Top 10 Video Game Hoaxes of All Time

07. The Triforce in Ocarina of Time

Any fan of the Zelda series is very familiar with the Legendary Triforce -- an omnipotent object in the world of the Zelda games that offered near invincibility to the player who wielded it... Obtaining the Triforce was not unlike a Christian Knight getting their hands on the Holy Grail.

Just before and for a while after the release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time a number of websites were created (and more than a few articles written) about the massive Holy Grail like quest that was required to obtain it. Detailed instructions along with screen shots and expert player testimony backed up the story, and countless man hours were spent seeking the Triforce, which proved to be illusive still.

The problem was not that the players were not properly following the instructions, the problem was that the Triforce did not exist in Ocarina.

It was an elaborate hoax backed up by carefully forged evidence. And even when that fact became widely known each new generation of gamers to discover the game seems to fall prey to this never-dying hoax!

06. Aeris Lives!

We have always maintained that Final Fantasy VII was the best game in the series but probably not for the reason you might be thinking... You see we were very impressed by the Chocoba and breeding ability and the mad-cap GA system that allowed for some spectacular saves in the most hopeless of circumstances...

It seems that we are unusual in that respect because the FFVII issue that is really important to most gamers -- and the subject of this Hoax -- is the death of Aeris.

Bearing in mind that through the then-cutting-edge use of mo-cap and some amazing facial animation techniques, combined with some haunting music and heart-wrenching dialogue, what you get is just the right combination of suspension of disbelief and player loyalty to a favorite character that made the death of Aeris simply too much for most players to accept.

So when rumor after rumor (Note to Self: When a rumor is BS the correct word is 'Hoax') began to appear online claiming that following simple -- or more often very complicated sequences of events, actions, and conversations -- could be completed that would prevent her death, well, of course we wanted to believe.... I mean they! They wanted to believe!

The fact that a significant percentage of these so-called Hail-Mary saves required the player to have conversations with non-existent NPCs who give the player non-existent cures, potions, or our all time favorite, an enchanted Rarab Foot -- well, when you take the piss on gamer emotions, let's just say that there is a cold place in Iceland...

05. The Goldeneye 64s Bond Reunion Cheat

The gaming era of the late 1990's was marked by the massive popularity of game cheat codes and cheat culture, with the often secret codes being built into games specifically so that they could later be spoon-fed to gamers at a later date.

There were even suspicions that some game companies (Cough-Nintendo-Cough) would create cheats and then create small publishing companies to print the magazines that contained the lists of cheats.

In the case of Goldeneye 64 however the case was far more insidious -- mostly because of the way that menus were used to display and often activate the cheats included in the games.

In this case the cheat menu appeared to suggest that there was a total of 24 Cheats to be unlocked in the game -- but only 23 Cheats were ever officially revealed, a fact that was precisely the sort of fertile ground that hoaxers just love to plow -- but in this case there was actually a kernel of truth to the rumor that became a hoax...

It seems that Nintendo actually did intend for their to be a cheat in the game that allowed the player to reunite ALL of the Bond actors / Bonds in one go -- as the 24th Cheat. That was the rumor that became a hoax because such a Cheat did not exist in the game. It did not help that early screen shots were released that depicted Sean Connery in the game -- because Sean Connery's Bond was not in the game...

Years later it developed that the game developer Rare had been unable to secure the use rights for all of the Bond actors images, and so at the last minute Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Timothy Dalton were removed out of concern of potential legal action.

So the basis of the rumor turned out to be partly true, but the hoax? That was just a hoax.

Our next three top video game hoaxes of all time follow on the next page.

Posted: 20th Nov 2013 by CMBF