The Top 10 Most Disappointing Video Games of 2013

05. Sonic: Lost World

It is often the case when a well established game series, founded around a character that is not just well-liked but well-loved, tries to go too far in terms of commercial activities, the negative karma from that comes back to bite.

In the case of Sonic: Lost World this is true in the extreme, and that is truly sad -- one is tempted to say it is even heartbreaking...

I had actually read some of the reviews prior to buying the game, reviews that were very negative but which I dismissed with little consideration, assuring myself that these were game reviewers who did not like the game, its characters, its premise, its mechanics, or the series it is part of, so of course they would torpedo it...

In my defense I want to point out that I was not making that judgment call entirely on wishful thinking... You see I had seen preview footage on YouTube, and what I saw there convinced me of several 'facts' upon which I was basing my faith...

Convention Video 2

First, the footage showed levels that were slick, well made, and entertaining.

Second, the videos appeared to suggest that the game was very much like Mario Galaxy, which I could only see as a good thing, thinking that it would introduce a level of player-Sonic interaction that was long missing from the game series.

Once I had the game though, and started to play it, the disappointment really set in.

First, as I played the levels I had seen the videos of on YouTube I came to the realization that the videos -- official promo stuff from the studio -- had been heavily edited, with the smooth and engaging content pasted together and the difficult bumpy bits removed.

What they did not show in the promo footage was the fail-after-fail-after-fail and all the restarts, and the frustration that game play provoked because why? Because the game really IS like Mario Galaxy, and therein lies the problem.

Second, you see, is that the reality of WHAT Sonic IS does not mix well with what Mario Galaxy is.

If Mario Galaxy is a surgeon with fine hand-eye coordination and a God-given talent to make the right choices, then Sonic is a bull in a china shop.

The editor who put that footage together on YouTube was not doing anyone a favor because what they did was make the game appear to be something it clearly is not.

For what it is this game is playable, and parts of it are even fun, but the slight-of-hand that was used to promote it made it out to be a lot of somethings that it isn't.

On the other hand if you approach this game expecting lots of frustration and expecting lots of disappointment, well then you won't be disappointed!

Posted: 26th May 2014 by CMBF
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