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1.At noon in your game go to the costume shop.
2.Use jetpack to get on top of the roof.
3.You should see a cape on top of the roof, grab it.
4.Pause the game then unpause it about three times.
5.You should see a shirt on the roof, grab it.
Reapeat step 4.
6.You should see pants on the roof, grab them
Reapeat step 4.
7.You should see gloves on the roof, grab them.
-Shirt=less damage.
-Pants=Run faster.
-gloves=more damage

Added 21 Sep 2012, ID #8150, by Guest and get


When you unlock all islands, go to Los Ventras and DRIVE A CAR to the military. Then look around the boarders [areas where you don't get stars] of the military until you see a breakable fence [where you can see through and also leads you to a chopper and a military truck] NOTE- DO NOT GO TO THE ENTRANCE, WHERE YOU DRIVE ALONG THE ROAD TO THE END OF THE ROAD. Run it over with your car and drive stright forward. If you look to the left you can see a Rhino that is under a roof. Get in and drive it to the nearest safehouse where it has a garage and it's a double-door garage. Get out and quickly save your game, which erases your wanted level.

Questions? Ask in the comments.

Added 2 Mar 2012, ID #8127, by Kacper

Wrong Side of the Tracks

Most people seem to have trouble once the bike scene starts and you have to drive along side the train. Don't do that. Get the bike as far ahead of the train as possible, as fast as you possibly can. Once the first turn in the tracks starts, you should see a small ramp over to your left. It's near a group of motels. Take it and ride up until you're on a metal railing that runs right beside the train. As soon as the train begins to pass you, turn and try to drive/jump the bike over on top of the train. Now you'll still have to use the gas just as if you were driving on the ground in order to stay on top of the train. If you stay on there long enough, Big Smoke will kill the 4 enemies before the train even gets to the first long tunnel.

Added 15 Nov 2011, ID #8112, by Forgoten_Scars

Going on a date with Millie

When you first go out with Millie, she'll want to eat something. With me, I found out that her only favorite place to go is to the Steak House. Go to her house and pick her up. Then go to the menu, and on the map you will see at the bottom, you need to press A to see the legend. On the lengend, look for an icon that says restaurant. This restaurant should be down the street from Millie's. Take her here every time she wants food, and you'll be in her house in no time.

Added 13 Mar 2011, ID #8070, by Guest


50k and train rides Complete the freight missions
Stats and cash boost. Rhino and Hydra delivered to CJ's house in Grove Street 100% game completion
$1,000,000 Get first place in all races at the 4 racing locations across San Andreas (marked with a checkered flag on the map/radar).
Maximum Armor Boosted to 150 Complete level 12 of the vigilante missions
Increase Maximum Health to 150 Complete all 12 levels in the Ambulance mission
Fireproof CJ Complete all 12 levels of the Firetruck missions
Croupier Outfit Complete the mission "Breaking the bank at Caliqula's"
Gimp Suitv Complete the mission "The Key to her Heart"
Medic Outfit Get your relationship to 100 percent with Katie Zhan
Overalls Outfit Get your relationship to 100 percent with Helena
Pimp Outfit Get your relationship to 100 percent with Denise Robinson
Racing Outfit Get your relationship to 100 percent with Michelle
Police Outfit Get your relationship to 100 percent with Barbara
Valet Outfit Complete the mission "555 We Tip"
Tec-9, Ak-47, Sawwed-off Shotgun, and Molotov at CJ's House Tag all 100 Tags
Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Micro-SMG, and Grenade at SF Garage Take all 50 Photographs
MP5 Collect all 50 Horseshoes
Satchel Charge Collect all 50 Horseshoes
M4 Collect all 50 Horseshoes
Combat Shotgun Collect all 50 Horseshoes
All Taxis and Cabbies have Nitro and Hydraulics Drop of 50 passengers (Not in a row)

Added 22 Dec 2010, ID #8052, by gtaman1


Due to the questions popping up recently on this missions, I'll try to submit a hint in this section so more people will see it.

The problem most people seem to have with this mission is actually getting onto the cargo plane with the bike. The trick is to go straight for it. Don't go off to the side of the plane to avoid the barrels, you'll get blown away by the plane's engines. You have to go straight up the middle and dodge the barrels while gunning the engine. If you do this, you should be able to make it on the plane the first time, every time.

For any of those having trouble with the people inside the plane, remember to use melee type weapons. Chainsaws, brass knuckles, any of that will really work. Just make sure not to use explosives or reckless bullet guns, else the plane will explode on you and you will fail the mission.

Added 13 Dec 2010, ID #8042, by Forgoten_Scars

Find a go kart

you can find a go kart at eastern basin in san fierro at the x-zoomer. go behind the gas station in a ally type thing and in the grass there should be a go kart. somtimes its not there though.

Added 23 Jun 2010, ID #7983, by Guest

Secret Weapon in Los Santos

Pistol: Behind a house in Grove Street/Emmet's Place
Tech-9: On top of Sweet's house.
Grenades: In Idlewood, at the motel near the Ganton Gym, located on the stairs.
Shovel: Behind Ryder's house.
Shotgun: Beginning of the game; kill the Pizza man; and take the gun.
B Knucks: In Grove Street; under the bridge.
Spray: On top of CJ'S house.
DE .50: In Ocean Docks; near a factory; behind a fence.

Added 31 May 2010, ID #7973, by Wooh The Kid

man in the mirror

First of all I don't think this is a hint but I couldnt find the glitch catagory:so anyway if you get a camara from cjs house and go to any tatto parlor and aim it at the mirror and close up you should see a man walking around.

Added 27 Apr 2010, ID #7950, by facemasker96

"Your So-Called Family are Theifs"

TIP: Do not leave the Garage at CJ's house open. I did this and a Grove Street Family Gang Member(good guys), ran in there and took my Motorcycle!!!

Added 5 Dec 2009, ID #7907, by Waka Flocka Flame

"Some Secret Weapon Locations"

SMG ----------------> Ganton(CJ's hood) - On top of one of the houses.
Brass Knuckles -----> Ganton(CJ'S hood) - Under the Bridge.
Shovel -------------> Ganton(CJ's hood) - Ryder's Backyard.
9mm Glock ----------> Willowfield - Emmets Place
Nightstick ---------> Everywhere - Kill a Random Cop.
Uzi ----------------> Playa De Sillve - Kill a Balla (Rival Gang Member).
Spray Paint --------> Ganton(CJ's hood) - CJ's Bedroom.

Thanks, Please Rate!!

Added 14 Nov 2009, ID #7899, by Waka Flocka Flame

"How to get a Motorcycle"

Go to Playa De Sillve. A lot of people in this city ride motorcycles.
TIP: Becareful of unwanted trouble. The Ballas' run this side of town.

Added 14 Nov 2009, ID #7898, by Waka Flocka Flame

"How to get a Red Sports Car"

Go to Rider's house for his second mission. It will say: Pick up OG Loc from the Prison. Go to the prison and pick him up. OG Loc will wants pay back from the person who put him in jail(Freddie). Go to Freddie's house so that Loc can kill him. Freddie will escape on a motorcycle. Hop on a motorcycle with Loc, and chase and kill Freddie. Becareful, Freddie will try to get you killed by driving into rival gang territory. Once you have killed Freddie, Loc will ask you to take him to Burger Shack (I think thats the name) to get a job application. Once you have arrived NEAR burger shack, patrol the neighborhood. Behind a building will be an abandoned, new red sports car.

Added 14 Nov 2009, ID #7897, by Waka Flocka Flame

criminal rankings

Criminal Ratings have been around since Grand Theft Auto III, but Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas takes it to the next level. A Criminal Rating is basically a high score, the more cops you wreck and more havoc and chaos you create, the more points you get, but if you get wasted or busted, that rating goes down. Depending on your points the game gives you a name of who you are, such as Godfather or Red-Headed Stepchild

Here is the complete list for criminal ratings, to see your criminal ranking, pause the game and go to the Stats section. It'll be in the top middle part of the screen with the name and the number you are. When you first start the game you'll start on zero.

Crackhead ''-6000 - -10000
Bitch-Made ''-4000 - -5999
Off-Brand ''-2000 - -3999
Scandalous ''-500 - -1999
Playa-Hater ''-1 - -499
Vic ''0-19
Square ''20-49
Civilian ''50-74
Rat ''75-99
Snitch ''100-119
Transformer ''150-199
Punk-Ass Bitch ''200-239
Sucka ''240-269
Poot-butt ''270-299
Buster ''300-339
Mark ''340-369
Chump ''370-399
Trick ''400-449
Red-Headed Stepchild ''450-499
Peon '500-549
Pee-Wee '550-599
Prankster '600-609
Fool '610-649
Street Cat '650-699
Thug '700-799
Hustler '800-999
Playa Partner '1000-1049
Mack '1150-1299
Pimp '1300-1499
Crime Partner '1500-1699
Homeboy '1700-1999
Homie '2000-2099
Road Dawg '2100-2299
Hoodsta '2300-2499
Hard-ass '2500-2749
Banger '2750-2999
Lil' G '3000-3499
Loc '3500-3999
Jacker '4000-4999
Shooter '5000-7499
Foot Soldier '7500-9999
Hoo-Rider '10000-19999
Soldier '20000-29999
Hawg '30000-39999
Gangsta '40000-49999
Ghetto Star '50000-59999
Monster '60000-79999
Big Homie '80000-99999
Boss Hawg '100000-149999
Shot Caller '150000-199999
OG '200000-299999
High Roller '300000-399999
Four-Star '400000-499999
General '500000-749999
Godfather '750000-999999
King of San Andreas'1000000+

Added 15 Feb 2009, ID #7799, by abnerjv

50 snapshots

if your looking for the 50 snapshots go to san feirro and wait til nighttime and freeze it at midnight using X, L Trigger, R Trigger, Right, A, Up, L Trigger, Left, Left
To freeze time and get a camera and the hidden snapshot will glow aim your camera at the glowing light and an icon will appear of a camera and press b

Added 11 Jan 2009, ID #7784, by abnerjv


I just realized that all the xbox cheats are the same as PS2 the only differences are:

B is O
X is square
A is x
Y is Triangle

L2 is white
R2 is black

Hope I helped for the people dat have the game on both consoles(:

Added 7 Jan 2009, ID #7781, by mikeopen40

Blow up tanks

The only way to blow up tanks is to: Roll it,Burn it or smash in to to many cars

Added 2 Nov 2008, ID #7738, by Ryan.S

People are asking about saving your game process with activated cheats & some think that it doesn't effect your game at all.....well sorry to say it actually does affect it in every way. If you have activated cheats more then 250times(check in your misk stat) the disk will say that it's over loaded & the disk will eventually terminate it self which when that happens you pretty much need to buy a whole new disk. Its a hazard precaution that the creators have installed into the format of the game cause your not suppose to save it with cheats.

Added 24 May 2008, ID #7608, by wertyuio006

Flying Train

This glitch worked for me hopefuly it wll for you. First put in the Cars fly away when hit cheat:


Then jack a train and de-rail it and you should start flying with the train.
BUT you can't control it except for view changing andgetting out.
It shocked me have fun gangstaz!
Zip it up & zip it out!


Added 21 Mar 2008, ID #7548, by pieking101

Tank cheat/hint

I have noticed that the Rhino(the tank) takes pretty long to get up to speed. So I found out a way to make it faster.

First, hold down the WHITE AND BLACK buttons at the SAME TIME, to make the barrel point behind you. Then, without letting go of the buttons, press the BACK button to change your view(you want the one where it shows no vehicle at all, nose cam) then release the black and white buttons. Then when you are driving, and you want more speep, just hit a or b to fire and it will make you go faster. OF course your going to blow up what ever is behind you.

HAve fun.

Added 18 Mar 2008, ID #7545, by sean_-_
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