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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Money Making Guide cheats for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Money Making Guide

Step 1: Daily Activities
Every day there are things you can do to earn money. The rocks in your town are a huge part of this; each day stand in front of a rock with your shovel, dig one hole behind you to hold you in place and then hit the rock. If bell bags come out, keep hitting it until no more comes. If you are using a silver shovel then ores might come out instead of bells. Every day there will also be one extra rock in your town. Hit it with your rock, and it will break apart to reveal an ore.

DO NOT sell your ores to Reese. Instead, take to Re-Tail and put them in the flea market for 3x the recommended sell price, and make sure your villagers buy these ores. There is a chance some of them will say it's too expensive, but be persistent. You can do this with coffee beans that you gain from Brewster as well, and earn from 4000-8000 more bells than you would if you sold to Reese! Selling coffee beans and ores in Re-Tail is great if you don't want to ruin the design of your villagers houses because they won't put them in their rooms.

Shaking trees in town is also an obvious method of making bells. Some trees will give you bells or furniture that you can sell for 3x the recommended price in Re-Tail. Even bees will give you 500 bells if you sell the beehive and 2500 bells if you manage to catch and sell the bee. If you get stung, don't buy medicine. Just Save and End once you've shaken all the fruitless trees in town and your sting will be gone.

Going to the Island
The island is a gold mine. I find 4pm-9pm is the best time to catch rare fish. Not all the most valuable fish on the island has fins, so if you see a fish that looks big imagine it has a fin. If it looks too small to have a fin, it's a sea bass. If it looks long enough, it could be a napoleanfish or a blue marlin, which both sell for 10,000 bells.

The bugs come out at 5pm, although I find they're more common after 6pm. Bug catching is much quicker the fish catching if you do it properly.

You must remove all the flowers and bushes because these will attract non-valuable bugs so that rare ones will not spawn. Chop down all the trees except for two on the grass and one banana/coconut tree on the East and West of the island. This is because the placement of other trees mean you are more likely to spot rare bugs too late and scare them off.

When you spot a rare bug, hold down on A to get your net ready and push the analog button only half way in the direction of the bug so that you move very slowly. Let go of A to catch the bug. Any bug that appears on banana/coconut trees at this time will be worth catching, but rainbow stag beetles are really the only valuable ones on trees on the grass. Run past trees with any other kinds of bugs on to scare them off so rare beetles will spawn sooner.

Turnip Selling
This is the fastest way to make money. You can make millions in minutes, as long as you're patient and careful.

On Sundays when Joan comes, buy loads of turnips, and I mean loads. Spend all your money on turnips if you can. Then fill your storage or the storage of one of your other characters with the turnips. If you don't have room, buy out the museum exhibits and leave them there on the floor.

WARNING: DO NOT time travel while you have turnips or leave the on the ground outside; THEY WILL SPOIL AND DIE AND BE WORTH NOTHING

Then be active on websites with AC forums like the Bell Tree forums or Animal Crossing Community and look for people with high turnip prices. Every day someone should have prices of 400-500 bells per turnip, which will make you MILLIONS. Try to sign up to enter their town early because it's a pain to be in the queue waiting for your chance to get in.

When you're in, make sure all your turnips are in your storage and then sell them in their Re-Tail and put the bells in your storage for now. Follow the rules of the host though (e.g. Stay on paths, etc) and maybe leave them a few thousand bells as thanks for letting you in when you're done; trust me, when you're done, you'll have plenty of bells to spare!

That's everything!
Thank you for reading this guide, I hope it helps. Good luck in all your bell-making endeavours!

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