Top 10 Video Game Villains

5) Wesker

Albert Wesker from Resident Evil is another one of the “cool cat” type villains but unlike Lloyd from Legend of Dragoon, Wesker is about as evil as they come. He plans to infect the entire human race to transform them into something “better” and more “evolved.” Wesker was originally a supporting character in the first game as the Captain of S.T.A.R.S. but had actually been manipulating things from behind the scenes all along. Wesker was responsible for the Raccoon City incident and breakout of the T-virus. This eventually resulted in the president having to sterilize the area by nuking the city. All those deaths are on Wesker's head. But that was just the beginning for Wesker…

He infected himself with the Progenitor virus and gained superhuman strength and speed. This even allowed him to dodge bullets while in human form. “Human form” is the key phrase here since Wesker also has the ability to transform into a hellish monstrosity like many of the bosses in Resident Evil. The final fight with Wesker is somewhat notorious for its length and difficulty. In fact, Play magazine named it as the third worst boss fight on PlayStation 3 because of how many times you have to fight Wesker before he is finally defeated.

Throughout the course of the series, Wesker graduated from a thorn in your side to the main antagonist. It seemed like he was behind almost everything that happened in the franchise up until his defeat.

Posted: 24th Apr 2014 by Alexander Hinkley