The Top 10 Most Disappointing Video Games of 2013

06. Star Trek

Wow, here is a loaded gun...

Created by game studio Digital Extreme and published as a partnership between Namco and Paramount Pictures, Star Trek (2013) is strongly attached to the new Star Trek movie series, with most of the same actors reprising their roles in the game.

Created as a third-person-shooter slash action-adventure title, as the game opens the USS Enterprise receives a distress call from a space station harvesting the power of a binary star.

Due to radio-wave and radioactive interference the transporters on board the starship cannot be used to rescue the crew, so Captain James T. Kirk and his Science Officer, Mr. Spock, take a shuttle to the rescue, which is where the trouble begins.

Not going to share any more information about the plot just in case you want to play the game -- and there really is no reason not to play the game, and especially if you happen to be a Trekkie -- just saying.

The thing is if you do decide to play the game you need to go into that decision with a clear understanding that (1) it is not going to be like the movie, and (2) contrary to both the spirit of the Star Trek series and JJ Abrams vision for the story, the developing studio chose to turn the game into a shooter.

Director JJ Abrams, in an interview with GamerHub, declared that the game 'was obviously a big disappointment to me.'

His disappointment was partly due to the hack-and-slash methods of the game studio as it demolished the movie script and chose instead to head in its own direction with the game, which subsequently received very poor reviews and, says Abrams, that negative reception impacted movie ticket sales.

I don't know about that, or even if a game review can have that sort of impact on a movie, but what I do know is that the game that we saw at E3 and were told about in press presentations and the game we ended up playing once it was released were nothing alike.

The secret to the success of the Kirk-Spock duo is the fact that their personalities and their individual approach to problem-solving is as unique and special as they are. More important, no matter what the situation is on the ground they always serve as either the brakes or the gas opposite of each other, and that makes all the difference because together in that way they can solve any problem!

Whoever it was that was at the wheel when the changes were made to the script and when the game came together appears not to have known -- or perhaps not to have understood -- the nature of that dynamic duo relationship.

There is also the possibility - as the director of the films has suggested - that this was a case of allowing pride and hubris to cause the decision to go a separate way so as to demonstrate creative genius... Except in this case the genius was a moron.

Which is largely why this was a major disappointment.

Posted: 26th May 2014 by CMBF
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