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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Walkthrough and Guide

We have 110 cheats and tips on 3DS.If you have any cheats or tips for Animal Crossing: New Leaf please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Animal Crossing: New Leaf Questions & Answers page.

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No Bees (Train Station)

If you open your train gate to visitors at the train station before shaking trees for money or furniture the beehives will not appear all the time the train gate is open.

View Town's History

Sit on the ledge next to your mayor planted tree after it has grown for a month and wait. After several seconds credits will begin showing your town history.

Skip Kapp'n's Song

You can save a lot of time while traveling to or from the Tropical Resort by repeatedly tapping the B button while Kapp'n is singing. When you do this Kapp'n will suddenly stop singing and say a few things before dropping you off.

Amiibo Unlocks

When you scan an Amiibo from the Zelda or Splatoon Series your game will be visited by a unique villager from their respective games. For example, to get Medli the apprentice attendant of Valoo from Wind Waker you need to scan the Wind Waker Link.

Magic Rocks

As with previous Animal Crossing games there is a rock situated in each town that when hit with an axe or shovel will give you money. It will only do this once a day but if you hit it enough it is possible to get up to 8,000 bells.

Time Travel Trick

The game is tied to the 3DS’s internal clock which allows it to unfold in many ways possible, depending on the time of the day and even the season. Players have different lifestyles which will allow them to play the game in different times of the day. This trick is very helpful in adjusting the time as the player sees fit. This feature is simple; you simply have to save your game, access the 3DS system settings and adjust the date/ time. Take note not to abuse this feature too much since it will make weeds grow faster, turnips will get affected and residents may leave.
Set the date into the future: This is useful for shuffling the shop inventories, immediately accessing completed house expansions, projects or fast-forwarding time to catch up with an event. ..

HHA Prizes

Get the following scores to earn the corresponding prize.
HHA Tee:
Get a score of 10,000
HHA Pennant:
Get a score of 20,000
Arched Golden Door:
Get a score 700,000
Silver HHA Plaque:
Get a score of 30,000
Silver HHA Trophy:
Get a score of 90,000
Gold HHA Plaque:
Get a score of 70,000
Gold HHA Trophy:
Get a score 100,000
Gold House Model:
Get a score 150,000
Golden Exterior:
Get a score 500,000
Golden Fence:
Get a score 900,000
Golden Mailbox:
Get a score 1,100,000
Golden Roof:
Get a score 300,000

Unlock Silver & Golden Tools

The following tools can be unlocked by completing the corresponding task.
Silver Axe:
Purchase from the island shop for 8 medals.
Silver Fishing Rod:
Purchase from the museum's second floor extension after donating at least 30 fish.
Silver Net:
Purchase from the museum's second floor extension after donating at least 30 bugs.
Silver Shovel:
Purchase from the museum's second floor extension after donating at least 15 fossils.
Silver Slingshot:
Shoot down the present with 2 silver balloons attached to it.
Silver Watering Can:
Talk to Lazy the sloth after purchasing at least 50 flower seeds from the gardening shop.
Golden Axe:

Secret Photo Filters

To apply a special filter when you are having your TPC photo taken in the photo booth hold down either shoulder button.
L Button:
Black and white photo.
R Button:
Sepia tone photo.

Wealthy Town Ordinance

This ordinance will have the following effects:
*Shops sell and buy items for 20% more
*Re-Tails daily premium items list will increase to two
*Medals obtained from the Tropical Island will also increase
Having this ordinance active as early as possible will allow you to earn bells faster!


When you are outside your town a balloon will appear either side of it when the last digit of the current time is '4'.

Dispose of Rotten Fruit for Free

Rather than paying to dispose of rotten fruit at Re-Tail, you can also plant the fruit which will then grow into a sapling. You can dig up and remove the sapling at no cost, thus removing the rotten fruit in the same process.

Extra Item Space

If your inventory is full you can store items inside letters. This is helpful as it means you do not have to return to get whatever you missed. Doing this will also give you 10 extra item spaces which you can always use to sell your bug/fish load from the island.

Nookling Store Upgrades

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding Nookling Store upgrade.
Super T&T:
Spent 25,000 bells at T&T Mart which must have been open for 10 days. Also, the Gardening Store must have been open for 10 days.
T&T Emporium:
Spent 100,000 bells at T.I.Y and completed 4 Gracie Fashion Checks at Satisfactory level, and T.I.Y must have been open for 30 days.
T&T Mart:
Spent 12,000 bells in Nookling Junction 10 days after your town is open. Also, you must have moved out of a tent.
Spent 50,000 bells at Super T&T which must have been open for 21 days.

Museum Shop Items

When you have the second floor in the museum unlocked there will be new items available for sale in the museum gift shop when you have made a certain number of donations to the museum. Donate the indicated to unlock these items for sale.
Dig-Site Floor:
Donate 30 fossils.
Dig-Site wall:
Donate ALL fossils.
Jungle Floor:
Donate at 50 bugs.
Jungle Wall:
Donate ALL bugs.
Museum Model:
Complete the museum.
Paintball Floor:
Donate 20 works of art.
Paintball Wall:
Donate ALL works of art.
Silver Net:
Donate at 30 bugs.
Silver Rod:
Donate 30 fish.
Silver Shovel:

How To Unlock T&T Mart.

To unlock the 2nd expansion of Timmy & Tommy's store, these are the things you need to do.
You must have a house, not a tent.
You need to spend 12,000 bells or purchase 15 items at Nookling Junction.
10 days have to have passed since getting the game.

Hit Balloon Presents with Net

When ballooned presents come from the coastal side of town you have to go to the cliff the rest of the town is on and hit it with your net before the balloon reaches the cliff. If the present comes from the other side of the town you will not have a problem hitting it with your net as it will descend as it nears the cliff.


You can get various minerals each day by breaking the extra rock that appears in your town with a shovel. The minerals can then be taken to Cyrus when he wakes up to either be sold or used to make your funiture appear different.

How To Wake Up Cyrus.

To get Cyrus to wake up you need to do the following.
You must sell 100,000 bells worth of items to Reese.
You must have 100 things in your catalog.
It must be 7 days since you started your ACNL file.

No Bees

If you press 'Start' when bees appear and then select the 'Save and Continue' option you will notice that that when the game resumes the hive is still on the ground the bees have disapeared.

How To Unlock T.I.Y.

To unlock the 4th expansion to Timmy & Tommys store, T.I.Y, these are the things you need to do.
You need to spend 50,000 bells at Super T&T.
It must be 21 days since Super T&T was built.

Famous Dream Addresses.

Did anyone see Lin&Ko's Animal Crossing videos? Did you ever wish you could wander in there towns? Well, you can. They have been kind enough to share their dream addresses with us. Here they are:
Linsey - 1000-0153-4121.
Kohei - 3200-0155-1678.
Have fun wandering around their villages!

Gold Furniture

If you take 3 gold gems to Cyrus you will get a random piece from the gold furniture set.

Fortune Cookie Prizes

If you purchase a Fortune Cookie from any of the Timmy and Tommy-owned stores you can trade it in for a Lucky Ticket to win the corresponding prize.
1-Up Mushroom:
Fortune Cookie #24
? Block:
Fortune Cookie #25
Fortune Cookie #36
Bad Bro's Stache:
Fortune Cookie #44
Big Bro's Mustache:
Fortune Cookie #45
Bill Blaster:
Fortune Cookie #28
Fortune Cookie #17
Block Floor:
Fortune Cookie #02
Blue Falcon:
Fortune Cookie #34
Blue Pikmin:
Fortune Cookie #14
Fortune Cookie #18
Fi Mask:

Hammer Time!

On the island, sometimes an eekhammer will be on sale. You can hit objects and hit villagers. You can't cut down trees or hit fake rocks with it though. So have fun hitting all your villagers you hate.

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