Top 10 Unlikely Celebrity Gamers You Might Have Played With

Being famous - not infamous mind you - is said to be a burden for most actors, singers, authors, and the like. The nature of what they do and who they are may make them wealthy and popular with the natives but it seems that one of the first things in life that gets sacrificed is personal privacy.

In a 2011 survey of celebrities whose focus was life issues and the costs of fame, privacy was the main focus that concerned the respondents. Nine out of ten surveyed said that their career and the fame that made them a celebrity cost them their personal privacy.

When asked what they would wish for first if they found a genie bottle on a beach and were granted three wishes, while they used different phrasing and conditions they all indicated that they would wish for personal privacy in one form or another.

It turns out that celebrities are people too. Wealthy people, sure. Even privileged people if you think about it. Actually now that we thought about it celebrities are seriously privileged people...

After all they routinely receive what polite folks call 'gift bags' (we call them Swag Bags) just for showing up at events -- some of them are actually PAID to attend concerts or put in what they call 'personal appearances' at nightclubs and casinos.

We freely admit that some aspects of their lives - and in particular that would seriously have to include the aforementioned Swag Bags -- make us very jealous!

Curiosity may indeed have killed the cat, but we don't think they created that saying as a warning to cats - and once we started thinking about that Swag we got to wondering what we would like the most from what they get offered all the time?

Providing you with a detailed inventory of the contents of those bags would probably be amusing, but considering that some of these Swag Bags contained $50K in stuff that would be a very long list... We thought a targeted list of just the stuff we would not mind getting for free would be spot on (and besides which fuel our fantasies) - so here it is:

- Emmys: Gibson Billy F. Gibbons Gold Top Guitar valued at $6K
- Grammys: Case of Defiant Rye New York Whiskey valued at $1K
- Oscars: 5-night stay at the Koloa Landing Resort in Hawaii valued at $2K
- Sun Dance Film Festival: Samsung Galaxy Note II Phone and Tablet Set valued at $1,500

Clearly being a celebrity has its upsides and its downsides, so the fact that famous people often go out of their way to hide their identity so that they can venture out in public and do normal things is not much of a surprise.

Having established above that the rich and famous are people too - well, rich and famous people but still, people -- it turns out that in addition to being interested in the same sorts of recreational activities that the rest of us enjoy, celeb's have additional reasons for liking things like MMOs, online and multi-player gaming, because that sort of entertainment allows them to play nice with others while being relatively complication free in terms of privacy.

Mulder would say that they are out there, you just can't see them - and that would be true.

Thanks to a number of surveys conducted from 2000 to 2011 we now know that most of us on average only know 10% of the people who are on our Xbox Live Friends List. Even more dismal is the figure of 1% -- that being the number of the people who are on our Facebook Friends that we have actually met in real life.

In the realm of online games, the numbers get even lower - and we are not talking about the strangers you meet when you are looking for a pickup game, this includes the people in the guilds you belong to!

We mention all of this because the popularity of online games and gaming - and our ignorance of who we are actually playing these games with - is the foundation point for this Top 10 article on Unlikely Celebrities You Might Have Played With.

The following ten celebrities are genuine certified gamers - not celebrities who want you to think they are gamers mind you... These are not posers, they are people who, like us, like video games. And like us some of them have allowed their like of video games to go too far. Yup, even celebrities can end up with a nasty case of video game addiction!

The interesting thing though is that due to issues like video game addiction, these people often end up playing online with a LOT of other people who are not celebrities!

Anyway, we thought you might be interested in seeing a list of the Top Ten Most Unlikely Celebrity Gamers You Might Have Played With - assuming you play the same games they do. Plus them being famous and the odd way that we tend to be interested in the lives of the famous and wealthy we tried to throw in as much detail in terms of personal gaming preference as we could manage.

So hey, enjoy!

Top 10 Celebrity Gamers You Might Have Played With

If you are the sort of gamer who considers your Internet connection to be as important as the power cable in terms of your gaming system, and you spend a lot of your time playing online, there is a good chance that you may have had a taste of celebrity gaming without ever knowing it.

Note that we did not choose celebrities like Jack Black or Vin Diesel for this Top 10 list though - everybody knows they are hard core gamers! Nope, this is a list of celebrities you don't expect to be gamers.

We thought that doing the research to link each of the unlikely 10 to their console of choice would also be a nice touch.

So let's get this started with the bottom of the list - which is our top - and a signer who also happens to be a very serious fangrrl when it comes to Nintendo... Seriously!

10. Christina Aguilera (Nintendo)

Would you be shocked to learn that Christina Aguilera is not only a major Nintendo fangirl, but describes herself as being permanently addicted to any game featuring that plumber with the thick accent, Mario?

'My sister and I have Mario Party battles and I can't wait for more Mario,' Aguilera confessed during Nintendo's Hollywood & Highland Gala Event in October 2002 for its Limited Edition Platinum GameCube.

'If we were princesses we would totally invite Mario and Luigi to a picnic!' she exclaimed.

Back in 2008 she told MTV (as reported in Kotaku) that her absolute favorite portable game system title was Mario Kart DS (the singer is reported to have an impressive collection of portable Nintendo game systems including one of each colour of the Nintendo Gameboy Advanced SP - with special attention to the Limited Edition Pokemon versions).

That fascination for Nintendo and her urge to collect nicely explains why she carried her Limited Edition Platinum GameCube around by its carry handle for the rest of the evening at the event though the press made some snarky comments about that later.

While Aguilera's musical offerings are something of an acquired taste - my teenage daughter loved her in the film Burlesque (Sony 2010) as small-town girl Ali who comes to Tinsel Town looking to become a star. She also likes her music.

I can take it or leave it myself, it just doesn't touch my heart, but the strength of her feelings for Nintendo in general and Pokemon specifically manifests as a connection I can completely understand and empathize with.

She also appears as an NPC in The Sims: Superstars and has worked with Nintendo as a promoter on the video game Tomodachi Life.

If you happen to also be a Nintendo fanperson and you play the online multi-player games Mario Kart Wii, Pokemon, or Monster Lab, well then you could have played them with Christina and how about that?

Posted: 4th Jun 2014 by CMBF
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