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Getting a FULL suit of Heavy Armor at the start of the game, in

First, you have to make your chara, and for this cheat, I reccomend a chara that can use a short blade and Speechcraft well. Next, after you go through the Census and Excise Office and you speak with Sellus Gravius and get your Package for Caius Cosades, walk up to Sellus until you are in range to hit him with your dagger. BEFORE YOU HIT HIM open your status menue and highlight Health. While Health is highlighted, press black, white, black, black, black and then hold A. While you are holding A, press B, and your health will be constantly restoring, until the next time you open a menu other than the Pause Menu. Then, talk to Sellus again, and continuously Taunt him until he says something like "We're done talking here.

I hope you're ready to die!" or something like that, and you can only select the word Goodbye. Wait for him to attack you, and if you used the code right, his attack will hurt you, but your health will quickly refill. After he attacks you, begin attacking him with the dagger. Once he dies, take his armor, and also, take the Warehouse Key off of the shelf behind where Sellus was originally standing.

Then, put on his armor, and walk out of the room. Directly across the way from the room where you killed Sellus Gravius is the Census and Excise Warehouse, with a lock level of 40 on the door. Just walk up to the door and open it. The Warehouse key you picked up will open it easily, and then walk inside. Taunt the guard until he attacks you, but be sure to reenter the Health code before taunting him. After he attacks you, kill him and then take his greaves and walk to the crates and barrels in the Warehouse. Examine the crates until you find a Steel Tower Shield. After you have gotten the armor and shield, take anything you can carry, sell it at Arille's Tradehouse for some good gold, and but a better weapon. Then, you'll have the armor and weapon you'll need in order to be able to take on monsters near Seyda Neen so that you can increase your weapon skills and armor skills, which are essential for ANYONE who wishes to quickly rise in the ranks of the Fighter's Guild. Thank you for reading this, and hope you have fun!


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Added 26 Jul 2006, ID #6113, by Reasa and get

How to make millions

This hint guide was made only for super cheats ONLY
this hint guide may NOT be posted on an other site with out my permission

Part1: MAKING YOUR FIRST 5000GP INTO 5,000,000,000 (5 billion)

Part 2: finish

ok............ First you need 5000 gold ok?
then go to caldera and find a building called ghorak manor
and go inside............walk around till you see a scamp named creeper
for now he will be your best friend ............ Select barter when you talk to him and sell bim your 5000 gold and then rest fro 24 hours and do it again.........
Keep doing this for 2 hours or more...........
Then kill creeper
And he will have millions of gold and there you go
Your now rich!

I hope this helped

Added 29 Jul 2005, ID #4240, by procheater9777

Easy skills

Buy a drain skill spell. Try the priest in the palace.

Now have a spell made that drains 100 skill from you make it last 2 or 3 seconds.

Find a person who trains in that skill. Cast the spell then quickly talk to them. You can know train in that skill for 1gp and when the spell runs out you will have gained an extra rank.

Added 17 Jun 2004, ID #1889, by DarceDM
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