) where, after entering your unique Trainer ID Number, you will get a code - for example if your Trainer ID is 9987 then the code you want is “dHGBCLpnJPcBBCR” - which will instantly solve his problem, which helps Wanda, and thus solves your problem!

In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum there exists eight special wallpaper that can be unlocked, but only if you can provide the special and unique phrases that are required...

A man at the TV Studio in Jubilife City can help - but you will need an online generator to make that happen with anything like speed and reliability. Of course that means heading to Filb, picking the game you need, and then entering your Trainer ID and language - then greedily raking in the eight special wallpaper!

Simply share the special phrases with the TV Producer at Jubilife TV - each phrase made up of four words that are seemingly at random but in reality are anything but random!

Diamond and Pearl share the same eight special wallpaper, while Platinum has its own unique eight.

Unlike in Emerald, these games can hold all eight wallpapers at once mind you, so the codes you are generating have real punch! includes generators for every game, every phrase, and every wallpaper for this Easter Egg that is sure to be at the top of your list of Easter Eggs you want to hunt down - which is why it is at the top of our list of Easter Eggs we want to help you hunt down!

Posted: 25th Jun 2014 by CMBF