The Top 10 Most Disappointing Video Games of 2013

09. Battlefield 4

Will the fact that prior to the launch of Battlefield 4 we were staunch Battlefield Warriors and fans make you think more kindly of us as we declare Battlefield 4 to be perhaps the worse SNAFU in the history of shooter gaming?

When we were sitting back in 2012 -- about this same time of year in fact -- and looking forward to 2013, the list of upcoming titles was so impressive and the track record for all of the developers and publishers so consistent and reliable that you will forgive us for being overly optimistic as we declared that 2013 had the very real potential to be The Best Gaming Year Ever!?

Well it did, damn it! And having Battlefield 4 be one of the games on that list made it even more so.

Ah, if we had only known. You see Alice, it turns out that you don't actually have to go down that rabbit hole for the world to turn all wonky and pear-shaped! All you have to do is slot a game in your console!

Now hindsight being 20/20 and, having the luxury now that it is Spring 2014 to look back on the Gaming Year called 2013, we can say with a lot of confidence: 'Oh Boy did WE get it wrong!'

Forget for a moment that B4 ended up embracing in and participating in the prevailing trend in the Shooter Genre to marginalize the single-player Campaign and Story Mode for the games in that genre because really, marginalizing the story in B4 may actually have been a blessing if you stop and think about it.

Considering the legacy that it inherited from its well-established shooter series, and the fact that it was releasing on not one but TWO Next Gen console gaming platforms, Battlefield 4 should have been poised to teabag the rest of the industry and snatch Game of the Year without breaking a sweat.

And it even might have. Well, if not for a list of bugs (some game-breaking) so long that you would need a commercial delivery van to transport all of the bug reports if they were printed out!

The list of just the bugs is so long -- and heartbreaking -- that we thought we would summarize it by offering JUST the major ones, as a list:

- Badly unbalanced jobs like Recon.
- Game-breaking Regen Glitches.
- Corrupted Saves.
- Game Freezing.
- Premium Status rendered moot.

Even the emergency steps developer DICE took when they lunged for and slammed a fist into the big red STOP button to suspended all development work on new content while the entire shop was re-assigned to bug stomping ended up being too little, too late.

In fact the problems with the game were so widely felt that it significantly impacted the P&L filings that EA made with respect to their company to the point that lawsuits have been filed on behalf of investors who, the lawyers say, may have been mislead by patently false and a prematurely rosy forward-looking assessment that was far too generous indeed.

At various low points in my experience with the game and particularly when new bugs were created by the fix efforts for old bugs, I caught myself wondering if it is even possible to fix the game? And then I wondered, should they even bother? It really is that broken!

When things were going really good and I played a relatively bug-free session I would find myself castigating myself for even thinking such thoughts, because when it is good, Battlefield 4 is very good!

Here is the thing you need to know though -- while B4 was in almost every respect a massive disappointment, that does not mean it is a bad game. In fact I probably shouldn't tell you this but I spent a few hours playing it today! And enjoying myself immensely...

Posted: 26th May 2014 by CMBF
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