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Game Reviews for Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Quick Reviews

Great Game!Added 8 Jan 2014, ID #1050
I love love love this game so much! I spend hours a day perfecting my collections and designing my town, but there's one little setback. THE VILLAGERS. It would be great if the game a feature where you could "accept" or "reject" a villager that wanted to move in. Other than that, great game!

Animal Crossing New LeafAdded 25 Dec 2013, ID #1039
If you are familiar with City Folk or Wild World you will know that this is a gigantic step up or improvement my sister and I can not put this game down.

Animal Crossing New LeafAdded 6 Sep 2013, ID #773
Animal Crossing New Leaf is an amazing game, the best part is that all series of Animal Crossing are never ending. You get all sorts of things to do and you always have something to do like donate to the museum and unlock shops on main street and start public works projects anytime you like, you also need to earn bells by investigating around ACNL and finding new ways to earn bells/items/DLCs!

Animal Crossing: New LeafAdded 29 Aug 2013, ID #770
Animal Crossing: New Leaf was a highly anticipated game from both adults and children, the idea of which is like growing older, paying a mortgage, buying furniture for you house, growing flowers etc. The combination of all the features in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is set out very well, unlocking certain shops or clubs at certain points in time, thus adding to the playing experience and keeping the player wanting to play the next day.
The graphics are good, the 3D is amazing, and all together I can't really think of anything to criticize it on, apart from a few minor bugs/glitches but that just makes the game more fun! My daughter has been on her 3DS now for about 1 month non-stop, which in my opinion is fine.

A must buy and a 5* product, keep up the great work Nintendo!

My reviewAdded 7 Jul 2013, ID #724
I will sort the game-play in 2 categories, sound in 2 categories, and hardware in 2 categories in a score out of 10.

1. NPC's: I think the thought that went into the humor of the Animal Villagers was good even when they break the 4th wall
2. Movement: The game has the same grid based feel to it while using the circle pad to allow free movement

1. K.K. Slider: As DJ K.K. He can remix the songs he sings as K.K. Slider, adds a section dedicated to you, add a gyroid solo, and throws in Totoka's Song once in a while. As K.K. Slider he can take requests if you know a song, sing you a song based on your feeling, or he can surprise you.
2. In Game Soundtrack: The soundtrack in the game changes like the time of day. If something special happens like a bee attack or paying off your home loan the music will drastically change.

1. Running Speed: On a 3DS with less hardware than the 3DS XL the game still runs pretty fast it only lags on multiplayer and that's only to make sure all systems account for a player's actions.
2. Online Play: I am surprised seeing this game's online capabilities. Wild World's online system's where terrible and the Wii improved it but New Leaf blew them out of the water.

For Game-play I will give it a 9/9.5 = 9.25
For Sound I will give it a 9.5/9 = 9.25 = 9.4
For Hardware I will it a 9.5/10 = 9.75

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