Top 10 Must-Have Accessories for the PlayStation 4

By the time you get your brand-spanking new PlayStation 4 console home and set up, slot one of the games you bought for it, and get started playing you will probably already be making a list of the different accessories you need to get for it to make it a more comfortable and convenient tool for your gaming pleasure.

Rome wasn't built in a day -- and it will take you time to find the right accessories that fit into your gaming style and needs, but we thought we would get you started on that list with our Top 10 Accessories for the PS4!

10. Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller (Average Retail: $59.95)
They are not cheap but they are necessary if you plan on playing local multiplayer games -- which means that one of the first accessory purchases you should be making is a second controller for your PS4!

Official Website:

09. PlayStation 4 Dualshock Charging Station (Average Retail: $29.99)
With their built-in battery the usual method for charging up your controller is to plug it into one of the USB slots on your PS4 - but that means leaving the thing laying around or worse, dangling.

With the Charging Station you have a neat place to dock and charge your controller that keeps it up off the floor where it won't get kicked around or worse, chewed on by a pet!

08. PS4 LED Charging Cable (Average Retail: $19.99)
If you decide that a charging dock is not for you and you choose to go the cable route for charging yoru PS4 gamepads then the LED Charging Cable makes a lot of sense.

The flat cable is equipped with a charging indicator LED that is red when charging and changes to blue when the controller is fully charged. And if you don't mind being tethered to your console you can play as you charge with this cable as well!

07. PS4 Vertical Stand (Average Retail: $17.99)
While it is not really critical as long as you have adequate air flow around your console, if you want your PS4 to stand up and salute like the ones in all the ads do, you will want to snag a vertical stand for it.

06. Joystick Fine Control Extenders by KontrolFreek (Average Retail: $4.99 to $34.99)
It may sound like a simple idea that can be accomplished with .50 cents of plastic and rubber but the reality is more complicated than that, and then there is the fact that along the way to pioneering the science of improved gamepad joystick control and accuracy, KontrolFreek developed and engineered a brand and product line preferred by shooter champs and gamers who play games that require very fine control and accuracy from their gamepad.

Note that the KontrolFreek 360 / PS3 series of stick extenders is NOT compatible with the new XO and PS4 gamepad joysticks, so you'll want to be sure to get in on the pre-order for the XO / PS4 lines that are now coming out. You'll want to hit up the company website at for the fastest access to the new lines -- and for serious gamers we make the following recommendations based upon game genre:

Action-Adventure: CQC Signature Line
Arcade and Casual: Ultra Line
FPS & Shooter: SNIPR and FPS Freek Lines
Sports, Racing, and Platformer: No recommendations at the present time...

At press time there is no equivalent to the SpeedFreek Line of extenders which are a wing-like model engineered to provide a cradle for each thumb so that there is absolutely zero-chance for a digit slipping off of the stick and messing up your perfect run -- and that is why we don't make a recommendation for the Sports, Racing, or Platforming genres.

Well, we don't make any recommendation other than to wait until KontrolFreek rolls out the PS4 / XO line of SpeedFreek extenders because they not only make all the difference in the world in terms of fine control and what a lot of gamers these days call 'input reliability' they are, without a doubt, a critical element in the tool kit for gamers who like to win.

Official Website:

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Posted: 25th Nov 2013 by CMBF
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