Prototype for Xbox 360

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Prototype Cheats

We have a large collection of cheats that includes destroying the infected water towers, defeating the Supreme Hunter before the bomb detonates and unlocking Hard mode. We'll also tell you how to unlock the body surfing ability and New Game+.

Finding Infected Water Towers

Guide to Prototype

Get Platinum on All Events

Landmark Collectible Locations Map

Collectible Locations Map

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Prototype Questions

We have 15 questions and 23 answers for this game. See if your question has already been asked or ask your own to get the exact game help you need for Prototype.

If you think you are great at Prototype then test your knowledge by trying to answer the questions asked by our members, and help them out at the same time!

Where is mark Harrison location

How do you free roem when you are versing elizerbirth..

At the beginning of it you get the blade.but you don'..

How do I get the last upgrade. I think it is called a..

Is there a cheat for all powers yet,I realy want em a..

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Prototype Achievements

There are 40 achievements for Prototype, click here to see them.

Prototype Videos

A huge collection of videos for you to look through including a hints, tips and tricks trailer, infiltrating buildings guide and a mission variety trailer.


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Prototype Walkthroughs

We have 5 Walkthroughs for Prototype.

We have a bunch of walkthroughs which includes a web of intrigue guide.

By Dragon Angel X2Walkthrough (X360)

By uberschveinenWalkthrough (X360)

By SoesBanditWeb of Intrigue Walkthrough (X360)

By AdenosineWalkthrough (PC)

By SUPERMAN5[PROTOYPE] Walkthrough (PS3)

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