Top 10 Video Game Hoaxes of All Time

01. The Laura Croft 'Nude Code'

First spotted back in the Dark Ages of Gaming (around 1996 mind you) during a time when Cheat Codes were still currency in the realm of video games -- heck there were print magazines turning a tidy profit whose only subject was video game cheat codes and articles about video game cheat codes!

Be that as it may, in those Dark Old Days a rumor made the rounds about a hidden area of the game in Tomb Raider in which Laura Croft could be seen In flagrante delicto -- because at that time in the innocence of gamer culture just the hint of an idea that there could exist in so mainstream a video game a secret area in which Laura pranced around sans clothes -- or even topless was good, gamers were not picky at the time because nudity in video games? Yeah, that was rare!

You might think that the whole 'once bitten twice shy' rule would apply, right? Well, not so much really! It seems that every other year a new rumor of a new naked Laura Croft would crop up about as frequently as a new Laura Croft game would appear and every single time the gaming community not only accepted it as the gospel but wasted untold man hours (and probably more than a few woman hours now that we know there are significantly more girl gamers than previously thought to exist) searching for her nude form...

Of course they didn't know what WE know -- in the most recent Tomb Raider game there is a secret area where Laura Croft can be seen modeling dainty under-things from Vicoria's Secret -- we swear to God!

Posted: 20th Nov 2013 by CMBF