Top 10 Video Game Hoaxes of All Time

04. Sheng Long in Street Fighter II

When the iconic sequel to the original Street Fighter became a smash hit it was not long before the decision was made to port it to English and that process was quickly completed. Unfortunately there were a few of those Lost in Translation moments in the game -- one of which would end up being the biggest unintentional hoax of the year causing untold man hours of fruitless search.

After each battle a Fight Card was displayed -- the one in question was supposed to list Ryu's move 'Rising Dragon Punch' was mistranslated, and as a result the card that should have read 'you must defeat my Rising Dragon Punch to stand a chance' ended up reading 'you must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance.'

This could have been easily explained save for the fact that the magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly, when asked by readers if there was such a character hidden in the game, decided to perpetrate a hoax on the gamer community and confirmed that there was such a character, but to be able to battle them you had to play through the entire game as Ryu -- without taking ANY damage -- and then upon reaching the final character battle allow the timer to run out without either being damaged or inflicting damage.

The hoax was actually part of their April Fool's Issue -- so you would think that the fact that it appeared in an April issue of the magazine would be sufficient to tip off the faithful but no, this became one of the best known (the word infamous really applies) hoaxes for the one reason that these things usually grow legs and walk: the Faithful Want to Believe.

03. MAVAV - Mothers Against Videogame Addition and Violence

Created as a fusion of satire and hoax -- and as a final project for grade -- by gamer David Yoo, who was at the time a student at the Parsons New School for Design, the MAVAV website claimed to be 'dedicated to educating parents of the world's fastest growing addiction and the most reckless endangerment of children today.'

The cleverly crafted website dishes up the sort of tongue-in-cheek and cleverly sarcastic news coverage engineered to foment confusion among the lowest common denominator of the ostensible target audience.

The effort is very much like that of comedian and pundit Stephen Colbert -- who to this day appears to retain a Republican viewer base that remains convinced his program is, in reality, anti-Democrat.

Making extensive use of the widely published tantrums of outspoken video game critic and ex-Florida-lawyer Jack Thompson, samples of recent industry and news articles related to games and the game industry, to which are added the sort of clever and over-the-top observations that are at once witty and sarcastic at the same time.

With headlines for news pieces like the recent 'Video Games Not Fun' as well as features including 'EverQuest: A Threat to Society?' and 'E3: Evil Entertainment Expo' one is forced to wonder just how daft the anti-game crowd really are.

02. The Final Fantasy VII Hoax

Another one to file under the power of We Want to Believe -- at E3 2005 Sony had a very stunning series of technology displays at its booth that were intended to demonstrate the capabilities of their new PS3 -- among which was an absolutely stunning remake of the Final Fantasy VII opening CS.

The wizards at Sony made it crystal clear that this was a technology demo -- not the port of a classic game from the FF series on to its newest platform -- and yet despite this disclaimer at the show, it was a minor typo in another game that lead to the hoax...

Later on when Final Fantasy: Advent Children was released among the closing credits was a note of thanks to the Final Fantasy VII PS3 Team -- and naturally when eager gamers began to plug in the search phrase 'Final Fantasy VII PS3' the tech demo showed up -- seemingly confirming that Sony was in the process of porting over if not the most successful game in the FF series than one of the most successful. The rumor quickly grew legs.

The problem was that the thank you note was supposed to read The Final Fantasy VII PSN Team, not PS3 -- but the damning evidence of the tech demo opening CS -- on the PS3 no less -- for FF VII was so powerful that nothing Sony said would convince the faithful. I can only imagine they are still waiting for the game to release.

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Posted: 20th Nov 2013 by CMBF